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HTML5 / jQuery / JavaScript / AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

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Top Reviews

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition by Syncfusion

    Average Review: based on 125 reviews.

    I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very helpful support while I'm learning on utilising grid controls for my various needs. Whenever I raise a support call, Syncfusion support team always come b ...

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  • Nevron Diagram for .NET - Enterprise by Nevron

    Average Review: based on 4 reviews.

    Amazing product! Still in evaluation mode, but found out it is purely genius!!!

  • WebUI Studio for ASP.NET by Intersoft Solutions Corporation

    Average Review: based on 3 reviews.

    If you are a serious web developer looking for advanced toolset to shorten development time, then WebUI Studio from Intersoft Solutions Corporation should be on the top of your list. My company has been using Intersoft Solutions Corporation tools for 5 years, their time-saving features will impress you big time. Thanks to the advanced components, truly innovative features, complete documentation a ...

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  • Nevron Chart for .NET Enterprise by Nevron

    Average Review: based on 2 reviews.

    I use Nevron Charting controls to quickly create great-looking charts for clients with unique and challenging requirements. Recently I have also started using Nevron Gauges and their diagramming framework. These are truly professional controls and I would highly recommend them.

  • Premier Studio by Intersoft Solutions Corporation

    Average Review: based on 2 reviews.

    Wow!! These amazing controls never stop giving a developer the wow factor. I have used quite a number of controls before discovering the Intersoft Solutions Corporation Controls, and I have to say there is not much they have not thought of. The controls are extremely well architected, well documented, and the support is top-notch. Intersoft Solutions Corporation has a permanent place at the to ...

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Best Sellers

  • DevExpress DXperience by DevExpress (Developer Express)

    Screenshot of DevExpress DXperience

    Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. DevExpress DXperience helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls - from WinForms to ASP.NET, WPF to Silverlight and Windows 8. DevExpress DXperience Subscription includes source code for all WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight controls and the ORM Library.

  • DevExpress Universal by DevExpress (Developer Express)

    Screenshot of DevExpress Universal

    Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. DevExpress Universal is a comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers and contains the DevExpress DXperience and DevExtreme products. It helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls - from WinForms to ASP.NET, WPF to Silverlight and now Windows 8. It includes DevExtreme, tools for building multi-channel applications for iPhone and Android smartphones and for iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets. It also includes CodeRush and the award winning eXpress Application Framework (XAF) all in one integrated package. DevExpress Universal Subscription includes source code for all WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight controls and the ORM Library.

  • Infragistics Professional by Infragistics

    Screenshot of Infragistics Professional

    Develop apps across any .NET platform as well as hybrid apps in HTML5, Ignite UI and Infragistics Reporting. Infragistics Professional is a powerful tool for building stunning apps for Windows with Windows Forms, WPF and Windows 8, for the Web with HTML 5, ASP.NET and Silverlight. It provides a powerful toolset with built-in custom designers, templates and step-by-step videos. Tested and tuned against the industry and in millions of real world applications including mission critical Fortune 500 apps.

  • ActiveReports 9 by ComponentOne

    Generate a wide variety of reports from your .NET applications. ActiveReports is a reporting tool for HTML5, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Windows Azure. It provides Microsoft .NET developers with familiar Visual Studio integrated designers and components, as well as an extensive API. Create reports ranging in functionality from form-based reports such as invoices and insurance documents, to transaction reports such as sales and accounting, to analytical reports such as sales and budget analysis and portfolio analysis.

  • DevExpress ASP.NET by DevExpress (Developer Express)

    All award-winning ASP.NET AJAX and MVC component suites, libraries, and extensions produced by DevExpress in one integrated package. DevExpress ASP.NET includes over 110 controls, including the following products that have been fully optimized for the ASP.NET WebForms platform: reporting and printing, charting, grid and data editors, scheduling and calendars, HTML editor, TreeView-ListView, pivot grid and analytics, menus, toolbars, navigation bars, spell shecking, multi-purpose controls and an ORM Library. If you are targeting the MVC platform, DevExpress ASP.NET includes a rich collection of ASP.NET MVC Extensions. This package includes a 1 Year Subscription to all DevExpress ASP.NET products.

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New Releases

  • RapidSpell Web .NET by Keyoti

    Screenshot of RapidSpell Web .NET

    Add spell checker functionality into Web applications with a couple of lines of ASP.NET code. RapidSpell Web provides ASP.NET developers and designers with a cross browser (and multi client platform) Web Control that requires no client installation, no special security settings and as much programmatic flexibility as you want. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell Web includes 2 interfaces, an inline highlighter and a fast (no post back) dialog interface. Includes 5 English dictionaries, including 140,000 word U.S + U.K. dictionaries (separate and combined), plus Canadian and Australian English.

  • WebScheduler by Intersoft Solutions Corporation

    Screenshot of WebScheduler

    Add calendar, scheduling and planning to your ASP.NET Web applications. WebScheduler allows you to add advanced calendar, schedule and plannner functionality to your ASP.NET applications. WebScheduler includes ViewPort paging technology, a smart rendering engine that automatically detects the available viewport and renders the events to fit. This feature significantly improves page load speeds, improving the overall user experience, particularly on thin clients. Other features include flexible time interval, visible hours, disabled time configuration, new visual themes, and more. You can create a fully functional Scheduling application similar to Microsoft Outlook with a simple drag-drop and having several properties set. WebScheduler includes natural integration between calendar and scheduler view which automatically synchronize as you navigate on. WebScheduler also includes six built-in Scheduler Views - from Day, Week to Year. WebScheduler supports literally any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Gecko based, etc.).

  • WebPivotTable by Brightsea

    Screenshot of WebPivotTable

    Add a pivot table to your Web applications. WebPivotTable is a pure JavaScript pivot table and pivot chart component that provides an easy to use, powerful and intuitive user interface. It can be run as an independent Web application, or be integrated into other Web applications or Web sites.

  • ComponentOne Ultimate by ComponentOne

    Build line-of-business and data analysis applications. ComponentOne Ultimate includes all 9 of ComponentOne's Studios - ComponentOne Studio for WinForms, ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, ComponentOne Studio for WPF, ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight, ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone, ComponentOne Studio for iPhone, ComponentOne Studio for Compact Framework, ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint and ComponentOne Studio for Active X. It also includes ComponentOne Livelinq and ComponentOne's OLAP tools - ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms, ComponentOne OLAP for Silverlight and ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch as well as ComponentOne XapOptimizer, ComponentOne IntelliSpell and Doc-To-Help Enterprise. ComponentOne Ultimate includes datagrids, user interface controls, charting, reporting, scheduling and data manipulation components for .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, ActiveX and Mobile devices and development tools for analyzing data and increasing productivity. By purchasing ComponentOne Ultimate you will save thousands of dollars over buying the products individually.

  • ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo by ComponentOne

    Maintain a complete collection of components for all aspects of ASP.NET application development. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo currently includes grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors, splitters, and more. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo includes any new ASP.NET component and updates released within your 1 year subscription period, plus email support. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo components feature built-in AJAX. ComponentOne Platinum Support Subscriptions also provide a full year of Telephone and Online Technical Support. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo is also available as part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo now includes ComponentOne Studio for MVC Wijmo so you get all the ComponentOne MVC tools, Wijmo Complete and MVC Scaffolding.

  • ComponentOne Studio Enterprise by ComponentOne

    Add grid, reporting, charting, scheduling, data manipulation, user interface and more to your .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Device, Windows Presentation Foundation and ActiveX applications. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from all ComponentOne Studio subscriptions offering you over 180 components for .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, ActiveX, and Mobile Devices. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise delivers the latest components, new releases, updates and upgrades, and email and online support for one full year from your date of purchase.

  • TX Text Control .NET Server by Text Control

    Server side word processor engine. TX Text Control .NET Server is a server side component for ASP.NET web applications, or services. It is a fully programmable ASP.NET word processor engine that offers an extensive palette of word processing features. Using TX Text Control .NET Server, programmers can develop server side, end user applications that generate documents on-the-fly, using data from databases, binary files (Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX), ASCII files (XML, RTF, HTML) and image data (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, WMF). Typical applications for TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) include document management, mail merge or document output management software. Documents can be created, modified and edited in a browser or printed in batch processes. All documents can be exported to print-ready Adobe PDF documents without any third-party software.

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript by Syncfusion

    A JavaScript control framework designed for line-of-business (LOB) applications. Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript includes 40+ controls including grid, chart, gauge, editor, tree view, menu and OLAP. The controls have been designed from the ground up for building enterprise applications. Easily visualize BI data on the Web using the OLAP Grid control and interactively drill down to better analyze the data.

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio File Formats by Syncfusion

    Add crucial file format management capabilities to your .NET applications. With Syncfusion Essential Studio File Formats, you can read, write, and modify PDF, Word, and Excel files using .NET libraries. Included are Essential PDF, Essential DocIO, and Essential XlsIO. Essential PDF can create and modify Adobe PDF files, without any external dependencies. Essential DocIO can read, write, and modify richly formatted Microsoft Word files, while Essential XlsIO can read and write Microsoft Excel files. They can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Word/Excel installed. Both feature full-fledged object models similar to (but up to 100x faster than) the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. All three of the included products can be used in Windows forms, WPF, ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinRT, Windows Phone and Universal applications. Essential Studio File Formats features straightforward per-user licensing - no runtimes, royalties, or server deployment fees. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for unlimited technical support and access to new releases (one per quarter).

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition by Syncfusion

    All of Syncfusion's user Interface, reporting, and business intelligence components and libraries in one comprehensive suite. With 500+ Windows Forms, WPF, HTML5/JavaScript, Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Silverlight, LightSwitch, Windows Phone and WinRT components, Essential Studio Enterprise Edition helps you deliver truly enterprise-class applications. Dynamic and feature-rich, this collection lets you easily add sophisticated functionality, high-performance capabilities, and stunning user interfaces to your web, mobile, and desktop applications. Among its hundreds of controls: Grids; a docking manager; a Ribbon control; editors; group bars, a skin manager; group bars; a navigation package; wizards; a tree package; charting; diagramming; a spreadsheet control; scheduling; gauges; pivot grids; mapping; grouping; a calculation engine; a Gantt control; syntax highlighting; Excel, Word, and PDF creation/modification capabilities; RDL reporting (a designer, a writer, and a viewer); OLAP controls, and a PDF viewer. Also included is Essential Predictive Analytics, a .NET execution engine that can execute PMML models and provide real-time results from within your .NET applications - without any third-party dependencies. Essential Studio Enterprise Edition ships with 4,000+ useful samples and incorporates a unique debugging system that allows for switching between debug and release versions of the library with a single click from inside the Visual Studio.NET IDE. No runtimes, royalties, or server deployment fees. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for unlimited technical support and access to new releases (one per quarter).

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