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FusionCharts for Flex updated

Now includes AIR Desktop application support.

Create charts with FusionCharts for Flex.

Create charts with FusionCharts for Flex.

FusionCharts for Flex is a charting component for Adobe Flex Web and Desktop (AIR) applications. It offers a wide variety of chart types ranging from basic charts like line, area and column to advanced ones like combination, scroll and radar. It has an easy to learn API that lets you create charts and maps with hardly any code. It also includes advanced functionality like exporting to images or PDFs and extracting data as CSV/XML.

Updates in V1.3

  • AIR Desktop application support
  • Charts can be dynamically resize based on the dimensions of parent containers
  • Support for Interactive Legends
  • Automated numeric X-Axis in Scatter and Bubble charts
  • Regression line in Scatter and Bubble charts
  • Quadrants and quadrant labels in Scatter and Bubble and charts
  • Number formatting options for the X-Axis scale in Scatter and Bubble charts
  • Image/SWF display and alignment support for backgrounds
  • Added legend in Pie, Doughnut, Funnel and Pyramid charts
  • Ability to plot columns on right axis of chart in 3D combination charts
  • Chart specific APIs added for Pie, Doughnut and MSCombi3D charts
  • Support for Y-Axis minimum values in all stacked charts
  • Align vertical Axis names with the whole chart or chart canvas
  • Macros or pre-defined variables to position Annotation better
  • Support for left or right alignment of caption and subcaption
  • Manually control the position of data values in Line and Area charts
  • Ability to hide zero plane values
  • Render charts in Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 applications

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Product: FusionCharts for Flex

Publisher: FusionCharts

Category: Charting and Graphing

Architecture: 32 Bit | 64 Bit | Components | Flash / Flex

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