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activePDF Toolkit by activePDF

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Manipulate PDF documents from within your applications. activePDF Toolkit is a PDF generation and manipulation component. Virtually any PDF manipulation task can be automated through Toolkit's robust COM and .NET APIs. Offering support for both 32-and 64-bit deployments, activePDF Toolkit's broad feature set enables you to integrate PDF creation and editing capabilities within myriad business applications.

activePDF Toolkit Overview

activePDF Toolkit enables users to append, stamp, stitch, merge, paint, form-fill PDF, and more. Features include digital signature capabilities, the ability to embed Flash files within PDF, dynamic PDF form field creation as well as double-byte character support.

activePDF Toolkit Features:

Append & Extract Pages - Whether it's one page or millions of pages, activePDF Toolkit can append and extract pages to and from virtually any PDF, even in memory. With options for transporting bookmarks, activePDF Toolkit is the product of choice for assembling large, complex documents

Stamp Text & Images - Need to stamp important information to your PDF documents before delivery to end users? Not a problem with activePDF Toolkit. Stamp text in any font on your server, at any size or color, and even at any degree of rotation. Toolkit's text width calculation routines make text placement exact and with support for over 40 image types1, image stamping is the most comprehensive for any product available

Form Filling - Adobe Acrobat Reader won't let your users save filled-in forms, but activePDF Toolkit sure does. Modify print & visibility attributes and take advantage of built-in field formatting by just setting a few properties. Need to take the bloat out of your big forms? Just use our form flattening feature to strip out the field and leave the content behind. activePDF Toolkit also lets you fill in form fields with images1 so exact placement and resizing of images is simple

Stitching - Need a PDF page made up of several individual PDF pages? activePDF Toolkit's stitching1 technology can combine several PDF files onto one page, so applications such as newsletters or classified advertisements are now an easy task

Encryption & Decryption - Encrypt and decrypt1 PDF files with a single API call. The first server-based product to support native 40 bit and 128 bit PDF encryption, activePDF Toolkit supports setting all of the associated rights as well

Annual Subscription includes free upgrades on the activePDF products you purchased for 1 full year, prioritized support, beta program eligibility and access to the members-only support forum.

activePDF Toolkit 2011 release:

Managed .NET API - Toolkit now includes a managed .NET API (1.1 and 2.0) for .NET implementations.

64 bit support - Toolkit can now be called directly from both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

AES-128 Encryption and Output Security - Toolkit now provides the AES 128-bit encryption standard, which is used by the US Government.

Text and Header Transparency support - New calls were added to support the manipulation of header and text transparency.

Performance enhancements - Toolkit includes several enhancements to improve speed and performance, including:

Font caching for Base14 fonts.

Bypass font loading when performing functions (such as NumPages) that do not require fonts.

Fonts are loaded only when necessary.

Improved Image Handling - Image masking for transparencies.

Enhanced barcode support - Toolkit now supports over 100 barcode formats, including:

Quick Response (QR) Barcodes - QR barcodes are two-dimensional codes that can be read by QR scanners, smart phones, or other mobile devices equipped with a camera.

HIBC Barcodes - Toolkit supports an expanded set of Health Industry Bar Codes (HIBC).

Postal Codes - Toolkit supports an expanded set of postal codes, including those for Japan, Korea, Italy and Australia.

GS1 DataBar Codes - Toolkit supports the GS1 DataBar symbology (also known as Reduced Space Symbology).

Simplified installation - Toolkit's installation process has been greatly simplified, eliminating the need for multiple installers and enabling you to switch between versions without requiring reinstallation.

Manipulate PDF documents from within your applications.

Pricing: activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Production License Single Instance Production License (Includes 1 month limited installation support), activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Maintenance and Support - First Year 1 Year Production Maintenance and Support Plan, activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Maintenance and Support - Renewal 1 Year Production Maintenance and Support Plan Renewal, activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Developer Program - First Year 1 Named User Developer Program License (Includes Developer Support), activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Developer Program - First Year 1 Site Developer Program License (Includes Developer Support), activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Developer Program - Renewal 1 Named User Developer Program Renewal License (Includes 1 Year Developer Support), activePDF Toolkit 2011 R5 Developer Program - Renewal 1 Site Developer Program Renewal License (Includes 1 Year Developer Support)

Evals & Downloads: Read the activePDF Toolkit Help File, Read the activePDF End User License Agreement, Download the activePDF Toolkit Professional 2011 evaluation on to your computer - Expires after 30 days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: .NET Class, ActiveX DLL

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, .NET Framework 1.0

Product Class: Business Components

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