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AddFlow for Silverlight Professional

by Lassalle Technologies - Product Type: Component / Silverlight / 100% Managed Code

Create interactive flowchart and workflow diagrams for your Silverlight applications. AddFlow for Silverlight is a Silverlight 4 component that lets you quickly build flowchart enabled Silverlight applications like workflow diagrams, database diagrams, communication networks, organizational charts, process flow, state transitions diagrams, telephone call centers, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), expert systems, graph theory, quality control diagrams, etc. AddFlow for Silverlight Professional version includes a set of graph layout algorithms (Hierarchic, Force-directed, orthogonal, series-parallel, tree, radial). AddFlow for Silverlight Professional is Runtime Royalty free.

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AddFlow for Silverlight Professional 2.0

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What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version 2.0?
This latest release provides new features like virtualization, zoom box, grid, IsFixedSize property and context handles.

What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version 1.5?
It provides a way to export diagrams in PNG format.

What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version 1.4.2?
AddFlow for Silverlight Version 1.4.2 provides new properties (TextBlockBorder, TextAngleMode, TextXOffset, TextYOffset) allowing greater flexibility in the way link labels are displayed.

What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version
AddFlow for Silverlight provides rotation:
A node can be rotated programmatically, using the node RotationAngle property or interactively, using a handle placed at the right of the node. You may change the look of this rotation handle using the RotateHandleStyle property. When rotating nodes interactively, the SelectedNodesRotating event is fired and the IsRotatingNode property of AddFlow is true.

What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version

  • Compatible with VS 2010 and Silverlight 4
  • Diagrams can be printed

What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version 1.2?

  • Panning mode (can scroll the diagram directly with the mouse)
  • PinDst and PinOrg properties allowing to get the origin and destination pins of a link.
  • SelectedNodesLayouting and SelectedLinkStretching events.


What's New in AddFlow for Silverlight version 1.1?

  • Jumps may be displayed at intersections of link segments
  • In-place edition allowed for nodes
  • StrokeDashArray property for links

AddFlow for Silverlight is a Silverlight 4 control for creating flowchart diagrams. AddFlow for Silverlight Professional Edition also include a set of graph layout components AddFlow for Silverlight offers the following advantages:

  • A small deployment assembly: The size of the Lassalle.Silverlight.Flow.dll file is less than 150 Kb.
  • A light programming interface, great flexibility and full integration with the Silverlight environment
  • Separation between visual appearance (defined in xaml) and logic: Every visual elements can be customized: nodes, links, connectors, resizing handles, etc...
  • Runtime royalty free

AddFlow for Silverlight Main Features


  • Drawings can be made interactively or programmatically.
  • Distinct shapes, styles, colors, font can be defined on a per item basis (for a node or a link) or as default properties for the control.
  • Use of the LINQ technology allowing you to traverse the graph in many ways.
  • Many properties allowing customizing the control (CanDrawNode, CanMoveNode, CanMultiLink, etc...) or an item (IsXSizeable, IsYSizeable, IsXMoveable, IsYMoveable, IsSelectable, IsStretchable, etc...)
  • A node is a ContentControl: it may contain anything.

Interactivity and display facilities

  • Multi selection
  • Multi-level Undo/Redo
  • Nodes stay connected when moved or resized
  • Zooming
  • Scrolling
  • Alignment to grid


  • A node may contain anything and any other Silverlight control
  • The node content is fully customizable (styles, templates)
  • 43 Predefined shapes (and the list can be easily increased)
  • Ability to display a text and an image in a node
  • Text positioning options
  • Image positioning options
  • Shadows, transparency, zorder, etc...


  • 15 predefined arrow styles (and the list can be easily increased: it is easy to define your own custom arrows)
  • The style of a link can be redefined.
  • Stretchable links. A link can be composed of many segments. The user can interactively add or remove segments
  • Curved links (Bezier and Spline)
  • Reflexive links
  • Possibility to interactively change the origin node or the destination node of a link

Automatic Graph Layout (Professional version only)

AddFlow provides a set of several graph layout algorithms:

  • Hierarchic layout
  • Orthogonal layout
  • Symmetric (force-directed) layout
  • Series Parallel layout
  • Tree layout
  • Radial Layout

Each of these graph layout algorithms performs a layout on a graph. Performing a layout automatically positions its nodes (also called vertices) and links (also called edges).

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