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SandDock updated to V3.0.6

Tabbed panes docked to left, right and bottom of a window.

Tabbed panes docked to left, right and bottom of a window.

SandDock for Windows Forms is a window layout engine that adds advanced dockable/collapsible window and document paging functionality to your applications. Featuring comprehensive designer integration, it supports the rich windowing functionality of the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Three bundled renderers allow your application to mimic Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 look and feel and docking. The library fully promotes encapsulation by allowing developers to optionally design their windows and documents as separate classes.

Updates in V3.0.6

  • NEW: The value of the PopupSize property is used as the default docked size for a window, if set.
  • FIX: When changing to the last tab with integral close buttons, the close button could fail to become entirely visible.
  • FIX: Some tab rendering glitches have been corrected.
  • FIX: When restoring a layout in an MDI container form, the Activated event could be raised for all windows.
  • FIX: When dragging over tabs the window was only selected, not activated too.
  • FIX: A tab with an ampersand in its text would be measured incorrectly under certain renderers.

About Divelements

Divelements is an established supplier of quality user interface components targeted primarily at the Microsoft .NET platform. The company prides itself on providing solid, robust components that take full advantage of the rich designer capabilities offered by Visual Studio. Its products are recognized across the industry as offering the rich features demanded by complex applications while retaining an easy to use API and lightweight redistributables. Developers will be more productive using Divelements tools because of the extensive design-time integration. The company prides itself on keeping its components lean and fast. Their low disk and memory footprint mean you will not have to ship a large, unwieldy redistributable with your application that contains functionality that you are not using. Pluggable renderers in most of our products ensure that the look and feel of your application can either mimic the Microsoft Office and Visual Studio products, or optionally be completely customized.

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