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activePDF Architect

by activePDF - Product Type: .NET Class / 100% Managed Code

Dynamically build PDFs from virtually any Windows application. activePDF Architect WBE is a robust API for constructing PDFs on the fly. activePDF Architect WBE allows you to programmatically generate pixel-perfect reports, forms and other PDF documents. Add text, images, tables, annotations, form fields and more, with full control over formatting and placement, enabling you to produce high-quality PDF documents directly from your applications.

activePDF Architect 2010 is a tool for PDF construction.
activePDF Architect 2010 is a low-level PDF constructor which enables you to programmatically generate high-quality PDFs directly from your applications. With pixel perfect layout control, Architect allows you to dynamically add page elements such as text, tables, images, annimations, applications, bookmarks, form fields and more. Construct custom PDF reports, forms and other business documents on the fly, building your content based on user input, or directly from application or database data, all at high speed.

activePDF Architect Key Features:

  • Dynamically generate customized PDF files, controlling layout and page elements based on user inputs.
  • Build PDF reports from scratch, using robust table controls and other tools to create professional-quality layouts that meet your business standards
  • Integrate interactive elements, such as hyperlinks, form fields, animations and other annotations, directly into your content at runtime.
  • Quickly and easily create large batches of PDF files directly from application or database data.
  • Generate PDF documents using familiar HTML text styling to format content, adding images, watermarks, encryption, and more.
  • Create standards-based PDF files compatible with any PDF viewing or editing application.
  • 100% managed code.

PDF Generation Features:

  • Support for PDF version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6
  • Dynamically create fully-formatted tables in output PDFs
  • Encrypt output PDFs with 128-bit security
  • Dynamically place PDF page elements (text, images, annotations, form fields, etc.)
  • Create text and URL Bookmarks
  • Dynamic creation of PDF form fields and buttons
  • Add lines and shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, arc) to output PDFs
  • Support for HTML formatting of text
  • Add annotations, including embedded file attachments, movies and other multimedia content

Compatibility Features:

  • Native support for .NET
  • Windows Server 2008 compatibility
  • Windows NT, 2000, 2003 compatibility
  • Native 64-bit Support

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