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SharePoint Lookup now available

Look-up and pull information from any SharePoint site in a site collection.

Look-up information using SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack.

Look-up information using SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack.

Cross-Site Lookup allows you to look up and pull information from any site in a site collection, adds find-as-you-type functionality to your lookup field, and filters items displayed in the lookup field according to a view defined in the source list (the list where the information is being looked up from). The following editions are available:


  • Cross-Site Lookup other lists from different sites;
  • Freely convert among SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup column, SharePoint Cascaded Lookup column and SharePoint default lookup column;
  • Filter field values by selecting list view;
  • Filter field values by other fields(Parent Column) in the same list;
  • Filter field values by Filter Column in the looked-up list;
  • Find-as-you-type function makes all the objects which are listed in the Dropdown list with the same letter as the input word shadowed and selected quickly;
  • Filter lookup items by view

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