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SQL Prompt V4.0 released

New version features enhanced user interface, improved SQL Grammar support and better performance.

Defining layout options for data statements.

Defining layout options for data statements.

SQL Prompt automates the retrieval of database object names, syntax, and snippets as you write, intelligently offering only appropriate code choices. Automatic script layout provides easy code readability - particularly useful when working with unfamiliar scripts. SQL Prompt is highly productive straight out of the box. It is also customizable so you can make it perform exactly the way you want it to. Using SQL Prompt will improve your productivity and dramatically reduce your time at the keyboard.

The following editions are available:

SQL Prompt is also available as part of the following bundle offerings from Red Gate Software:

Updates in 4.0

  • Enhanced user interface
    The user interface for intellisense suggestions and object definitions has been redesigned to be less intrusive and to make SQL Prompt's features more easily discoverable. The Options dialog box has also been completely reinvented, with better navigation and a rationalised set of options.
  • Improved SQL Grammar support
    Enhanced T-SQL grammar support for SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 SQL server editions. Suggestions are more accurate and reliable, and cover a more extensive scope of T-SQL.
  • Performance improvements
    SQL Prompt 4 caches database objects dramatically faster than SQL Prompt 3, and does so much more quickly across high latency networks. 
  • Snippet enhancements
    Snippets are now stored as separate files, and so can be easily shared among other SQL Prompt users.
    There is a new, separate interface for creating and managing your snippets, including an option to go to the folder where snippets are stored.
  • Column picker
    The column picker has been radically improved, so that it is simpler to find and use, for example it is now clearly labelled, and shows the number of columns currently selected.
  • Options
    Many SQL Prompt 3 options have been removed and replaced with sensible defaults, to simplify the configuration and make more intuitive behavior. The Options dialog box itself has been drastically re-engineered so that it is much quicker to find the option you want, understand its purpose, and preview its effect.
  • Right-click context menus
    Right-click context menus have been implemented inside your query editor for creating SQL Prompt snippets and applying your preferred formatting to code.
  • Temporary storage only of database objects on disk
    Database objects are only cached during your current session. When closing down your query editor, the SQL Prompt object cache is emptied, to save disk space. Offline mode working is therefore no longer supported.
  • Format styles (Pro feature)
    Styles allow you to save and share your format options with other SQL Prompt users.
  • Decrypts encrypted objects: (Pro feature)
    SQL Prompt 4 can now decrypt encrypted objects from SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 to allow you to view their creation script.
  • Importing snippets and aliases
    As a major new installation, existing user-created snippets and aliases or your old configuration options will not automatically be imported into v4. Red Gate offers two free tools that help migrate snippets and aliases from v3.9, Snippet migrator and Alias importer.

About Red Gate Software

Since 1999 Red Gate Software has been developing ingeniously simple tools that simplify the business of working with SQL Server, .NET and Exchange. Its tools, which include SQL Compare, SQL Backup and ANTS Performance Profiler, have become industry standards for developers and DBAs worldwide. It counts Microsoft, HP, Sage, Bank of America, AT&T, The US Treasury, and over 100,000 other leading organizations as customers, and there are over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals currently using Red Gate products.

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