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Convert between SQL Server and MySQL

SqlTran is a database conversion tool that will allow you to easily convert SQL Server to MySQL or MySQL to SQL Server.

Converting from SQL Server to MySQL with SqlTran.

Converting from SQL Server to MySQL with SqlTran.

SqlTran is a database migration tool which migrates tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, indexes, foreign keys. It will migrate all your data and transforms function calls to valid native target database functions. SqlTran will migrate SQL Server to MySQL and MySQL to SQL Server, and has plans for SQL Server to Oracle and Oracle to SQL Server. Use SqlTran to convert your Microsoft SQL Server database to the open-source MySQL database platform.


  • State of the art semantic parsers enable SqlTran to truly understand your code
  • Able to connect to your source and target databases and create a perfect copy in another database engine
  • Handles tables, indexes, foreign keys, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers
  • True function call translation: functions are mapped to native functions, parameters reordered and transformed
  • Emulates source database features not available in the target database (where theoretically possible, SqlTran does it for you)
  • Copies data using high-speed algorithms. Data creation script can be exported to file.
  • Gives you full control - you can mark certain objects to be skipped, locked, or manually override the translation
  • In addition to creating target database directly, you can export source and target SQL scripts

About Spectral Core

Spectral Core is an independent software vendor specializing in database solutions. They have customers in 80 countries all over the world and thousands of companies (including Fortune 500 companies) and individuals using their applications to solve database related issues, migrate their data or simply improve their efficiency.

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