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Antenna House Formatter updated

Creating PDF files using AH Formatter.

Creating PDF files using AH Formatter.

AH Formatter supports page layouts specified using either CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or XSL-FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatting Objects) for formatting documents for PDF and print.

AH CSS Formatter builds on the strengths of the CSS3 specification and Antenna House XSL Formatter, enabling Web designers to add print and PDF output to their systems via CSS.

AH XSL Formatter offers GUI, support for over 50 languages, PDF generation, W3C compliance, extensions, EMF and WMF vector support, MathML native drawing and XSL Report Designer integration.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V6.0 MR3

  • Specify text field format and default value in PDF forms
  • Fixed - where processing might be inaccurate when right-to-left direction specified
  • Fixed - where Arabic used, page numbers were not put correctly in HTML files
  • Fixed - where footnotes in a table-footer cell were not arranged accurately
  • Fixed - where size % was specified in a margin-box, value would overlap
  • Fixed - where grayscale PNG was rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed - where hyphenation did not work on a specific words
  • Fixed - where gray-scale TIFFs were recognized as a color image
  • Fixed - where MathML brackets were positioned incorrectly

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Antenna House has been developing computer software since 1984. The company offers advanced document conversion and file viewing software. They currently operate out of 4 international locations and welcome new partners from around the globe.

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