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Altova XMLSpy 2011 Standard Edition - Installed Users

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Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition is no longer available. The features and functionality of the Standard Edition can be found in Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition and Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition.

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Create advanced XML applications. Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition XML Editor is an entry-level XML editor for viewing, validating, and editing XML documents. It is perfect for users who need to open XML , DTD, XML Schema, XSLT, and XQuery files and perform light-weight editing tasks. Pretty-printing, context-sensitive entry helpers, code completion, strong validation, and sample XML instance generation are just a few of the helpful features XMLSpy Standard Edition provides for basic XML editing.

Altova XMLSpy delivers all the power you need to create advanced XML applications, yet at the same time it’s flexible enough to allow you to work with XML using the views and options that best suit your business needs and working preferences. Altova XMLSpy increases productivity by allowing you to develop higher-quality, standards-conformant XML-based applications more quickly than ever before. Designed to increase your XML development productivity from start to finish.

Altova XMLSpy abstracts away the complexity of working with XML-based technologies through its intuitive user interface and rich variety of editing views and options. Five synchronized editing views allow you to work with any XML technology in a way that best suits the complexity of the document and your preferences, for instance, if you prefer to develop in a text view, graphical view, or switch back and forth between the two.

The intelligent editing features of Altova XMLSpy support auto completion, context sensitive syntax help, entry helpers, syntax coloring, and more to aid you in creating valid XML documents. The XMLSpy views and intelligent editing functions are designed to make working with documents as easy as possible. When working with XML is easy, productivity increases, saving money and decreasing time-to-market for your applications.

Develop Advanced XML Applications
In addition to its powerful XML modeling, editing, validation, and debugging capabilities, Altova XMLSpy supports the complementary technologies required to build advanced XML-based applications. Because XML documents must be bound to an external software application or runtime environment, Altova XMLSpy includes automatic code generation of Java, C++, or C# class files based on data elements defined in a schema.

Altova XMLSpy is the only tool on the market that lets you tackle Web services development on all of the major Web services platforms, including Microsoft .NET, J2EE, and Eclipse. Support for integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse allows you to seamlessly access the powerful Altova XMLSpy features from within your choice of multi-purpose development environment. You can also access many of the powerful Altova XMLSpy functions in a programmatic way using the Java or COM systems integration API.

In addition, most advanced applications require interaction with relational databases, Altova XMLSpy supports the most popular relational databases in their native interface languages, allowing you to generate XML Schemas based on database structures, import and export database data and generate relational database schemas from XML Schemas.

To see the differences between the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions please see the Feature Matrix in the Evals & Downloads section.


Altova provides free technical support for all customers for 30 days after the date of purchase.

If you wish to receive priority technical support beyond that date and receive software updates throughout the year, you need to purchase a "Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)" for your software. The Support & Maintenance Package is available in a one- or two-year plan. Please note that you can only add Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) to a product at the time you purchase the license (or up to 30 Days after you purchase).

Services included:

Priority Technical Support - Priority Technical Support is provided via a Web-based support form. Altova will respond within 1-2 business days during European or US business hours (MO-FR, 8am UTC - 10pm UTC, Austrian and US holidays excluded).

Free Minor & Major Versions - You will receive all maintenance releases and major software versions that are released during your Support Period. Updates that you receive cover the specific edition of the product that you have purchased and typically include many additional features.

Maintenance - During the Support Period you may also report any software problem or error to Altova using the same support process described above. If Altova determines that a reported reproducible material error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, Altova agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to correct or provide a usable work-around solution in an upcoming maintenance release or update, which is made available at certain times at Altova's sole discretion.

Support Period

The Support & Maintenance Package that is currently offered with Altova products covers the product for which it is being purchased for a period of either one or two years. The support period begins on the day you purchase the product license and extends for a period of exactly 12 or 24 months, depending on whether you purchase the one- or two-year option. SMP may be purchased at the time you purchase a product license and during the 30 day period immediately thereafter. You may also renew an existing SMP for an additional one- or two-year period. During the Support Period, you will receive Support & Maintenance services from Altova as defined in section "6. SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE" in the Altova end-user license agreement ("EULA") or in the SMP Terms of Use, as applicable.

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