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Chant Developer Workbench supports Silverlight 5

Create Grammars using Chant Developer Workbench.

Create Grammars using Chant Developer Workbench.

Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of essential tools and components for developing software that speaks and listens. As an interactive toolset, it provides a development and testing environment for working with the component libraries and the speech technology objects they manage. You can manage grammars, profiles, lexicons, recognizers, synthesizers and text-to-speech markup interactively within the application software you develop and deploy.

Updates in 2011 (Build

  • Supports Silverlight 5 - Integrate speech technology with in-browser and out-of-browser 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

About Chant

Chant is a provider of software and services that help organizations gain competitive advantage using speech technology. They are focused on providing solutions that enable you to do more with your computer by talking with it. Chant was one of the first companies to provide engine-independent components for developing desktop, Web-enabled and telephony applications that use speech technology.

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Produkt: Chant Developer Workbench

Herausgeber: Chant

Kategorie: Speech and SAPI

Architektur: 32 Bit | 64 Bit | ActiveX Components | ActiveX OCX | C++ / MFC Class Libraries | Components | DLL | Java Class | Java Components | JavaScript / AJAX | .NET Class | .NET Compact Framework | .NET Components | .NET WinForm Controls | Silverlight Controls | Dev Tools & IT Utilities | VCL Components | Windows Dev Tools | Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP

Plattform: C++Builder | Embarcadero | Delphi | Eclipse | JBuilder | Microsoft | Sybase | Visual Basic | Visual Basic 2005 | Visual Basic 2008 | Visual Basic 2010 | Visual Basic .NET | Visual C++ 2005 | Visual C++ 2008 | Visual C++ 2010 | Visual Café | Visual C++ .NET | Visual C# 2005 | Visual C# 2008 | Visual C# 2010 | Visual C# .NET | Visual Studio | Visual Studio 2005 | Visual Studio 2008 | Visual Studio 2010 | Visual Studio .NET

Typ: Patch Releases

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