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SQL Source Control 2003 - Application - V1.0.x

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Full Source control and documentation versioning support for SQL Server 2000. SQL Source Control 2003 is a solution avaliable for Microsoft SQL Server developers, that enables Source control and comprehensive documentation of your databases by Visual SourceSafe integration. To enable you to be more productive, the SQL code editor features full syntax color coding to improve the readability of complex statements, Intellisense-style code completion, Find/Replace with regular expressions support, line numbering and much more.

SQL Source Control 2003 is a must-have tool for developers working with SQL Server 2000 edition.

  • Do you care about your database code safety?
  • Do you want your database to be well documented?
  • Do you want to enable teamwork development?
  • Do you want to have an integrated development environment for all these features and more?

If the answer is YES, then SQL Source Control 2003 provides you with tools to accomplish each of these tasks quickly and easily.

SQL Source Control 2003 Features:

  • Full source control and documentation versioning support - Long awaited integration with Microsoft® Source Safe server. No server-side components needed! Versioning for each database item including SQL scripts and documentation history
  • Comprehensive database documentation - Create database items documentation quickly and easily, down to table columns or stored procedure parameters
  • HTML Documentation reports - Create documentation for all or selected database objects, reports in easy to read and share HTML format
  • Intellisense-style code completion - By displaying information in drop-down lists it assists you with statement completion and the available properties of database objects, for example table columns list as you type your SQL code in the editor
  • Automated deployment - Deploy all or selected database changes, define deployment checkpoints using the powerfull automated deployment mechanism
  • Easy SQL Server database items management - Thanks to connection groups, managing multiple databases from multiple servers was never so easy! Browse, edit and remove existing, add new tables, views, stored procedures, functions and triggers. Take advantage of easy to use SQL code editor that features full syntax color coding to improve the readability of complex statements
  • Easy teamwork development - Developers may work together on the same database. With exclusive checkouts you don't have to worry about possibility of several developers changing the same database object. And even more, each change is independely versioned and documented!
  • Bring deleted SQL database items back to life - With deleted items management you may extract deleted database items from source control and put them back into your database
  • XML-based solution - All documentation and source control features are XML-based

Why do I need Source Control and Versioning?

If your database is not versioned, there are several dangers awaiting to crash your project when you are least expecting it:

  • You cannot undelete removed database items other than using your backup and this task takes a lot of precious time. Assuming, that you had this object backed up... But if you don't, or you changed it after the backup has been created, there is no way to recover it. Unless you use SQL Source Control 2003
  • A developer may make changes in, for example, a stored procedure code, save it to database and after a while he realizes he has made a terrible mistake, but without source control he cannot undo this change and revert to the last checked-in version. He has got to re-write all the lost code

There are other reasons worth considering when talking about source control and versioning in SQL Server:

  • You should be able to look at the history of the database object. With SQL Source Control 2003 you may check what did a trigger (for example) look like, and use it in your current development
  • You have to track database schema and code changes
  • You have to enable SQL Server teamwork development

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