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Business process modeling for UML and Mind Map. astah* UML is a light-weight version of astah* Professional. It is a modeling tool that supports UML (Unified Modeling Language) 2.0 (partly), UML 1.4 and Mind Map. astah* UML features include: auto-layout, alignment, size adjustment, the ability to jump to a related model in the structure tree, UseCase descriptions and more. astah* UML gives you the ability to print and/or export diagrams to JPEG, PNG, EMF, RTF and HTML files.


What's new in V6.6?

  • Sample Plug-ins - Easy Code Reverse, C++ Reverse, FreeMind map Import
  • Atlassian Plug-ins - JIRA Mind Map planner for Astah, Astah UML Macro Plug-in for Confluence
  • Floating Topics in Mind Map
  • Tab key to create new Mind Map topic
  • Activity Diagram 2.x Support
  • Note anchor to Attributes/Operations
  • API Extension

What's new in V6.5?

  • New options for [Shared Style] to present models with a shared line
  • Const (return value) for parameters in C++
  • API Extension (Get model elements on Communication diagrams, etc.)
  • Handy option for switching ON/OFF suggest features
  • Align features are now available in Mind Map
  • Plug-in support

What's new in V6.4?

  • Copy and Paste models between two .asta files - now you are able to copy and paste models between different files from one astah* to another.
  • One-click diagram resizing (to fit the Diagram Editor window)
  • Improved switching On/Off of Draw Suggest feature - On/Off switch button has been added on Tool bar
  • Depth Arrangement Menu - Bring to Front, Bring Forward, Send Backward, Send to Back
  • Mac OS X and Linux are officially supported from 6.4
  • API Extension, etc.

What's new in V6.3?

  • Search in Diagram - You are now able to directly search for text in diagrams .Press [Ctrl + F] to open Search bar and enter text you want to search for.
  • Highlighter - This highlighter element can be used for marking/checking models or presentations in any way you like.
  • Mini Icon - You are now able to add a Mini Icon on the right top corner of the models.
  • Customizing Keybinds - You are now able to customize shortcut keys to use in astah* as you like.
  • Improvement on API, etc.



  • UML2.1
  • Mind Map

Assist Functions

  • Auto-layout, Alignment, Size adjustment
  • Jump to diagram from Structure Tree
  • Hyperlink
  • UseCase Description
  • Search/Replace
  • Copy and Paste to Microsoft office documents
  • Customize stereotype icons


  • Printing
  • Print options, Print Preview
  • Exporting to JPEG, PNG files
  • Exporting to EMF files
  • Exporting to RTF Documents
  • HTML export

Programming Language, API

  • Java Modeling, Export
  • Java Reverse
  • C# Modeling, Export
  • C# Reverse
  • C++ Modeling, Export
  • C++ Reverse
  • Getting/Editing models by using API

Team Development

  • File locking (mutual exclution)
  • Merge

Model Conversion between diagrams

  • Convert UML models to Mind Map topics and vice versa


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