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PureCM adds Visual Studio 2010 support

2010-1 release also features new Projects View, dashboard for role-based notifications and SQLite database support.

Importing a repository and viewing source code changes and reports.

Importing a repository and viewing source code changes and reports.

PureCM is an easy to use version control solution supporting agile development. It supports task-based development along the development workflow from release planning to workflow management, source control, build automation and release management. PureCM Professional provides end-to-end visibility and real-time project status tracking, supporting both agile and waterfall methodologies. The cross-platform solution is performance optimized for distributed development, including caching servers for remote teams. Enhanced IDE integrations with Visual Studio and Eclipse make it easy to use. Additional features include hassle-free feature branching, policy-based administration via ACLs, and database scalability to multi-terabyte size.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2010-1

  • New Projects View for creating projects, versions and features.
  • Projects View supports scheduling and real-time status tracking (Professional edition only)
  • Tasks and Features to represent work items across the whole development lifecycle (Professional edition only)
  • Support drag & drop scheduling (Professional edition only)
  • Dashboard for role-based notifications about assigned tasks, reviews or pending merges.
  • SQLite database support with up to 100% performance improvements.
  • General performance improvements when adding a large number of files.
  • GUI and Visual Studio refresh performance improvements.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010
  • Synchronize a stream to another stream.
  • Eclipse plug-in uses the PureCM changeset dialog.
  • Component update does not create an edit change item for files which have not changed.
  • 'Synchronize to Changeset' workspace menu.
  • Ability for 'Force Merge' a changeset which has already been merged.
  • Better description for resolve tool when merging changesets.
  • Confirm whether to delete the local files when deleting files in a workspace.
  • Allow exclude on added folders and files within a workspace
  • Make Administrator and Repository Views policy based
  • Numerous Visual Studio enhanced plugin bug fixes

About is a software company providing solutions for software configuration management and development collaboration. It has been successful in this market since 2004, offering a powerful cross-platform source control and issue tracking tool called PureCM. The company focuses on delivering cost efficient solutions to development teams that need to combine flexible configuration management with maximum process transparency.

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