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New database tools for Oracle developers

Conquest Software Solutions joins ComponentSource launching ClearDB Documenter, ClearSQL and SQLDetective.

ClearDB Documenter, ClearSQL and SQLDetective.

ClearDB Documenter, ClearSQL and SQLDetective.

  • ClearDB Documenter easily and quickly documents a complete set of schema (tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, etc.) and non-schema (contexts, directories, profiles, users, roles, etc.) object types as well as source code modules (packaged and stand-alone subroutines) for Oracle versions up to 11gR2.
  • ClearSQL lets you edit, format and analyze your Oracle PL/SQL code, count metrics and enforce coding standards. ClearSQL is a full-blown code analyzer and editor for legacy code maintenance.
  • SQLDetective is a powerful and easy-to-use graphic user interface to Oracle databases, which is intended to develop database objects, write, test, debug and execute server-side programs and more.

About Conquest Software Solutions

Conquest Software Solutions LLC is a group of professionals based on two continents committed to providing powerful, customer-focused, user-driven, professional tools designed for Oracle developers. Conquest Software Solutions focus on meeting the high expectations for performance and ease of use at economically advantageous prices, making software accessible not only to large corporations, but also to small companies, individual developers and consultants. Conquest Software Solutions, LLC is dedicated to delivering new ideas and new modules/products for the professional Oracle developer and DBA's on a very high level of quality and reliability.

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