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Design and deploy SQL logic to relational databases.

Graphically define and implement SQL queries.

Graphically define and implement SQL queries.

Microgen DBClarity Developer is used to graphically define and implement SQL queries, procedures and other database logic. It is designed to make implementing database procedures much more efficient for both business and IT stakeholders. It helps cross-functional teams to build, change and implement SQL logic. The following products are available:


  • Graphical Studio - There is no need for in-depth SQL knowledge or syntax to do complex calculations, transformations or other in-database operations
  • In-Database Processing - Run queries within the database to reduce the amount of data input/output
  • Embedded SQL Expressions and Rules - Maximize the re-use of logic and ensure best-practice using a modular database querying environment
  • Integrated Data Design - Create custom Data Schemas from within the graphical studio
  • Enterprise-class Development - Correct and quickly implement complex queries using a debugger
  • Database Agnostic - Create a rule once and deploy to Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server database (subject to product edition purchased)
  • Set Processing - Support for Set-SQL to leverage Teradata's massive parallel processing

About Microgen

Founded in 1974 and listed on the London Stock Exchange (MCGN) since 1983, Microgen is headquartered in London with offices worldwide. Microgen develops, implements and supports business-critical software, often based on its flagship application platform, Microgen Aptitude. Microgen enables enterprises to differentiate their capabilities and rapidly exploit new business opportunities.

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