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CapableObjects MDriven

by CapableObjects - Product Type: Component / Add-In / Application / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / .NET WPF / .NET Web Service / 100% Managed Code / Developer Application

Powerful model driven application development tools. CapableObjects MDriven Framework is available for VisualStudio 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 and provides a model driven framework creating WPF, MVC and WindowsStore applications. Take your model directly to execution with full persistence and async loading, full undo redo stack and more. Every area addressed in a very transparent fashion. Just as if you have written it yourself except much faster. MDriven Framework features; Database schema derived from model. Domain layer C# code derived from model. Windows communication foundation (WCF) channel between application and application server. MDriven Designer is a UML designer to design the gist of your system – free to use up to 50 domain classes. It contains all you need to model a solution for a line of business system and prototype by executing the model. MDriven Server is a free ModelDriven application server that stores and retrieves model driven data. Handles database changes to keep your data intact while you extend and update your model. Upload models with MDriven Designer or MDriven Framework and immediately access your data as JSon, or access your data thru a WCF secure channel with MDriven Framework applications with a full C# domain model layer.

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MDriven Framework V7 for Visual Studio

MDriven Framework is a Visual Studio Plugin that encapsulates its own model surface and everything that MDrivenDesigner does, plus Code Generation.

Add to Cart $ 1,029.00 1 User License (single named user on one or more development machines) includes support and updates for 1 year Delivered via Download
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MDriven Designer V7

MDriven Designer is a standalone application for modeling your business requirements, it does not include code generation. You would need MDriven Framework to produce the application.

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MDriven SourceCode for ISV

Requires that you own and are a registered user of MDriven Framework

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MDriven Framework – Model driven framework formerly known as ECO
MDriven Framework in its core is UI agnostic. Still capableObjects include declarative ViewModel engines for WPF, MVC, WindowsStore, Silverlight, ASP.NET and Windows forms.

MDriven Framework has templates and can update code for C# and VB.NET.

MDriven Framework has several domain driven runtime features that optionally can be used in your applications. Examples are a full domain layer undo & redo stack, Versioning of specific classes and Declarative Action definitions.

MDriven Framework supports a lot of databases through the clean and straight forward PersistenceMapper interfaces. You can easily create even more but the ones offered now include SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Mimer, NexusDB, SQLite, Blackfish, Sybase...

MDriven Framework will derive the database schema, the code for the domain classes, and the information for mapping the classes to the database tables.

And better yet, when you change your model, MDriven Framework will merge the changes into your code, and update your database schema while preserving your precious data. A feature CapableObjects refer to as Database Evolution.

MDriven is software modeling and prototyping made easy.
You do not need to know Java or C# to fully test your ideas for advanced information handling. You just need to learn how to model and you will get instant gratification. If you already know C# or Java you will be amazed at how quickly you can verify your ideas with MDriven compared to alternative prototyping schemes.

MDriven can take you all the way to a finished system – in the cloud or on your server – with web based user interface or/and with a rich client application. It uses full-fledged relational databases as information storage and will scale with your needs. MDriven is totally transparent in architecture and you will never lose control of your data. With MDriven you can continuously progress systems easily making you truly agile.

If you used to use excel to handle information MDriven will strike as a much more type safe, precise and efficient way to get things done fast and to have things stay done. If you used to write requirements for software with text, images and mockups, MDriven will change the way you interact with stakeholders and developers – removing a lot of confusion and speeding up the process.

Modeling will make you think further and faster about information.

MDriven is free to use for up to 50 information classes – enough for even non trivial systems.

MDriven Designer - Takes the guesswork out of constant change.
MDriven Designer is a repository builder used by enterprise-information-architects to document the collected knowledge about what it is that make a business tick.

Having a documented repository off all the assets in form of processes, information, taxonomy, information-use per process step and the rules that control the dynamics of the information is desired in most businesses. To keep this ever changing web of information up to date used to be hard work; MDriven Designer solves this and will let you take control.

With MDriven Designer you catch the basic business processes – name them and define their steps so that everyone can see and start to use the terminology when formulating requirements. MDriven Designer allows you to build class models that define the information used by the organization in UML class diagrams. You can add rich text documentation for all artifacts so that the MDriven Designer model can act as the dictionary and taxonomy for the business. This will enable your stakeholders to share a common language – the first step for communication.

With MDriven Designer you define the state machines that describe the dynamic behavior of your information. MDriven Designer lets you define guards and effects in object constraint language (OCL). You can also define how the information is used by a user interface (UI) that solves a use case. Not only does this make it easier for non developers to say “yes” or “no” to solutions, but it also removes all uncertainty otherwise left to implementers.

With MDriven Designer you can execute your model and let users test run their requirements.

Having an up to date idea on how your business works is just common sense. How do you solve this today? If you do not; is it not very hard to know how proposed changes will affect the rest of the business?

When a requirement states that you should add, drop or change a piece of information how do you know what processes that will be affected?

When you have your business modeled in MDriven Designer you will see all associations between information and processes and you will know instantly if a requirement is realistic or not and what effect it will have.

If you cannot model a specification with MDriven Designer you should not send it to production. If you can model the specification with MDriven Designer use MDriven Framework to produce it.

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