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Aurigma Image Uploader Premium

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Aurigma Image Uploader Premium is now part of Aurigma Upload Suite 8

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Upload files exceeding 2 GB. Image Uploader Premium is one of the most comprehensive upload solutions on the market, it can upload multi-gigabyte files easily and reliably. Image Uploader Premium can process photos before the upload - resize, rotate, crop. Moreover, with Image Uploader Premium you can allow your users to upload any kind of file of any size to your website.


What's New in Aurigma Image Uploader 7.0.37

  • Fixed the problem with empty tags in restored file lists.
  • Improved performance of the uploadPane.saveUploadList method in Image Uploader Java.

What's New in Aurigma Image Uploader 7.0.35

  • Support of Mac OS X Lion; drag-and-drop feature is not supported because of Mac OS Java limitations.
  • Sample applications on ASP, JSP and ColdFusion are included in Image Uploader SDK. For more information on how to save files see the Saving Uploaded Files in Other Platforms topic.
  • Photo order sample application based on customized Tiles View is included in Image Uploader SDK.
  • The Quality Meter can be shown in tiles view mode.
  • Paste image from clipboard feature is now supported in non-Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Fixed some problems with customized Tiles View.
  • Fixed the problem with symbol encodings in IPTC fields.

What's New in Aurigma Image Uploader 7.0.28

  • Support of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
  • Support of Google Chrome 10.0.648. Now thumbnails are created correctly in this browser version.
  • New alternative way to add files to upload list. Now Image Uploader can be switched to the mode, which allows users to select files for upload by clicking them instead of checking checkbox controls.
  • Improved tiles view. Now Image Uploader can display specified text strings next to each file item in Tiles view. This feature is extremely important in applications where some metadata can be associated with files and should be displayed in the Upload Pane.
  • Improvements in crop functionality:
    • Now the Image Editor dialog can be forced to open from JavaScript API and
    • Crop frame ratio can be fixed to prevent users from changing it.
  • Java applet initialization speed is significantly improved.
  • Support of custom EXIF and IPTC fields (such as Windows XP/Vista/7 comments and titles), including both copying such metadata fields to thumbnails and extracting/uploading them separately.
  • The ability to display custom messages in the Information Bar.
  • Improved support of Amazon S3.
  • Fixed the problem when Image Uploader did not work in Internet Explorer 7 for users without administrative privileges.

What's New in Aurigma Image Uploader 7.0.15

  • Aurigma have significantly improved the upload speed
  • 64-bit version of Internet Explorer now is supported


Aurigma Image Uploader Premium - Upload without limitations

Image Uploader Premium provides:

  • One of the most comprehensive upload solutions on the market
  • Uploads even multi-gigabyte files easily and reliably
  • Server-wide license
  • Private-label version (upon request)

Image Uploader is:

  • Multiple file upload solution
  • Supported by most browsers
  • Easy to use
  • Used by thousands of websites

Image Uploader can:

  • Upload files of any kind
  • Resize photos before upload
  • Display upload progress
  • Send file descriptions and other data

Aurigma Image Uploader Premium is the most powerful and unlimited upload solution in the Aurigma product line.

As other Aurigma upload products, Image Uploader Premium can process photos before the upload - resize, rotate, crop. Moreover, with Image Uploader Premium you can allow your users uploading any kind of files of any size to your website. You can be sure that even huge multi-gigabyte files can be easily uploaded.

Image Uploader Premium is an ideal edition if you build multiple websites on a single server. Unlike other Image Uploader editions, it does not depend on the number of domain names used on your server.

As any other Image Uploader edition, Image Uploader Premium is cross-platform compatible. Whether you develop your website on ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, or any other web platform, you can easily integrate Image Uploader into it with minimum coding.

Image Uploader Premium Features Overview:

Convenient Upload User Interface

  • Well-designed and user-friendly upload interface
  • Upload any file types (not just images)
  • Multilingual user interface

Pre-Upload Image Processing

  • Resize photos before upload and send resized copies (unique super efficient resize technology is used)
  • Rotate and crop photos before the upload
  • Add watermarks on photos before the upload
  • Extract EXIF metadata from photos (including geo-tags) and upload them along with photos

Powerful Upload Features

  • Fail-safe uploads
  • Upload entire folders
  • Upload directly to a cloud storage
  • Send additional data along with files

Flexible Client and Server API

  • Highly configurable look and feel.
  • Configure various restrictions - by file size, dimensions, number of files.
  • Powerful client-side JavaScript API.
  • Fixed format of HTTP POST requests which enables to integrate Image Uploader Express with any server platform (PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby, ColdFusion, and any others).
  • ASP.NET control integrated with Visual Studio.
  • PHP library.

There are four editions for Image Uploader 7 are available:

  • Express - includes all necessary basic upload functionality and great user interface and has affordable price
  • Professional - has powerful features enabling you to use Image Uploader in commercial projects dealing with large files, big number of files, folder uploads, etc.
  • Print - features special functionality designed to solve upload tasks for the photo printing companies.
  • Premium - offers features of all editions and does not have any limitations for the max upload size. But what is more important, it includes a server-wide license and allows using the product with multiple websites hosted on a single server.


Feature Express Professional Print Premium
User-friendly upload interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resize photos before upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Powerful client-side and server-side API Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max number of files allowed for the upload at once 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Max file size allowed for the upload 100 MB 2 GB 2 GB unlimited
Max output dimensions of a resized copy 3 Mpix 5 Mpix unlimited unlimited
Folder upload   Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS support   Yes Yes Yes
Fail-safe upload features   Yes Yes Yes
Photo print business related features     Yes Yes
Server-wide license (unlimited domains on one server)       Yes
Private-label version
[Mentions of Aurigma are replaced by the name of your company]
      on request
Maintenance Available - allows receiving free updates for One year No Yes Yes Yes



Aurigma Maintenance is charged per license.
With maintenance you are eligible for free updates within the maintenance period (one year) regardless of the version number. At the end of the maintenance period you just extend the subscription instead of purchasing upgrades. You may also submit an unlimited number of support cases via the publisher's help desk system and their tech support engineers will handle them with a higher level of priority.


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