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Produtos com Melhores Comentários

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition por Syncfusion

    Média das análises: baseado em 125 comentários.


    I chose Syncfusion suite because of it's extensive functionality on WPF grid controls that meet most of my expectations. After I started using it, I'm very impressed by its functionality, and more importantly their support team who offers very helpful support while I'm learning on utilising grid controls for my various needs. Whenever I raise a support call, Syncfusion support team always come b ...

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  • RapidSpell Desktop .NET por Keyoti

    Média das análises: baseado em 5 comentários.


    Very quick and simple to implement, and excellent on line tutorial. One of the most painless components I have ever had to use

  • GemBox.Spreadsheet por GemBox Software

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    This is the best Excel Control on the market. Period.

  • GemBox.Document por GemBox Software

    Média das análises: baseado em 5 comentários.


    I had some minor PDF rendering issues, but responsive technical support fixed them in no time. Now it all works very well and amazingly fast.

  • Nevron Diagram for .NET - Enterprise por Nevron

    Média das análises: baseado em 4 comentários.


    Amazing product! Still in evaluation mode, but found out it is purely genius!!!

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Produtos mais Vendidos

  • DevExpress DXperience por DevExpress (Developer Express)

    Captura de tela de DevExpress DXperience

    Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. DevExpress DXperience helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls - from WinForms to ASP.NET, WPF to Silverlight and Windows 8. DevExpress DXperience Subscription includes source code for all WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight controls and the ORM Library.

  • DevExpress Universal por DevExpress (Developer Express)

    Captura de tela de DevExpress Universal

    Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. DevExpress Universal is a comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers and contains the DevExpress DXperience and DevExtreme products. It helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls - from WinForms to ASP.NET, WPF to Silverlight and now Windows 8. It includes DevExtreme, tools for building multi-channel applications for iPhone and Android smartphones and for iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets. It also includes CodeRush and the award winning eXpress Application Framework (XAF) all in one integrated package. DevExpress Universal Subscription includes source code for all WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight controls and the ORM Library.

  • Infragistics Professional por Infragistics

    Captura de tela de Infragistics Professional

    Develop apps across any .NET platform as well as hybrid apps in HTML5, Ignite UI and Infragistics Reporting. Infragistics Professional is a powerful tool for building stunning apps for Windows with Windows Forms, WPF and Windows 8, for the Web with HTML 5, ASP.NET and Silverlight. It provides a powerful toolset with built-in custom designers, templates and step-by-step videos. Tested and tuned against the industry and in millions of real world applications including mission critical Fortune 500 apps.

  • DevExpress WinForms por DevExpress (Developer Express)


    All the WinForms component suites and libraries produced by DevExpress in one package. DevExpress WinForms includes the following products: XtraGrid Suite, XtraBars Suite, XtraPivotGrid Suite, XtraScheduler Suite, XtraReports Suite, XtraTreeList Suite, XtraVerticalGrid Suite, XtraCharts Suite, XtraLayoutControl Suite, XtraNavBar, XtraEditors Library, XtraPrinting Library, XtraSpellChecker. DevExpress DXperience Winforms Subscription includes 1 Year Subscription for all DevExpress WinForms products included in the suite.

  • Infragistics Ultimate por Infragistics


    A complete cross-platform/device developer and UX Design toolset suite. Infragistics Ultimate makes it easy to build stunning applications with incredible performance. Start showing your customers beautiful, interactive prototypes right from the beginning. Take those prototypes forward and integrate amazing controls including animated data visualization to take your app to the next level. With all of the functionality for building Web, Windows and mobile apps included, you have all you need. Built in wizards, templates and step-by-step videos ensure that building your first app is simple. Tested and tuned against the industry and in millions of real world applications including mission critical Fortune 500 apps to make sure your apps are fast.

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Novas Versões

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin por Syncfusion

    Captura de tela de Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin

    Save countless hours and deliver native user experiences in your mobile applications. Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin combines the strengths of advanced data visualization and powerful file-format components from Syncfusion and Xamarin.Forms. It includes an API that allows you to use a single C# codebase to build UIs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. You can reuse existing .NET code assets to create Xamarin.Forms apps and enterprise dashboards. Essential Studio for Xamarin is MVVM-compatible and includes Chart, TreeMap, and Gauge controls for enterprise-grade processing and interactive visualization of business data. The file-format APIs XlsIO, DocIO, and PDF allow users to easily read, write and edit Excel, Word and PDF files. With Essential Studio for Xamarin, your cross-platform apps, created in 100% C# and XAML, offer stellar performance and beautiful user experiences across a range of devices. No runtimes, royalties, or server deployment fees. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for unlimited technical support and access to new releases (one per quarter).

  • MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional por MindFusion Group

    Captura de tela de MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional

    Enhance your applications with diagramming and graphing capabilities. MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional helps you create and present work flow and process diagrams; database entity-relationship diagrams; organizational charts; object hierarchy and relationship charts, graphs, and trees. Its' basic types of objects - boxes, tables, and arrows - can be grouped and attached one to another and combined in complex structures. MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional provides more than 50 predefined box shapes, as well as custom-designed and custom-painted boxes. FlowChart.NET Professional Source Code available. Buy MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional and obtain 12 months of free upgrades. MindFusion FlowChart.NET Professional renewals will extend your FlowChart.NET Professional subscription for another year. FlowChart.NET Professional Enterprise and FlowChart.NET Professional Site Licenses also available.

  • TrendViewer .NET por ICS GmbH

    Captura de tela de TrendViewer .NET

    View measured data in highly interactive, complex diagrams. TrendViewer.NET is a .NET charting tool for integration in applications implemented in .NET. You can view analog and binary trend data and highlight states of measured data. ICS TrendViewer.NET offers different colors, fill styles, flood curves, interactive modification of trend data during display, over 500 curves, 2 x-scales and 500 y-scales, scale inscription setup in XML; flexible display of complex trend diagrams and more. Available as Standard Edition or Professional Edition with German and English Manuals, samples with C# and VB.NET, test container included in the setup

  • activePDF DocConverter por activePDF


    High Volume Document Conversion Server. DocConverter by ActivePDF is a PDF automation component that enables your windows applications to convert files to and from PDF. Deploy the PDF conversion processing via Watched Folders or through API integration. Enhance your forms processing with PDF automation functionality, including adding watermarks, logo images, and stamped text. Include security controls; metadata; email / ftp delivery; optimization for 'Fast Web Viewing'; PDF/A output and more. Deploy file conversion with simple drag-and-drop functionality or integrate with an incredibly easy-to-use API control. Fully featured example code written in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Classic ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, and Ruby are available for download. Comprehensive documentation is provided to help you expand the examples to meet your specific needs. DocConverter is a robust, dependable product that delivers high-fidelity PDF output and integrates perfectly with your processes to add PDF automation of your business forms!

  • NetworkComms.Net por NetworkComms.Net


    Easily create cross platform networked applications in minutes. NetworkComms.Net is a fully featured, .NET C# library that is available across a large range of platforms including .NET, Mono, Unity3d, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Phone and Windows RT. It requires little to no knowledge of networking and comes with powerful features for more experienced network developers.

  • Gridmetric Lib-V por Gridmetric


    Powerful App-V Package SDK for your own applications. Gridmetric Lib-V is a .NET 2.0 compatible library component written in C#, which makes it possible for you to incorporate reading and/or writing capabilities of Microsoft App-V's package files into any .NET based application. With Gridmetric Lib-V, you will be able to decode, process, update and re-encode existing App-V packages as well as create completely new packages from scratch - with the exact content you want and control of the virtualization parameters. Lib-V is capable of supporting all known App-V package versions released in the past 10 years. Create, read and write packages both for the classic, or "legacy", App-V versions (up until 4.6) or brand new App-V 5.0 packages.

  • Applitools Eyes por Applitools


    Automating visual software testing. Applitools Eyes is a cloud-based automated visual testing solution for Web, mobile and desktop applications. It automates the testing of all the visual aspects of your application and easily integrates with all major test automation frameworks, such as Selenium, Appium, Protractor, HP QTP/UFT and Microsoft Coded-UI. It allows for seamless testing on multiple platforms, screen-resolutions and form-factors, and covers all Web browsers and mobile devices. The Visual test timeline immediately points you to any failed test steps.

  • Premier Studio por Intersoft Solutions Corporation


    A suite of advanced components for Web and Mobile development. Premier Studio includes more than 400 components across 7 platforms including ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, iOS and Android. It supports every browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Gecko) and offers advanced functionality like smart batch updates, client binding, text editing, spell checking, file uploading, hybrid-view presenters and more.

  • Dynamic .NET TWAIN por Dynamsoft Corporation


    Add TWAIN scanning to your desktop .NET applications. Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a dedicated TWAIN component for .NET-based desktop scanning applications. It is a managed code component that enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible devices. With the carefully designed interface and the built-in wizard mode, Dynamic .NET TWAIN is very easy to use. You can typically do your TWAIN job in several lines of code. Dynamic .NET TWAIN is compatible with TWAIN Specification. It supports all three image transfer modes as well as many other features. With Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK, you can control any scanner, digital camera or capture card if it has a TWAIN driver. High-level acquisition support is provided for ease of use, and low-level functionality is provided for flexibility and control in even the most demanding applications.

  • Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net por Add-in Express


    Create thread-safe, secure, isolated, deployable and context-sensitive add-ons for Internet Explorer 6 (32-bit), IE 7 – IE 11 (32-bit and 64-bit) with a couple of clicks. Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net completely supports the Internet Explorer extensibility API and integrates all IE extensibility features in one solution with a strong architecture and a lucid interaction model with Internet Explorer objects. You use visual designers to customize the IE menu, toolbars or side-bars, access its objects and their events, handle keyboard shortcuts. Add-in Express is written in C#, and directly supports VB.NET, C# and C++.NET.

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