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Dynamic Dashboards adds MapVisualizer

Dynamic Dashboards Professional V3.3 adds Silverlight MapVisualizer widget and VS2010 sample Web application.

Sample dashboard showing HTML, maps, sales charts, gauge and RSS reader.

Sample dashboard showing HTML, maps, sales charts, gauge and RSS reader.

Dynamic Dashboards Professional is a fully managed ASP.NET server control library that lets you add fantastic looking, user customizable drag - drop Ajax dashboards and widgets to your applications with ease. The power of Dynamic Dashboards (DD) lies in the fact that developers can implement widgets as classic ASP.NET user controls. User controls can contain any ASP.NET server control and DD manages the control lifecycle automatically.

Updates in V3.3

New features

  • Added Silverlight MapVisualizer Widget. You can use MapVisualizer to visualize any data on a BingMap
  • Added CommandConstant.TabChanged constant. Use DashboardTabView.OnCommand event handler for tab change
  • Ported sample Web application to Visual Studio.Net 2010. Please note only sample web application is ported. You can still use DD with VS.NET 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5
  • Added DashboardSurface.CreateInColumnText property. Use this property to change format of n.Column text
  • Added DashboardSurface.CreateInSectionText and DashboardSurface.GetCreateInColumnText event handlers. You can use these handlers to customize n. Section and n. Column values like First Section, Small Column etc

Bug fixes

  • WidgetPropertyEditor bug is resolved
  • SaveCollapse property bug is resolved

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Published in Development Tool News & Software Component News, November 03, 2010

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