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On July 1, 2012, ComponentOne and GrapeCity joined forces, creating ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity.
The US GrapeCity PowerTools division was renamed to ComponentOne.

Provide an interactive decision support system that allows users to explore their relational and multidimensional data in an useful way. ActiveAnalysis (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis) is a complete OLAP, data visualization and Business Intelligence component for Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET that allows you to rapidly embed interactive, ad hoc Business Intelligence features for both Windows and Web applications. ActiveAnalysis 2 comes with the ability to connect to virtually any data source and support for three development platforms, rolling out your own ad hoc Business Intelligence application is now easier than ever. ActiveAnalysis 2 features include:  charts, pivot tables and data visualization, rich drag-and-drop user experience, Excel exports allow end users to share analysis results offline and much more.

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ActiveAnalysis 2.1

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ActiveAnalysis 2.1 - Upgrades

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Add to Cart $ 1,465.10 1 Developer License with Maintenance (all major and minor releases, with forum, email and phone support for one year) - Upgrade from Data Dynamics Analysis Delivered via Download

ActiveAnalysis Maintenance Renewal

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What’s new in ActiveAnalysis 2.1?

  • Export your analysis results to PDF optionally using its security features - Now you can offer portable document format to your users, complete with encryption, permissions, page layout, and printing options. Developers can even add watermarks, set 128 bit encryption, and control how the Adobe Acrobat Reader appears when the document opens.
  • Schema editor - Visually edit or create new schemas with Undo functionality that lets you experiment more boldly. You can view query fields and schema fields in panes and double-click them to see their properties, and drag and drop them into expression boxes to ease calculated field creation.
  • Four new aggregate functions - With four new aggregate functions, we now offer over twenty ways to aggregate data in your schemas. The new functions are AggregateIf, DistinctSum, Median, and Mode.
  • Support for analysis in Windows Azure in full and partial trust mode - Now you can use the Web or Silverlight PivotView in the cloud without requiring full trust. Some controls have at least some limitations in partial trust, but ActiveAnalysis just works.
  • Show and hide cubes in the cubes list - Use the new SetCubeFilter method to select which cubes your users can access.
  • Support for custom controls to show underlying data - When your users right-click data and opt to show the underlying data, you can now control exactly how that data is presented. You can leave it in the included grid, or send the data to a custom or third-party control.
  • Improved custom toolbar support - For even more control over what your users see, you can customize the toolbar, adding new buttons and removing parts of the existing toolbar, or even adding buttons from the toolbar to your own.

What’s new in ActiveAnalysis 2 (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis)?

  • Export your analysis results to an Excel document so you can easily share your findings with others - ActiveAnalysis now lets you export the data in your current view to an Excel document so you can integrate your current analysis view with existing spreadsheets and take it offline.
  • Microsoft Silverlight support allows you to deliver Windows-like functionality in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) - The new ActiveAnalysis 2 includes a Silverlight control that enables a Web-based cross-browser, drag-and-drop analysis experience similar to what you would expect to find in a Windows application.
  • Uncover trends more easily with a continuous view of discrete data - ActiveAnalysis lets you display numeric and date type attributes in a continuous view, allowing you to see gaps that exist in between consecutive attributes and to display more data in less space.
  • ActiveAnalysis automatically selects the most appropriate visual format based on the current layout - ActiveAnalysis now automatically selects the most appropriate visual representation ("Encoding") depending on the data type and the visualization context.
  • Improved product documentation - ActiveAnalysis comes with improved product documentation to help you get the maximum benefit from the product.

ActiveAnalysis - Features and Benefits

  • Support for Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET development in one component.
  • Charts, pivot tables and data visualization in one programmable control.
  • Rich drag-and-drop user experience encourages self-discovery of data.
  • Excel exports allow end users to share analysis results offline.
  • Flexible data binding allows you to treat relational data as multi-dimensional.
  • Native support for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and custom intelligent MDX queries.

ActiveAnalysis - Out-of-the-box functionality saves time
Thanks to the out-of-the-box features and the built-in user interface in ActiveAnalysis, you can develop and deploy a full-blown Business Intelligence solution with interactive OLAP and data visualization features without writing a single line of code.

ActiveAnalysis - Silverlight, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET support ensures a rich user experience whether on Windows or the Web
ActiveAnalysis supports Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET. That means you can provide the same rich user experience in your Web applications that would normally require a Windows application, all in one convenient package.

ActiveAnalysis - Combines charts and pivot tables into one powerful data visualization component
Unlike some OLAP and analysis products that are either primarily pivot tables or primarily charts, ActiveAnalysis goes beyond these limitations. We grasp data at its fundamental level and deliver a single component that offers a wide array of data visualization capabilities. With the click of a button, you can turn a cross-tab pivot table into a trellis display of feature-rich charts and turn it back with another click.

ActiveAnalysis - Interactive, drag-and-drop user interface accelerates discovery of data trends
No matter what industry you are in, ActiveAnalysis will allow your users to find new trends in their data. A single connection can generate thousands of chart variations with simple mouse clicks. Each view gives users a different perspective on their data. They can tell a different story using the same data by reorganizing field layouts. With the right perspective, new data findings appear that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

ActiveAnalysis - Microsoft Excel export allows users to share analysis results offline
Allow your users to take the analysis they perform within your application and put it into a format that they can use. Excel exports allow them to perform additional analysis and what-if scenarios, and to share the results with people who do not have access to the data.

ActiveAnalysis - Data binding without limits allows users to analyze a wide range of data
ActiveAnalysis works with a wide range of data types, including both structured and flat data, and works in both connected and disconnected modes. For easy setup, we include several data source controls that help bind to the more common data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Xml, DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You can even use an included utility to create an XML file that models flat data into a multidimensional format for a full OLAP analysis experience. If you can get access to your data in code, then ActiveAnalysis allows your users to explore it visually.

ActiveAnalysis - Modular user interface that is easy to customize
ActiveAnalysis allows you and your users to display, reposition, or hide any aspect of the user interface with dockable cards. This feature not only allows for a customized experience for each user, but also fully encapsulates the user interface logic within the component itself. You can save card layouts to disk or memory, and reload them at any time.

ActiveAnalysis - Built-in toolbar gives end users access to data visualization features
In addition to the drag-and-drop user interface, most of the ActiveAnalysis functionality is accessible using the built-in toolbar. This allows developers to get up and running with a full data analysis solution in no time at all. You can hide the toolbar using the design-time Properties grid or at run time with a single line of code.

ActiveAnalysis - Powerful built-in data filters for fast analysis
Filtering data is an essential element of any data analysis experience. ActiveAnalysis is built to ensure that every conceivable way to filter data is available by default with no configuration necessary. Simply place the control on a Windows Form, a Silverlight form or an ASP.NET Web form, add data, and your users are immediately able to begin drilling into their data and filtering results to show only the data that are most important to their analysis goals.

ActiveAnalysis - Continuous mode allows easier analysis of numeric and date-based data
Continuous mode makes it easier to deal with numeric or date-based attributes, easily spot gaps in data, and view a larger data set without scrolling, thus revealing trends that would otherwise be hard to find.

ActiveAnalysis - Data summarization feature displays key statistics to aid understanding
ActiveAnalysis users can highlight a selection of data points and watch various aggregate results appear on the Summary Card. This feature gives detailed analysis of dynamic displays, and makes it easy to determine what values make up major outliers.

ActiveAnalysis - Aggregate and underlying data views enable top-down and bottom-up analysis
ActiveAnalysis users can highlight a section of data and use the built-in context menu to view aggregate and underlying data. They can then select this data and copy it to the clipboard to paste into any application that accepts tab-separated data.

ActiveAnalysis - Paging and slideshow features help analyze data changes over time
ActiveAnalysis provides paging to help in visually analyzing data changes over time by displaying each time interval as its own page. Users can either manually switch between pages or use the slideshow feature to turn the pages automatically.

ActiveAnalysis - Numerous ways to rank and sort data
With the built-in context menus in ActiveAnalysis, users can sort their data in many different ways. They can sort and rank members in ascending or descending order, by caption, key or any field they select. When the user applies sorting to a field, a sort indicator displays on the field to remind them that a custom sort operation is set.

ActiveAnalysis - Undo and redo capabilities encourage iterative analysis and save development time
When your users are analyzing data, they are looking for undiscovered patterns, for insight. In order to support this fast analytical thinking, ActiveAnalysis provides the ability to undo any changes made to the view. This allows them to revisit previous results at any time. Having this built right into the component saves hours and possibly weeks of development for such support.

ActiveAnalysis - Restrict user interface functions by user role with the permission-based security model
With ActiveAnalysis, you can restrict which users can do what within the PivotView user interface. For example, you can globally disallow sorting, filtering or other user interface functions. Or you can associate these permissions with user roles in your application to restrict groups of users to specific user interface operations.

ActiveAnalysis - CSS-like styling to easily change look and feel without recompilation
ActiveAnalysis offers a robust themes engine that lets you create the look and feel that you want. Control the look of each aspect of the view using a CSS style approach. The product ships with many pre-built themes like Office 2007, Windows Classic, Windows Vista, and more. Configuring your own style is as easy as modifying an XML file, CSS file, or XAML markup and does not require a full recompile of the hosting application.

ActiveAnalysis - Easy printing of data analysis results
Users can share their results by using the ActiveAnalysis print preview and print features. All of the presentation data are sent to the printer as well to help describe the resulting view, including the various legends, the title, and the description text.

ActiveAnalysis - Easy deployment via Save and Load capabilities, with no runtime royalties
ActiveAnalysis features robust deployment architecture with no run-time royalties. You and your users can save and load various aspects of the view such as layouts, permissions, card configurations, data, and styles without ever recompiling the hosting application and at no extra costs.

ActiveAnalysis - Layouts
Save data layout configurations to XML and you can load them later to refresh the view with the latest data. When you save layouts, an optional flag allows you to save them with data. This lets you send layouts to business users who do not have access to the data source.

ActiveAnalysis - Card Settings
Save and load card layouts so that each user can customize the application to fit their needs.

ActiveAnalysis - Permissions
Easily load permissions at design time with a checked list of permission settings. At run time, it's as easy as loading a saved XML file.

ActiveAnalysis – Styles
Style the Pivot View to fit seamlessly into your existing Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications with the endlessly configurable user interface.

ActiveAnalysis - Data Source
Most analysis solutions can connect to multiple data sources with the same database schema. ActiveAnalysis enables layout files to persist the data source information with the layout file, ensuring that the layout always uses the specified data source. Alternatively, omit the data source information to allow the current layout to run against an older version of the database for historical analysis.

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