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BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional)

by BCGSoft - Product Type: Component / DLL / VC++ Class Library / Source Code / Static Link Library

Create applications with a user interface similar to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and other well-known products. BCGControlBar Library Professional (BCGControlBar Pro MFC) is an MFC extension library with more than 300 well designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes such as ribbon, toolbars, menus, controls as well as customization and visualization, that can be incorporated into your application to add Office like and Microsoft Visual Studio like UI. BCGControlBar Library Professional (BCGControlBar Pro MFC) offers Office 2007/2010/2013 style with fully-customizable Ribbon control, skinned interface, enhanced DWM support, Gantt, Chart, Gauges and more. BCGControlBar Library Professional License includes Source Code, Visual Design tools such as Ribbon/Toolbar Designers and a free one year subscription that entitles you to e-mail technical support, patches and upgrades.

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BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional) v24.1

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What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v24.1?

New features

  • Support for the latest version of Windows 10 Technical Preview
  • Added Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview project files (the integration with VS 2015 environment will be added later, after VS 2015 release).
  • Ribbon Bar - Implemented MS Office 2013-like Start Page support
  • Grid and Report controls
    • Added export to CSV (Comma Separated Value format).
    • Improved export to HTML format
  • Visual container and objects - Implemented auto-scroll when selected container object is being dragged.
  • Dialogs - Implemented expandable areas.
  • New Examples and samples

What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v24?

  • Tear-off MDI child windows support.
  • Internal window scrollbars theming support.
  • Visual Manager support in CBCGPToolbarCustomize dialog.
  • Improved custom font support in Ribbon bar.
  • Add separators to the Backstage View.
  • New method allows you to add custom items (such as cloud documents) to the recent files list.
  • New virtual method allows you to change button width.
  • Added keyboard navigation support for dropdown lists.
  • Added new chart themes.
  • New BCGPChartDoughnutNested chart category.

What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v23.2?

New features
All product functionalities were thoroughly tested under Windows 10 preview. BCGSoft confirm that their product is ready for use in this new operating system.

  • Ribbon Bar
    • Implemented Ribbon Application Modes support. Now you've a simple and efficient way to associate various Ribbon elements (such as buttons, panels or categories) with specific application modes and automatically hide "non-relevant" Ribbon elements at run time.
    • Backstage view recent files/folders list shows tooltips with a full item path.
    • CBCGPRibbonPaletteButton: added new method 'SetInitialColumns'. This attribute is useful in case of showing a large amount of gallery icons when application is launched in the wide-monitor system.
    • CBCGPRibbonButton: implemented popup dialogs support.
    • New attribute BCGPGLOBAL_DATA::m_bAutoTrimRibbonLabels allows to keep leading/trailing spaces in the ribbon button labels.
    • New virtual method CBCGPRibbonBar::IsChangingMinimizeStateAllowed allows to disable changing of minimized state at run time.
    • CBCGPRibbonBar::SetAutoRepeatCmdDelay allows to change ribbon button auto-repeat delay.
    • Added keyboard navigation support to CBCGPRibbonStatusBar.
  • Extended application keyboard navigation
    • Implemented Visual Studio-like MDI Windows Navigator.
    • Application keyboard shortcuts associated with ID_PREV_PANE and ID_NEXT_PANE commands (by default F6 and Ctrl+F6) automatically switch to the next application pane.
    • Added a new virtual method CBCGPBaseControlBar::IsTabStop: override this method and return FALSE if you wish to prevent accessing the control bar by the keyboard.
    • Override new virtual methods CBCGPDockingControlBar::GetPaneInfo and CBCGPMDIChildWnd::GetPaneInfo to obtain the docking pane/MDI child information such as name, icon and description.
  • Chart and Gauges
    • Chart control: implemented multiple Pie, Funnel and Pyramid charts. Each series will be presented as individual shape and all these shapes are optimally positioned inside the chart area.
    • New virtual method 'CBCGPChartVisualObject::OnDrawChartSeriesName' allows to customize chart series name appearance.
    • CBCGPRadialMenu: implemented radial menu animation.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Improved Scenic Visual Manager for Windows 8/8.1.
    • CBCGPTabWnd: Tab name editing is implemented for each tab style now.
    • CBCGPWinUITiles: added ability to specify custom text formats.
    • CBCGPListBox: implemented item tooltip support.
    • CBCGPCaptionBar::SetBitmap has a new optional parameter 'BOOL bAutoScale'. Set it to TRUE to scale image in the high DPI mode.
    • Added a new optional parameter 'LPCTSTR lpszInitialFolder' to CBCGPEdit::EnableFileBrowseButton method.
    • New attribute 'CBCGPGraphicsManagerGDI::m_bExtendedMappingMode' allows working with non-MM_TEXT mapping mode.
    • CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl::SetImages has a new optional parameter 'BOOL bAutoScale'. Set it to TRUE to scale image in the high DPI mode.
    • CBCGPSliderCtrl::SetSelectionColor specifies the slider control selection color.
    • CBCGPStatic control supports SS_ENDELLIPSIS, SS_PATHELLIPSIS and SS_WORDELLIPSIS styles now.
    • CBCGPBaseVisualObject has a new virtual method 'OnAnimationFinished'.

What's new in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v23.1?
This release includes Animation Manager support, custom controls in Visual Designer and more.

What's new in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v23.0?

Implemented Digital Dashboards Support.
The following new and updated product features provide an easy and efficient way to create fully-functional interactive digital dashboards:

  • Visual Designer: added Chart, Grid, Edit box and container scroll bars support.
  • Added new class CBCGPWndHostVisualObject. This is a base class of any custom windows hosted inside the visual container.
  • 2 new classes CBCGPGridVisualObject and CBCGPEditVisualObject (both derived from CBCGPWndHostVisualObject) provide a simple way to add grid and edit controls to the visual container.
  • CBCGPVisualContainer changes:
    • EnableScrollBars has a new optional parameter 'BCGP_VISUAL_SCROLLBAR_STYLE style = CBCGPVisualScrollBar::BCGP_VISUAL_SCROLLBAR_FLAT'
    • New method EnableScalingByMouseWheel allows scaling the container content using the mouse wheel. A new registered message BCGM_CONTAINER_SCALE_CHANGED will be sent to container owner window when user scales the container.
    • New virtual methods OnAfterCreateWnd and OnBeforeDestroyWnd were added.

Grid Control

  • Implemented Grid scaling. The following new methods and notifications were added to CBCGPGridCtrl class:
    • SetScalingRange: specify the grid scaling range
    • GetMinScale and GetMaxScale: obtain the grid scaling range
    • SetScale: set the current grid scale
    • GetScale: get the grid scale
    • BCGM_GRID_SCALE_CHANGED: notify owner about grid scale changing
  • Popup dialogs support. A new class CBCGPGridPopupDlgItem provides a way to show a popup dialog associated with the grid cell.
  • Added Grid scrollbars custom colors support.

Edit box.

  • Added popup dialogs support. Please call a new method 'CBCGPEdit::EnablePopupDialog' to setup the "popup dialog" mode. A new virtual function 'CBCGPEdit::ClosePopupDlg' allows to set edit text from the popup dialog.
  • Custom color themes. The following new methods were added to CBCGPEdit class:
    • SetColorTheme: change edit box color theme
    • GetColorTheme: get edit box color theme
  • CBCGPEdit::EnableFolderBrowseButton has a new optional parameter 'ulFlags = BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS'. You can change this flag to customize the browse for folder dialog appearance and behavior by specifying various flags such as BIF_USENEWUI or BIF_BROWSEFORPRINTER.

Ribbon Bar.

  • Implemented context help support. To enable this mode, you'll need to call a new CBCGPRibbonBar method:

    void EnableContextHelp(BOOL bEnable = TRUE, const CString& strTooltipPrompt = _T("Press F1 for help."),  const CList* plstElementsWithContextHelp = NULL /* NULL - all ribbon elements */);

    BCGControlBar Pro Application Wizards were updated by adding the Ribbon context help mode.

  • Added a new virtual method 'CBCGPRibbonBar::OnGetCustomToolTip': override it if you need to set the Ribbon element's tooltip at run-time.
  • New method CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl::EnsureVisible ensures that specified item is visible within the control.
  • CBCGPRibbonPanel::SetAlwaysCollapsed method was added. Call this method if you need to collapse a specific Ribbon panel.
  • Ribbon Designer changes:
    • Added Visual Studio 2013 support.
    • Implemented Ribbon Context Help support.
    • Added Ribbon panel collapse mode support.

Property Grid.

  • Added CBCGPProp options custom data support: CBCGPProp::AddOption has a new optional parameter 'DWORD_PTR dwData = 0'. Use it to associate the property option with a specific data. New method GetOptionData obtains the data by index.
  • New method CBCGPProp::SetValueTextColor allows to change the property value text color.
  • CBCGPProp::Show method is virtual now.
  • CBCGPFileProp constructor has a new optional parameter 'ulFlags = BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS'. You can change this flag to customize the browse for folder dialog appearance and behavior by specifying various flags such as BIF_USENEWUI or BIF_BROWSEFORPRINTER.
  • New virtual method CBCGPPropList::GetToolBarResourceID allows to load your own toolbar image instead of the standard.
  • CBCGPPropList::EnableDescriptionArea has a new optional parameter 'BOOL bShowMoreIndicator'. Set it to TRUE is you wish to indicate that some description text is out of screen.

Coded UI Tests and MS Active Accessibility. The following product controls were updated:

  • CBCGPGridCtrl
  • CBCGPStatusBar
  • CBCGPMessageBox
  • CBCGPButton (correctly processes checkbox and radio button accessibility state and role).
  • CBCGPPropList
  • Ribbon bar edit box and combo box.

Chart Control.

  • Added Info Tip support. Simply call EnableInfoTip instead of EnableTooltip and you'll get a nice-looking, semitransparent popup window. New virtual method 'CBCGPChartVisualObject::GetInfoTipColor' allows to customize the info tip appearance for the specific chart series or data point.
  • Method 'CBCGPChartVisualObject::OnCreateChartSeries' is virtual now.

Popup ("Desktop Alert") Window.

  • CBCGPPopupWndParams class has 2 new members now: m_nXPadding and m_nYPadding. Modify them in order to change the popup window content padding.
  • New method 'CBCGPPopupWindow::UpdateContent' allows to update the popup window content at run-time.
  • Added ability to show/hide the close button: CBCGPPopupWindow::EnableCloseButton/CBCGPPopupWindow::HasCloseButton methods were added.


  • Improved Application Wizard (for Visual Studio 2005 and later): added option to select a new view type such as Grid, Editor, Planner or Diagram.
  • CBCGPBaseTabWnd: added icons scaling according to the current DPI. EnableIconScaling and IsIconScaling methods were added.
  • CBCGPWinUITiles: implemented scrollbar style support - new methods SetScrollBarStyle/GetScrollBarStyle were added.
  • Diagram: added diagram shape parts support. CBCGPDiagramVisualObject has a new enumerator 'Parts' and 3 new methods: HitTestPart, GetPartRect and GetPartTextData.
  • Added custom font support to CBCGPCalendar window.
  • CBCGPColorBar: the color box size is scaled according to the window font size.
  • Added font scaling support to CBCGPTextFormat.
  • Added ability to specify the group text color: CBCGPGroup has a new public member 'm_clrText'.
  • CBCGPMDIChildWnd: new virtual methods 'GetMDITabBkColor' and 'GetMDITabTextColor' allow to customize MDI tab colors.
  • New virtual method CBCGPPropertySheet::OnDrawPageIcon allows to customize the property page icon appearance.
  • CBCGPScrollBar: added custom color theme support. Please call a new method 'SetColorTheme' to specify your custom color theme and 'GetColorTheme' to obtain the theme.
  • CBCGPSliderCtrl: implemented TBS_ENABLESELRANGE and TBS_NOTHUMB styles support.

Examples and Samples:

  • New example BCGPDigitalDashboard illustrates how to create interactive digital dashboards with Grids, Charts, Gauges and other controls.
  • New sample GesturesDemo demonstrates how to add Windows gesture support to CWnd-derived class.
  • BCGPChartExample demonstrates new Info Tip object and how to use external scroll bars along with the chart (CChartHugeDataView class).
  • BCGPGridExample illustrates grid popup dialogs, grid scaling and subscript/superscript grid items.
  • EditBoxDemo sample illustrates edit box custom colors and popup dialogs.
  • WinUITilesDemo: added scrollbar custom color theme demonstration.

What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC Version 22.1

  • Implemented Visual Studio 2013-style visual manager
  • Grid Control - Implemented Excel-like cell conditional formatting. Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets.
  • Grid Control - Added Sparkline grid cells.
  • Chart Control - Implemented Data Tabl, you can display the Chart series data in the grid located below the chart X axis. This feature is available for the following chart types only: 2D Line, 2D Column, 2D Area, and Stock.
  • Chart Control - Added ability to group smaller Pie slices and improved tooltip appearance in the Pie, Doughnut and Torus charts.
  • Chart Conrol - New set of Chart color themes.
  • Ribbon Bar - Implemented custom caption buttons
  • Ribbon Bar - Ribbon Panel can be declared as "non-collapsible"
  • Ribbon Bar - Added ability to draw items inside the disabled Ribbon gallery
  • Ribbon Bar - Added tooltip support to CBCGPRibbonGalleryCtrl  
  • Docking Panes - Added ability to display auto-hide docking panes by mouse click.
  • Docking Panes - New global variable CBCGPControlBar::m_bHideDisabledControlBarMenuItems allows you to hide unused control bar menu items instead of disabling them.
  • Docking Panes - Added ability to scroll inactive windows using mouse wheel
  • Docing Panes - Added MS Active Accessibility support to Toolbox docking pane.
  • Docing Panes - Added a new virtual method 'CBCGPControlBar::OnGetControlBarMenuItemText'. Overriding it allows to specify the custom menu item labels.
  • Property Grid - New virtual method CBCGPPropList::IsPropertyMatchedToFilter allows you to customize the property grid filtering
  • Property Grid - Implemented ability to specify name column text alignment.
  • Property Grid - Added ability to remove all property sub-items.
  • Property Grid - Improved custom menu items support.  
  • Visual Container - Implemented gesture pan event support in CBCGPVisualContainer. Now you can easily scroll visual containers on touch-screen devices.
  • Visual Container - Added ability to export full container content: ExportToImage, ExportToBitmap, CopyToClipboard, ExportToFile.
  • Miscellaneous - CBCGPShellList has a new virtual method 'IsItemMatchedToFilter'. Override this method if you wish to filter shell list control content.
  • Property Sheet - new method CBCGPPropertySheet::RenamePage allows you to modify a specific page name at run-time.
  • Gantt Chart - Added Visual Manager-style support.
  • List box control - Added new registered message BCGM_ON_CLICK_LISTBOX_PIN. The control sends it to the owner window when user clicks a pin button.
  • Graphics Manager - New method CBCGPTextFormat:: SetFontStyle allows you to modify font style (e.g., Italic) at run-time.
  • Date/Time picker and Calendar controls - Added mouse wheel handling.

What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC v22.0

  • Fully tested under Windows 8.1.
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2013.
  • Coded UI Test Support: implemented support for the coded UI testing framework. Our "top-level" controls such as toolbars, menus and ribbons were fully adapted to the test framework by enhancing Microsoft Active Accessibility support in these controls.
  • Frame and Dialog windows created with Visual Studio 2012 or Office 2013 theme can be displayed with new shadows.
  • Property Sheet: implemented collection of various page transition effects such as sliding, fading and pop.
  • New class CBCGPPageTransitionManager allows you to implement a page transition effect in your own classes.
  • Ribbon Bar: Implemented Backstage pages transition effect.
  • Ribbon Bar: Added ability to enable/disable Ribbon Quick Steps.
  • Ribbon Bar: Added CBCGPRibbonButton::SetIcon method; using it, the developer may change the ribbon's element large/small icon.
  • Ribbon Bar: New method CBCGPRibbonEdit::GetRecentChangeEvent returns a ribbon edit recent change event.
  • WinUITiles: Implemented tiles drag and drop.
  • WinUITiles: Load/Save tiles state.
  • WinUITiles: Implemented group custom background and border
  • WinUITiles: Added MS Active Accessibility support.
  • Desktop Alert (Popup Window): Added color themes.
  • Desktop Alert (Popup Window): Added ability to show window caption with the large font
  • Desktop Alert (Popup Window): Implemented desktop alert pin button.
  • Desktop Alert (Popup Window): Implemented rounded shape, small caption gripper and window shadow.
  • Grid: Implemented MS Office-style Filter Menu.
  • Grid: Added BCGM_GRID_COLUMN_BTN_CLICK custom message. When user clicks on the header button, grid sends this message to the owner window.
  • Grid: Added support for VT_I8 and VT_UI8 variant types (VS 2008 and later).
  • Grid: CBCGPGridItem::NewInPlaceEdit now returns pointer to CBCGPEdit. This allows you to utilize any advanced CBCGPEdit control features such as auto-complete.
  • Controls: New class CBCGPCheckListBox implements checked list box control.
  • Controls: Implemented disabled items support in CBCGPListBox control: 'Enable' and 'IsEnabled' methods were added.
  • Controls: CBCGPEdit has built-in auto-complete mechanism.
  • Controls: Added Property Grid item state allows you to specify the property state indication such as error.
  • Controls: CBCGPSliderCtrl supports tick marks now.
  • Graphics Manager: New method CBCGPColor::ToString converts the color to a human-readable string.
  • Graphics Manager: CBCGPTextFormat::SetFontFamily allows to modify the font family when a text object is already created,
  • New class CBCGPGestureBase simplifies adding touch/gesture support to any CWnd-derived class.
  • New method CBCGPWorkspace::CreateScreenshot prepares application (or any other visible window) screenshot.
  • CBCGPTagCloud control has keyboard navigation support now.
  • Added a new global method CBCGPChartVisualObject::UpdateAllChartsDefaultFont that allows to specify a font family name used for displaying chart axis, data labels, title and legend.
  • New virtual method CBCGPMDIFrameWnd::CreateMDITabGroup allows to customize MDI tabbed groups.
  • Gauges: implemented Microsoft Active Accessibility support.
  • Keyboard Manager: added ability to re-assign an existing keyboard shortcut.
  • All Examples and Samples are in UNICODE now (VS 2010 or higher).

What's New in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC 21.0

  • Support for Windows 8.1 Preview.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview
  • Added a new class - CBCGPWinApp. to simplify the creation of new applications.
  • Ribbon Bar: Touch/Mouse input modes, Enhanced MSAA support and added full keyboard navigation support to the Ribbon Designer tool.
  • Ribbon Bar: WinUITiles: The tile can be crates with the following sizes BCGP_TILE_REGULAR: square, BCGP_TILE_WIDE: double width, single height and BCGP_TILE_DOUBLE_SIZE: double width, double height - similar to "large" tile introduced in Windows 8.1.
  • Ribbon Bar: New method CBCGPWinUITiles::Remove - allows you to remove a specific tile, caption or caption button.
  • Grid: Added ability to customize Field Chooser empty content label and also dded Visual Theme support in Field Chooser window  
  • Controls: Added Edit box/Combo box prompt and error messages.
  • Gauge and Chart controls: Added scatter mode support in long-data series  
  • Visualization: Visual Studio 2012 LightBlue style theme

What's new in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC Version 20.0

Touch/Gesture Support
BCGSoft have implemented extended gestures support for most of their controls. In addition, they've implemented an easy to use, compact and intuitive Windows Gesture API wrapper, so you can add the touch support to your application in few lines of code.

Implemented floating pane Maximize/Restore button


  • Implemented Office 2013-style Light Gray and Dark Gray themes
  • New Windows 7 and Windows 8 styles
  • CBCGPVisualManagerVS2012 allows you to specify frame/caption bar custom colors
  • Improved look of the colored 3D tabs in visual managers
  • Added new navigation buttons for Visual Studio 2012 and Office 2013 visual managers
  • Implemented themed scrollbars for CBCGPEditCtrl, CBCGPHotSpotImageCtrl and CBCGPTasksPane
  • Date/time property grid control now has a visual style
  • Drop-down toolbar border is rendered using currently selected visual style
  • New virtual methods were added to CBCGPVisualManager class

WinUI Tiles

  • Implemented custom views associated with a tile/caption button
  • Added keyboard navigation support
  • Implemented Group Captions in the WinUI Tiles control
  • Added Navigation “Back Button”
  • Added custom caption buttons
  • Implemented tiles scrollbar custom color theme
  • Added custom badge glyphs support

Chart Control

  • Added chart series shadow effect
  • Implemented Pie and Polar charts interactivity

Diagram control

  • A diagram connector now has line thickness and line style attributes
  • Added ability to specify a custom text format in Diagram Text Object

Tab Control

  • Implemented Office 2013 Pointer style
  • Implemented animated tab activation
  • Can now display tabs with a “caption” (large) font
  • Added custom fonts support

Ribbon Bar

  • Added support for vertically oriented Ribbon progress bar controls
  • Ribbon Designer allows you to specify key tips associated with a Ribbon Backstage view item

Graphics Manager

  • Added ‘Underline’ and ‘Strikethrough’ attributes to CBCGPTextFormat class
  • Implemented luminosity compare in CBCGPColor class
  • Added ‘Resize’ method to CBCGPImage class
  • New “shadow” rendering mode

Outlook Bar

  • Improved control appearance in Office 2013 style
  • Added ability to show/hide a caption area
  • Added ability to show/hide a frame


  • Added ability to drag a dialog box by clicking anywhere inside the dialog client area
  • CBCGPPropertySheet has a new style: PropSheetLook_Pointer

Push Button

  • New ‘SetAutoCheck’ method
  • Added a new attribute “DrawText”


  • New Switch control gauge type
  • New Static Frame gauge type 
  • Added new tick mark style
  • Implemented ability to specify minor tick mark relative position
  • New class methods allow you to specify/obtain tick mark outline brush
  • Added ‘DefaultDrawFlags’ attribute to CBCGPStaticGaugeImpl class

Visual Container

  • Implemented scroll bars custom color theme
  • Added copying of the multiple selections (using Ctrl key and mouse dragging)

What's new in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC Version 19.0

  • Now includes full support for Visual Studio 2012
  • Supports Windows 8
  • Implemented Office 2013-style (Windows 8 UI) manager.
  • Visual Manager adapted to Visual Studio 2012 RTM look
  • API updated to remove Metro UI naming, changed to WinUI

Ribbon Bar:

  • Added Office-2013 like Ribbon background image support
  • New Feature - Ribbon Quick Steps
  • Added user tools to support Ribbon Bar
  • New sorting support
  • Enhanced Ribbon Designer

Visual Designer:

  • Added keyboard support to enable users to move/resize gauges and diagram objects using arrow keys
  • Status bar has 2 new panes, location and size

Grid Control:

  • Variable row height support
  • New Freeze Groups feature
  • Improved grid elements margin/padding calculations

Chart Control:

  • Added chart thumbnail mode
  • New Data Label content type


  • Image alignment support added
  • New Opacity attribute method
  • New Fill/Outline brush attributes

What's new in BCGControlBar Pro for MFC Version 18.0

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2012 RC. The product was thoroughly tested under this new environment and all tests were passed.
  • The product is fully tested on Windows 8 Release Preview.
  • New Visual Studio 2012 RC color scheme with support for the dark theme in the editor and other controls.
  • Added a new Metro style Tiles control
  • Ribbon Control has MS Office 2010-like customization
  • Chart Control additions: Chart Control added advanced legend.
  • Chart Control additions: Show legend entries from multiple charts.
  • Chart Control additions: Enhanced customization options
  • Chart Control additions: Vertical and horizontal layouts.
  • Chart Control additions: Automatic scrolling.
  • Chart Control additions: Print and print preview support. 
  • Chart Control additions: Assign textures to the chart series, walls, plot area and legend.
  • Chart Control additions: New simplified printing support if the chart is created inside dialogs or forms.
  • Chart Control additions: Added method CBCGPChartTheme::PrepareWallBrushes. Assigns a single brush for all 3D chart wall and floor objects, with automatic lighting/shading.
  • Grid Control additions: Added active accessibility support for the grid and report controls.
  • Grid Control additions: Added support for currency values.
  • Grid Control additions: New options to customize inactive selection color in the grid.
  • Grid Control additions: Enhanced find/replace mechanism.
  • Grid Control additions: New virtual method allows you to skip some rows while navigating by keyboard in the grid.
  • Graphics Manager: Added textured brushes support.
  • Graphics Manager: Added new drawing methods to CBCGPGraphicsManager class: DrawCheckBox and DrawRadioButton.
  • Visualization and Skins: Added skins support to CBCGPWindowsManagerDlg.
  • Visualization and Skins: New class CBCGPTreeCtrl implements a tree control with the Visual Manager support.
  • Visualization and Skins: Customize combobox item appearance

BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional) is an MFC extension library that allows you to create Microsoft® Office 2000, XP, 2003 , 2007, 2010, Vista, Windows 7 taskbar interaction for MDI and Microsoft® Visual Studio®.NET like applications with full customization options (customizable toolbars, menus, keyboard and more).

The library has more than 200 fully documented MFC extension classes which can be easily incorporated into your application and save you hundreds of development and debugging hours.

BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional) is an MFC extension library that includes many advanced features such as detachable tab windows, auto hide windows, docking control bars and toolbars that display context while dragging, new docking algorithms (similar to algorithms introduced in Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET® environment and Microsoft® Visio®), shortcut bars with detachable panes, tabbed toolbars, text editor with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense® style support, completely flat look and more:

  • Toolbars and Menus
    • Microsoft® Office 2000 , Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007 Look and feel toolbar and menu
    • Microsoft ® Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET (VB.NET, C#, etc..), Visual Studio 2005 and VS2008 Themes
    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (IE) Look
    • Custom Application Look (support for application-defined skin)
    • High and True color toolbar / menu images support
    • Large icons support
    • Auto-build keyboard shortcut names in menus and ToolTips
    • Toolbar Menu buttons
    • Built-in toolbar controls such as combo box, edit box, date/time picker, color picker and more
    • Tabbed Toolbars
    • Microsoft® Office-like "tear-off" ("detachable") menus
  • Control Bars
    • Shortcuts (Microsoft® Outlook style) bar
    • Visual Studio® style Docking/Resizable Control Bar with detachable tabs and Auto Hide mode.
    • VS 2005 style docking
    • Microsoft® Office style task pane
    • Visual Studio.NET® style Toolbox
    • Enhanced Status Bar with built-in progress bar, animation and icon
  • Advanced Document Management
    • MDI Tab Control and MDI Tab Groups
    • Tabbed Views
    • MTI interface support
    • Docking views
  • Customization
    • Customizable toolbars and menus
    • Context menu customization
    • Keyboard shortcuts customization
    • User defined tools
    • User defined image editing (simple bitmap editor is included)
  • Visualization and skins
    • Built-in skins: Office2000 like, OfficeXP like, Office2003 like, VS.NET like, VS2005 like
    • User defined skin
  • Planner Control
    • Microsoft® Outlook style Calendar with Day, Work Week, Week and Month Views
    • Appointment and scheduling
    • Appointment reminders
    • Recurring appointments
    • Events
    • Printing support
    • Integration with Calendar Control
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • Microsoft® Outlook style Report control with grouping, columns, printing drag and drop and more.
    • Advanced Grid control with support for hierarchical data
    • Built-in cell types such as text, number, color, font, URL and more
    • Data binding support. ODBC, ADO and DAO are provided of of the box
  • Popup (Desktop Alert) Window
    • This Microsoft® Office style popup control allows to display short-time messages
    • In opposite to the standard message box, this window doesn't require from the user to close it by clicking "Ok" button and it automatically disappears after short time
    • Content can be created from an user defined dialog resources or it can be automatically generated from given text and icon
    • Various Pop Up looks: Office 200/XP/2003, MSN Messenger and more
    • Various animation types: fade, slide and unfold
    • Semi-transparent background
    • Custom events
  • Miscellaneous GUI Controls
    • Advanced edit control with IntelliSense support and syntax highlighting
    • Property List Control
    • Hyperlink control
    • Advanced Tab Control
    • Microsoft® Office-style color picker
    • Font picker
    • Masked edit control
    • Date/Time picker
    • Calendar control
    • Images with hot-spot areas
    • Calculator
  • Dialogs
    • Advanced Property Sheet: the tab on top can be replaced by left-side shortcuts bar or tree.
    • Customization dialog
    • Image Edit dialog
    • Office-like color selection dialog box
    • Key Map Dialog
    • Windows Management dialog
  • Visual Studio Integration
    • Support for VC++ 6.0, VS.NET 2002/2003 ( VB.NET, CSharp, etc.) VS.NET 2005 and VS 2008
    • Integration Wizard integrates the library with your Visual Studio environment
    • Application Wizard allows to create MFC application with new cool look in seconds
    • Build Wizard build required library configuration (s).
    • MSDN-integrated Help. Integrates the library help with MSDN, so by pressing F1 key in your editor, you'll get a relevant help topic.
    • Skin Wizard allows to create your own skin from the scratch.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Shell management classes and shell tree and list controls
    • UNICODE support
    • Microsoft® Active Accessibility Support
    • Right-to-Left (RTL) Languages Support
    • The library has been translated to Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Slovenian and Spanish. The built-in mechanism allows a developer to change the user-interface language during runtime

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