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SWIFT Message Validator now supports Category 7

Version 6.5 includes support for all Category 7 and selected Category 3 SWIFT messages.

Validating SWIFT messages using SWIFT Message Validator.

Validating SWIFT messages using SWIFT Message Validator.

SWIFT Message Validator lets you validate and construct outgoing SWIFT messages before sending them to the SWIFT network. No longer is it necessary to know the countless and very complex SWIFT validation rules. Just provide the values and the message type you want to build and it will validate and construct the formatted message. It will check if your values comply with all the SWIFT rules for this message type and highlight any errors.

Updates in V6.5

  • Supports all Category 7 messages
  • Supports selected Category 3 messages

About Datamation

Datamation is a leading provider of financial messaging development tools and payments solutions for banks, corporates and independent software developers. As a SWIFT registered vendor, with over 20 years of experience developing banking and payments solutions, Datamation are ideally positioned to provide the products, support and know-how necessary to rapidly implement SWIFT or SEPA based payments applications for both credit transfers and direct debits. Core messaging libraries provide support for SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX and SEPA (ISO 20022) message building, parsing, validating and persistence.

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Producto: SWIFT Message Validator

Editor: Datamation

Categoría: Financial

Arquitectura: 32 Bit | Components | JavaBean | Java Components

Plataforma: Embarcadero | IBM | JBuilder | VisualAge for Java | Visual Café | WebSphere Studio

Tipo: Feature Releases

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