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Altova StyleVision 2015 Professional Edition - Concurrent Users

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Design stylesheets for transforming XML & database content to HTML, PDF, RTF. Altova StyleVision Professional Edition is a drag-and-drop, visual XSLT stylesheet designer for designing stylesheets that render eye-catching HTML and RTF output from XML or database content and produce electronic forms for use with Altova Authentic. Altova StyleVision supports XSLT 1.0/2.0, CSS, JavaScript and all major databases. Altova StyleVision includes templates for industry standard XML vocabularies and an HTML importer for converting HTML pages into XML.

₩ 1,274,400

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Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition   *

주문 ₩ 1,274,400 Concurrent Users (1)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C001
주문 ₩ 5,983,100 Concurrent Users (5)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C005
주문 ₩ 10,830,800 Concurrent Users (10)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C010
주문 ₩ 21,036,400 Concurrent Users (20)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C020
주문 ₩ 50,760,400 Concurrent Users (50)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C050

Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition + SMP (1 year)   *

주문 ₩ 1,593,000 Concurrent Users (1) + SMP (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C001+M1
주문 ₩ 7,478,800 Concurrent Users (5) + SMP (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C005+M1
주문 ₩ 13,538,400 Concurrent Users (10) + SMP (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C010+M1
주문 ₩ 26,295,500 Concurrent Users (20) + SMP (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C020+M1
주문 ₩ 63,450,500 Concurrent Users (50) + SMP (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C050+M1

Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition + SMP (2 years)   *

주문 ₩ 1,784,200 Concurrent Users (1) + SMP (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C001+M2
주문 ₩ 8,376,300 Concurrent Users (5) + SMP (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C005+M2
주문 ₩ 15,163,100 Concurrent Users (10) + SMP (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C010+M2
주문 ₩ 29,451,000 Concurrent Users (20) + SMP (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C020+M2
주문 ₩ 71,064,600 Concurrent Users (50) + SMP (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: V15P-C050+M2

Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition SMP renewal (1 year)   *

주문 ₩ 318,600 Concurrent Users (1) SMP Renewal (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M1-C001
주문 ₩ 1,495,800 Concurrent Users (5) SMP Renewal (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M1-C005
주문 ₩ 2,707,700 Concurrent Users (10) SMP Renewal (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M1-C010
주문 ₩ 5,259,100 Concurrent Users (20) SMP Renewal (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M1-C020
주문 ₩ 12,690,100 Concurrent Users (50) SMP Renewal (1 year)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M1-C050

Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3 Professional Edition SMP renewal (2 years)   *

주문 ₩ 509,800 Concurrent Users (1) SMP Renewal (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M2-C001
주문 ₩ 2,393,200 Concurrent Users (5) SMP Renewal (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M2-C005
주문 ₩ 4,332,300 Concurrent Users (10) SMP Renewal (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M2-C010
주문 ₩ 8,414,600 Concurrent Users (20) SMP Renewal (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M2-C020
주문 ₩ 20,304,200 Concurrent Users (50) SMP Renewal (2 years)  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: VP+M2-C050

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What's new in Altova StyleVision 2015 Release 3?

  • Support for XPath 3.1.
  • Support for XBRL Table Linkbase.

What's new in Altova StyleVision 2015?

  • Generate HTML Fragments - This is useful when assembling a larger document made up of smaller blocks of content.
  • Footnotes - Specify any number of footnotes in your RTF, PDF and Word output.
  • Support for US GAAP 2014 Taxonomy - Access the latest version of the US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy when building XBRL reports.
  • Eclipse - Support for integration with Eclipse 4.4

What’s new in Altova StyleVision 2014 Release 2?

  • Powered by RaptorXML.
  • Support for XSLT 3.0 and XPath 3.0.
  • Enhanced XPath dialog.
  • Support for Altova XPath extension functions.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2013 (adds to support for previous versions).

What’s new in Altova StyleVision 2014?

  • Support for new databases.
  • Support for integration with Eclipse 4.3.
  • New option for rendering section breaks.

What’s new in StyleVision 2013 Release 2?

  • Support for FOP 1.1 - New processor for generating PDF output .  
  • Support for deploying StyleVision designs to FlowForce Server - Automate multi-channel document and report generation.

What's new in StyleVision 2013?

  • Table row and column conditions - Basic, Professional and Enterprise
  • XPath Evaluator extension of XPath Builder - Basic, Professional and Enterprise
  • Additional toolbars for easier design - Basic, Professional and Enterprise
  • Spell check support for CamelCase - Basic, Professional and Enterprise
  • Java application seamless integration - Professional and Enterprise
  • Watermark support - Professional and Enterprise
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.2 (adds to support for earlier versions) - Professional and Enterprise
  • Support for US GAAP 2012 XBRL taxonomy (adds to support for earlier versions) - Enterprise only

What’s new in StyleVision 2012 Release 2?

  • RichEdit functionality for Authentic forms - Provide end users with dynamic formatting control at all levels of the document . The XML Schema contains formatting elements and attributes that the end user populates via a RichEdit toolbar.
  • Support for logical files in IBM iSeries databases - StyleVision now includes support for logical files specific to IBM iSeries databases.

What’s new in Altova StyleVision 2012?

  • Composite Styles - You now have even more control over how output content is formatted with support for composite styles in StyleVision. In Version 2012 you can use XPath to build a composite that controls multiple style features of a single attribute. In addition, composite styles can now be applied to RTF, Word, and PDF as well as HTML and Authentic electronic forms.
  • Assigning dynamic class values to RTF, Word, and PDF output - In the past StyleVision users have been able to use XPath to assign class dynamically in HTML and Authentic – now this functionality has been extended to RTF, Word, and PDF as well.
  • Choose CSS file via XPath - StyleVision offers a great deal of flexibility around output formatting by supporting multiple CSS files in a single design. Now you can exert even more control through the use of XPath to select individual CSS files for output to HTML and Authentic electronic forms based on end user input or other parameters. The XPath is evaluated at the beginning of output processing so that you can easily change the appearance of the entire document – a single CSS or all CSS files associated with the design can be selected.
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3 - StyleVision 2012 now supports HTML5 and CSS3 styles. HTML output mode is selected via the same dialog box used to select Internet Explorer compatibility. CSS3 styles (e.g., background-size, font-stretch) can be added in the Styles or Properties entry helper window or called from an external CSS.
  • JDBC database driver support - StyleVision now supports JDBC drivers to make it even easier for Java developers as well as others to connect to databases. The Database Connection Wizard makes it easy to configure the JDBC connection – simply enter the connection string and select a valid JDBC driver from the dropdown to enable a connection.
  • Java API - In response to multiple user requests, Altova is pleased to announce the introduction of a completely revamped native Java API. With the introduction of this new native Java API, you can write code that accesses methods and properties in StyleVision from Java applications.  Java developers can now more easily automate StyleVision functionality in Java projects – without having to adapt the COM API. This provides even more flexibility for users working with Java.
  • New samples for API use - StyleVision now includes several code samples in JScript, C#, and Java that demonstrate how to utilize the Java or COM API to automate StyleVision from different development environments.
  • Search in Project Window - StyleVision’s robust design capabilities mean that users are developing ever more sophisticated projects with multiple folders and sub-folders. Altova has now made it easier to find files in large projects by enabling users to search in the project window– flexible search options make locating files even faster. Simply highlight the title bar in the project window and press Ctrl-F to invoke the Search dialog box.

What’s new in StyleVision 2011r3?

  • Digital signatures for XML documents
  • Support for new PXF (Portable XML Forms) file format 
  • New spell checker with improved dictionary support  
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9   
  • Support for .TIFF, .JPEG XR, and .SVG image formats  
  • Scripting editor supports .NET 4.0 
  • Ability to add additional .NET assemblies for scripting 

What’s new in StyleVision 2011r2?

  • Barcode support
  • Ability to generate multiple output files from a single design template
  • Ability to define reusable XPath expressions
  • Support for embedded images in XML
  • Additional chart types and features
  • Ability to generate ASPX Web applications
  • PDF bookmark tree
  • Ability to create visible/internal combobox values

What’s new in StyleVision 2011?

Charts as a new design element
The addition of charting to StyleVision's general purpose reporting capabilities - including support for modular designs, conditional templates, dynamic publishing, creating electronic forms, multiple output formats, and more - makes for an advanced and highly scalable decision support tool for XML, database, and XBRL content. As with all StyleVision designs, charts can be rendered for multi-channel output in HTML, RTF, PDF, Word 2007+, and as electronic forms. Users can now insert different configurations of the following charts/graphs in their template designs:

  • 2D & 3D pie charts
  • 2D & 3D bar charts
  • Category line graphs
  • Value line graphs
  • Gauge charts

The Chart Configuration dialog enables users to easily select chart type, title, size, and data using string entries and/or XPath expressions. Chart data is selected using XPath statements. Users can input the statements directly into the dialog or they can get some assistance with XPath syntax using StyleVision's built-in XPath Builder to define the chart context node, series name (or z-axis), x-axis, and y-axis. Styles and properties can be defined using the All settings… option in the Chart Configuration dialog, and/or by using the StyleVision entry helper windows. Using advanced features like editable variables in Authentic and XPath predicates lets users create forms that can be manipulated by end-users for the desired result.

Chart wizard for XBRL files
Adding to its XBRL rendering capabilities, StyleVision now allows users to generate charts in their XBRL reports using a comprehensive wizard.  Charts are created by simply dragging a financial statement or other parent node to the design pane and choosing Create XBRL Chart to start the XBRL Chart Wizard. Users can customize the data rendered in their charts by selecting the desired category or series values (Concept and Period are default) in the properties dialogs. The Period Properties dialog gives options on how to handle XBRL periods, which convey the relevant instant or intervals of time for XBRL reporting. As with the charting feature mentioned above, chart styles and properties can be controlled using the All settings button in the Chart Wizards and/or by using the StyleVision entry helper windows, where users can select chart type, background color, fonts, alignment, etc.

Scripting & toolbar editor for Authentic
StyleVision includes an integrated scripting environment that allows users to interact with XML and database reports using forms, event handlers, and macros created in the Scripting Editor interface. Scripting adds new options for creating Authentic applications and includes:

  • Script editor with form support
  • Toolbar editor
  • Support for JavaScript and VBScript
  • Ability to define event handlers
  • Access to Authentic COM interface from script macros
  • Ability to debug macros

Multi-channel output of HTML/CALS tables
HTML and CALS provide standard tags for representing the structure of tables and are often used common documentation projects as well as in XML industry standards such as DocBook, DITA, and more. Support for HTML/CALS tables means that StyleVision will automatically recognize values dictating table structure such as column number, row height, etc., and apply them to rendered output (v2011 adds support for rendering HTML/CALS tables in HTML, RTF, PDF, AND Word 2007+ - previous releases have supported output to Authentic e-Forms).

Assigning styles to HTML/CALS tables
StyleVision users can now also use the design interface to assign additional presentation styles to HTML and CALS tables such as column and row attributes like width and alignment, font attributes, background color, and more. This enables customers to add information that may be missing from the source format. For instance, in the example below styles have been applied to the table caption, header, and row margins.

Multiple assignments to HTML/CALS tables in a single schema
There are some situations in which different elements can be assigned in the same schema to represent HTML/CALS tables. For example, the DocBook specification uses both the <table> and <informaltable> elements as tags for CALS tables. StyleVision allows users to differentiate between these data structures and define separate styles to each using the Edit HTML/CALS tables dialog.

Ability to import existing XSLT files
Instead of having to design templates from scratch to access StyleVision functionality, users will now be able to base their designs on existing XSLT files that were designed for HTML output or XSLT files with XSL:FO commands for output in PDF. Users will simply specify the XSLT file and schema source and the template will be loaded into the design pane where it can be used for multi-channel publishing and/or to add additional styles using StyleVision's graphical user interface. Any changes to the underlying XSLT code can be previewed or saved at any time.

Support for Apache FOP 1.0
StyleVision now supports the latest version of the XSL:FO processor Apache FOP 1.0.


StyleVision includes English, German, Spanish editions. StyleVision features and functionality include:

  • Enhanced, highly intuitive graphical design interface  
  • Support for built-in and imported CSS styles  
  • Visual, drag & drop stylesheet design 
  • Support for JavaScript functions and a JavaScript editor  
  • Support for DTD, XML Schema, and relational database sources  
  • Support for multiple sources in one design  
  • Web page design  Combining XML and database data in one design 
  • Database report design  HTML to XML converter 
  • PDF design  Industry template support (DITA , DocBook, NewsML, etc.) 
  • Microsoft Word / RTF design 
  • Generation of standards-based stylesheets 
  • Converting XML to HTML, PDF, Word/RTF   Style repository for managing and applying styles 
  • Authentic electronic forms design 
  • Batch execution from command line  
  • Standards-conformance: XSLT 1.0/2.0, XPath 1.0/2.0, XSL:FO 

Automate Stylesheet Creation

The design you create in StyleVision can be based on any DTD, XML Schema, or relational database, and multiple sources are supported. For instance, you can create one design to produce HTML, PDF, and Word/RTF output that includes data from both XML and database sources. Your single design also simultaneously produces standards-conformant XSLT 1.0 or 2.0 and XSL:FO stylesheets, plus the corresponding Authentic electronic form. At any time during the design process, you can view and save the XSLT and XSL:FO stylesheets that are built behind the scenes based on your design. Since they are standards-based, you can use these generated stylesheets in other applications as necessary. In addition to defining formatting and layout guidelines, StyleVision allows you to design stylesheets and Authentic forms that support advanced functions such as complex table handling, rich input formatting, business logic validation, date control, and more.

Create Eye-catching Output

The new, improved StyleVision user interface allows you to easily create attractive designs that support advanced functionality. You simply drag elements from your data source(s) on to the design pane, and StyleVision prompts you to select an option for rendering the content. You can insert static content, such as headers, images, etc., that you enter directly in your design, then drag and drop elements from XML and/or database sources that will be rendered dynamically based on the source data. It’s easy to apply layout and style information to the content in your design. StyleVision includes multiple advanced entry-helper windows for viewing and editing the source elements and styles used throughout the design. Styles can be applied using drag-and-drop functionality and by editing properties directly in the entry helper windows.

For HTML Web page design, StyleVision supports all the design elements found on today’s advanced Web pages, including hyperlinks, CSS styles, JavaScript functions, etc. It even includes a JavaScript editor for defining functions that add dynamic, event-based functionality to your HTML pages.

To leverage existing Web content, StyleVision also includes a handy HTML importer for HTML to XML conversion. Using easy drag-and-drop functionality, StyleVision will quickly convert an HTML page to an XML Schema, XSLT 1.0 or 2.0 stylesheet, and XML instance document. This feature adds extensibility to your current HTML content, which can now be used in XML-based applications and rendered in PDF, Word/RTF, and Authentic form formats, as well.

Design User-friendly Electronic Forms

In addition to rendering attractive HTML, PDF, and Word/RTF output, each design you create in StyleVision also produces an Authentic form for use with Altova Authentic. Authentic is a free XML and database content editor that allows non-technical business users to view and edit data in XML documents and relational databases - without being exposed to the underlying technology. They simply fill in electronic forms (created using StyleVision), and their content or query is automatically written to or run against an XML document or relational database behind the scenes. And, since Authentic is available under a free license, you can distribute the Authentic forms you create in StyleVision to as many end users as required at no additional cost.

In addition, because your design also simultaneously produces XSLT and XSL:FO stylesheets along with the Authentic form, you can output the data entered through the form directly to HTML, PDF, and Word/RTF without having to design additional stylesheets.



Altova provides free technical support for all customers for 30 days after the date of purchase.

If you wish to receive priority technical support beyond that date and receive software updates throughout the year, you need to purchase a "Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)" for your software. The Support & Maintenance Package is available in a one- or two-year plan. Please note that you can only add Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) to a product at the time you purchase the license (or up to 30 Days after you purchase).

Services included:

Priority Technical Support - Priority Technical Support is provided via a Web-based support form. Altova will respond within 1-2 business days during European or US business hours (MO-FR, 8am UTC - 10pm UTC, Austrian and US holidays excluded).

Free Minor & Major Versions - You will receive all maintenance releases and major software versions that are released during your Support Period. Updates that you receive cover the specific edition of the product that you have purchased and typically include many additional features.

Maintenance - During the Support Period you may also report any software problem or error to Altova using the same support process described above. If Altova determines that a reported reproducible material error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, Altova agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to correct or provide a usable work-around solution in an upcoming maintenance release or update, which is made available at certain times at Altova's sole discretion.

Support Period

The Support & Maintenance Package that is currently offered with Altova products covers the product for which it is being purchased for a period of either one or two years. The support period begins on the day you purchase the product license and extends for a period of exactly 12 or 24 months, depending on whether you purchase the one- or two-year option. SMP may be purchased at the time you purchase a product license and during the 30 day period immediately thereafter. You may also renew an existing SMP for an additional one- or two-year period. During the Support Period, you will receive Support & Maintenance services from Altova as defined in section "6. SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE" in the Altova end-user license agreement ("EULA") or in the SMP Terms of Use, as applicable.


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