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Track the movement of individuals using past and current electoral roll data. TraceMaster® builds on the success of AFD Names & Numbers® which is used extensively in the financial services, credit management, security, tracing and debt recovery industries. TraceMaster makes it easy to access current and historic electoral roll data by making it possible to track the movement of individuals and organisations over time. It contains a comprehensive reference to UK names, addresses and telephone numbers from 1997 to the present time. (Please note: TraceMaster and the data it contains is not available to license for public display on the Internet for reasons of privacy and the personal safety of individuals listed in the product.)


Data included with TraceMaster
UK Electoral Roll - First Name, Initial & Surname, Gender, Residency - 1997 to present time*
(* not all data fields are present in every historic data set.)

  • Names of Residents
    • First Name, Middle Initial, Surname
    • Gender where known
    • Length of Residency
    • Phone Numbers where known
  • Organisations and Departments
    • Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Codes
    • Business Descriptions (e.g. 'Solicitors')
    • Business Size (by Number of Employee bands)
    • Phone Numbers where known
  • Organisation
  • Property
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Town
  • County (Postal, Traditional, Optional, Abbreviated or Administrative)
  • Postcode
  • DPS (Delivery Point Suffix)
  • STD Codes
  • Ordnance Survey 5-digit Grid 'Easting'
  • Ordnance Survey 5-digit Grid 'Northing'
  • Mailsort Code
  • Household Count
  • Bartholomew Maps
  • Local or Unitary Authority
  • Ward Code
  • Ward Name
  • Constituency
  • T.V. Region (not company)
  • NHS Code
  • NHS Area
  • NHS Region Code
  • NHS Region Name
  • Censation™ Geodemographic Data
  • Optional data - Cameo Geodemographic Data is available. If you require further information about Cameo email

TraceMaster requires approx 5.2 Gigabytes fixed disk space for a full installation.
It will run on Windows XP,2000,NT,95,98 or ME. Minimum 64Mb RAM recommended.

The UK Peoples Act
AFD Names & Numbers and TraceMaster are address management products, based on many different data streams - including historic Electoral Rolls, current Electoral Rolls, the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File, Telephone Subscriber information and several commercial and business data files.
The UK Government has passed a new Act - The People's Act 2000 - that is affecting availability and access to future UK Electoral Roll data sets, collected during and after 2002.
Electoral Roll being collected after 2002 contains an "Opt-Out" facility, for those who do not wish their name to appear on the "Edited Roll". Individuals who do not choose this opt-out will be included on the "Edited Roll", and their details will be available for any purpose. Only certain authorised organisations may access the Full Electoral Roll - and such organisations must make individual application to AFD in order to obtain versions of AFD Names & Numbers based on the full electoral roll.
Historic electoral rolls, and commercial databases remain available as references to check the Edited Roll, and to help identify information missing from it. AFD has also obtained access to a rapidly developing Data Exchange initiative - which has been part of the contingency against legislation preventing access to the Full Electoral Roll. This Exchange currently holds 20 million records - and coupled with access to the "Edited Roll", gives confidence about the quantity and quality of data in Names & Numbers or TraceMaster products. Where individuals have expressed an indication that they do not wish their details to be used for marketing purposes by opting out of the Edited Roll, AFD will of course, respect this in versions of their products used for marketing purposes. AFD have been planning for these changes for some time, and have taken steps to ensure the highest possible quality of data within Names & Numbers. They are committed to providing the very best and most comprehensive data within Names & Numbers - but have the highest respect for the laws of the land - and ensure that all the data within their products is properly licensed, and used within the correct legal framework.


Business Benefits:

  • Faster tracing of missing account or policy holders
  • Confirm and validate residency - fast
  • Search to find contact and address details from tiny fragments of information.
  • Save time with efficient searches of historic data from a single piece of software
  • Easy interface means non technical staff can carry out powerful searches
  • Transfer data easily to other databases and documents - no double typing of data.
  • No "per usage" charge or security risk associated with online systems.
  • Avoid switching between different programs - TraceMaster has current and historic business, residential and telephone data


  • Invisible Robot delivers addresses wherever postcodes are typed.
  • Easy insert into most databases, contact managers and word processors.
  • Drag and drop individual address fields, a whole address or even the Barcode into programs like Microsoft Word, ready for printing.
  • Easy selection for export into mail merge or for import into databases - or simply print labels straight away using powerful built-in label printing (subject to data extract fees).
  • Search 1997 to present time - from a single program
  • Family or Cohabitee: John Smith + Janet Jacobson
  • By phone number: 0161 763 5004
  • By name & address: Jacobson, 13 Birks Drive or Janet, BL8 1JA
  • Phonetic: sounds like 'Smythe' but not spelled like 'Smith'
  • Spelled like: Find Smith incorrectly listed as Sjmith
  • Radius: Search for Janet Jacobson within 5 miles of last known address
  • Wild Cards: starts with, ends with, contains

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