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VIBlend Data Grid for Windows Forms V6.0 released

New version adds data binding using Indexed properties, checkbox filtering and case sensitive filtering comparison.

Spreadsheet examples in VIBlend GridView for Windows Forms.

Spreadsheet examples in VIBlend GridView for Windows Forms.

VIBlend Data Grid for Windows Forms is easy to integrate and use regardless of whether you want to add functionality to an existing Windows Forms application or planning to start your next great project. The DataGrid is ideal for building data-driven applications. It supports advanced data bindings to multiple data source types. You can visualize a database table, bind to a generic collection or populate the grid's content through APIs without using any data binding. You can also create Pivot Tables with multi-level hierarchies on rows and columns, and multiple value (fact) fields.

Updates in V6.0

  • Added data binding using Indexed properties to DataGridView.
  • Added checkbox filtering to DataGridView.
  • Added new case sensitive filtering comparison operators to DataGridView.
  • Added support for Totals and Sub Totals to DataGridView.
  • Added currency, percentage, fixed-point and number editors to DataGridView.
  • Added DataGridView navigation with Home, End, PageUp, PageDown keys.
  • Added ability to set a custom theme to the DataGridView CheckBoxEditor.
  • Added ThreeState mode to DataGridView CheckBoxEditor
  • Improved DataGridView Localization

About VIBlend

VIBlend is a privately held software company specialized in building advanced User Interface components for Windows platform. We create every component with passion and dedication to high quality to deliver exceptional end-user experience. Our components provide rich functionality, easy to use APIs and unparalleled performance. We are proud to build components that help businesses and developers around the world deliver better applications in less time and with lower budget.

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