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ComponentArt Data Visualization released

A complete package of controls for building next-generation digital dashboards, now available from ComponentSource.

Gauges, charts and maps in ComponentArt Data Visualization.

Gauges, charts and maps in ComponentArt Data Visualization.

ComponentArt Data Visualization delivers the complete feature set for building next-generation digital dashboards and data analysis applications. ComponentArt Data Visualization includes charts, gauges, maps, gridview, time navigator and a calc engine. ComponentArt's 3D pixel shading technology integrated with XAML produces brilliant image quality, while being able to render many thousands of elements per second. The result is highly responsive user interface, smooth animation, delivering applications that boost productivity and are a pleasure to use.

The following editions are available:


  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Features
    ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate includes includes charts, gauges, maps, gridview, time navigator and a calc engine for both WPF and Silverlight Technologies. All of ComponentArt's charts, gauges, maps, grids and time navigators are built on top of this core rendering technology, producing a unified look and feel across the entire suite.
  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Performance
    ComponentArt's Data Visualization suite has been designed for handling extremely large amounts of data – measured in millions of records – through a highly effective WCF web service communication layer. In addition, all controls are capable of handling tens of thousands of records on the client.
  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Common Framework
    Common data access and CalcEngine data processing technology are at the core of ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET. In addition, the suite includes generic elements for building dashboard user interfaces: DashboardLayout, DashboardPanel and DashboardPopup. All of these elements are reused by all data visualization controls – providing a consistent programming framework throughout the application.
  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Interactivity
    Providing context through animated drill-downs, enabling data point selection and templated popups, interactive zooming & scrolling have all been developed improve end user experience.
  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Suite-wide Themes & Palettes
    Themes are used throughout the suite to define visual characteristics of the user interface, such as chrome shapes of DashboardPanels and Dashboard popups, as well as the matching visual properties of the individual controls. Setting a theme on a DashboardPanel will automatically apply that theme to all controls that it contains. Theme settings can be overridden on each individual control. Color palettes are also commonly shared throughout the suite. Any palette can be applied against any theme. All controls support the same set of palettes and themes – providing a highly consistent look and feel throughout the application. The suite ships with a set of professionally designed themes and palettes, all of which can be further customized to match any branding requirements.
  • ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate Comprehensive Visual Studio 2010 Design Time Support
    ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET offers extensive design-time capabilities within Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE. All controls include custom design UI panels – enabling quick customization and design-time preview. In addition, ComponentArt is pleased to include single-click license enabling of the application, greatly simplifying the deployment of your solution.

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate Charting

  • Bar & Column Charts
  • Pie & Donut Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Bubble & Marker Charts
  • Financial & Stock Charts
  • Funnel Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • TreeMaps
  • Combination Charts
  • Ability to Handle Very Large Datasets
  • Integration with the CalcEngine

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate Gauges

  • Radial Gauges
  • BulletGraphs
  • Linear Gauges
  • Cylinders
  • Half Donuts
  • Thermometers
  • Numeric Gauges
  • Indicators

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate Maps

  • Effective Visualization of Geographic Data
  • Templated Item Popups
  • Interactive Drill-downs
  • High-performance Zooming & Panning
  • Multiple Shape Layers, Templated Points & Lines
  • Flexible Projections
  • Including a Large Map Library

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate GridView

  • Effective Spreadsheet and Paged Display of Data
  • Built-in Sorting, Grouping and Paging
  • Interactive Column Resizing & Reordering
  • Row & Column Freezing
  • Support for Embedded Visualizations
  • Ability to Handle Very Large Datasets
  • Integration with the CalcEngine

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate TimeNavigator

  • A Highly Interactive Control for Date Range Selections
  • A Comprehensive Collection of Visualizations

ComponentArt Data Visualization Ultimate CalcEngine

  • A Client-side Data Processing Engine
  • Dataset Operations
  • Statistical Operations
  • Financial Operations
  • Embedding Client-side Logic Into XAML Templates
  • Integration With Data Visualization Controls
  • Comprehensive Visual Studio Design Time Support

About ComponentArt

ComponentArt is a leading component vendor specializing in the creation of user interface and data visualization software for Microsoft's .NET platform. The company's primary goal is to help developers worldwide advance their software development effort by providing powerful building blocks that allow them to focus on the business logic, core value, and primary function of their application or website. ComponentArt has consistently been at the leading edge of technological innovation - from its first ASP.NET user interface component launch in 2002, parallel with the launch of the Microsoft ASP.NET platform - to the breakthrough release of Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX, parallel with the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework launch (now a part of ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008).

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