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Prof-UIS adds popover scrollbars

Version 2.92 also includes improvements to grid controls and the rich content subsystem.

PageNavigator, ReportGrid, Skinnable Buttons and RibbonBar samples.

PageNavigator, ReportGrid, Skinnable Buttons and RibbonBar samples.

Prof-UIS is an MFC extension library that allows you to create enterprise-class applications in the Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/NET/6.0 environment. More than 200 thoroughly tested and documented C++ classes, templates and interfaces will help you take the time and complexity out of incorporating rich and up-to-date GUI facilities in your projects: Microsoft Office and Visual Studio look-and-feel interface, tabbed docking windows, tab containers with detachable tabs, extremely customizable data grid and property grid controls, customizable menus, toolbars and keyboard accelerators, multi profile GUI persistence, and more.

Updates in V2.92

  • Added support for popover scroll bars in all scrollable controls based on the CExtScrollWnd class.
  • Added a ui-sb-type CSS parameter to specify the type of scroll bars in a scrollable HTML element.
  • Added support for a content tip in a grid cell. The tip can host either plain text or HTML. It can be displayed even if all parts of a grid cell are visible.
  • The CExtRichContentScrollWnd control now allows you to attach a window handle to an HTML element by element ID.
  • The CExtRichContentLayout::Scrolling_GetHorizontalScrollBarHeight()and CExtRichContentLayout::Scrolling_GetVerticalScrollBarWidth()methods now have a new const CExtRichContentItem * pRCI parameter.
  • Improved the way grid controls filter their data: now when you open a column filter, it contains unchecked items as well as checked ones.
  • Added an __ECTN_EX_NO_RIBBON_GALLERY_TIP command node style for hiding tooltips in ribbon galleries.
  • Added a bUseScientificNumberMode parameter to the CExtEditSystemNumber class constructor to support scientific mode in the number editor.
  • Fixed incorrect mm unit conversion in the CSS subsystem.
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of font-family and text-decoration CSS parameters.
  • Fixed a hit testing bug in the CExtRichContentScrollWnd control related to incorrect mouse capture processing.
  • Fixed a crash when using the print preview on Windows x64 under certain conditions.

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