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Klik! Windows Forms Library released

New suite lets you advanced user interfaces to your Windows Forms applications.

Samples demonstrating RightToLeft, Zoom, TimeLineList and Carousel.

Samples demonstrating RightToLeft, Zoom, TimeLineList and Carousel.

Klik! Windows Forms Library is a set of User Interface components to create next generation windows forms interfaces. The suite provides 48 components including grid, list, input, container, toolbar, docking, designer, styling, resizing, icons and more. Klik! Windows Forms Library includes 7 ready to use styles, each control supports built-in Office 2007 and Office 2003 color schemes and you can easily create your own styles.

Klik! Windows Forms Library is a bundle of eight separate products:


Each control in this library has designed to be flexible and have an eye catching look and feel including features like:

  • Supports border shapes other than standard rectangle as rounded, circle or chamfered
  • Backgrounds can be filled with advanced gradient colors
  • Images you have associated with controls can be drawn in AlphaBlended form
  • Texts in the controls can be drawn with advanced effects such as DropShadows.
  • All these advanced drawings can also be customized for different states of the controls such as hover, focus and soon.
  • Managable styles of controls allows you to easily change your applications look whenever you want.
  • Each control supports built-in Office 2007 and Office 2003 color schemes but you can create your own styles easily thanks to the StyleManagement feature.
  • 7 ready to use styles included with the package which you can reach use Quick Access Menu associated with every control/component and are named as Office2007, Office2003, CoolBlue, SoftXP, IceBlue, BurningRed and LiveGreen.
  • Icons included in the package help you to complete your screens with the fine blend of images provided within the pack. More than 220 unique icons with different forms of size and formats.

About Klik! Software

Klik! Software was established in 2002 with the aim of developing quality software components and tools for the software development community. Its goal is to provide the easiest to use and most functional products on the market. From managers to developers, Klik! Software consists of young and talented members with a strong background working on software projects ranging from enterprise database solutions to game development, from Web sites to multimedia development. The company knows that having a good product is not enough, fast and efficient support is also a must.

Published in Development Tool News & Software Component News, February 15, 2010

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