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CodeRush by DevExpress (Developer Express)

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Create better code, more quickly. CodeRush helps developers deliver more features with higher quality in less time, by boosting productivity while eliminating the repetition that erodes creativity. CodeRush will help you create sophisticated code blocks in seconds and extend code templates instantly. CodeRush will complete identifiers as you type and expand or contract selections logically. With CodeRush, you will be able to instantly place selected code inside Try/Catch blocks, Regions and your own custom wrappers with ease. You can even reverse the logic of selected code and revisit important points within your code instantly (and effortlessly swap between locations). DevExpress CodeRush includes 1 Year Subscription. CodeRush license also includes the source code.

By integrating tightly with the Visual Studio.NET IDE, CodeRush with Refactor! Pro is able to improve the development environment from the inside out - bringing you new ways to look at code, new ways to generate code, new ways to navigate through code, and new ways to create your own extensions to your development environment.

CodeRush for Visual Studio.NET includes many templates the ability to build your own in seconds. CodeRush for Visual Studio.NET is also 100% managed code and fully integrated within the IDE itself, so you can start extending your development environmrent today using nothing but managed code. Every single CodeRush feature is implemented as a plug-in using Visual Studio's form designer and property browser.

Refactor! Pro is included with the purchase of CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET. Refactor! Pro is a refactoring toolset for Visual Studio. It fuses a language-independent state-of-the-art code shaping engine with a highly-optimized user experience. Refactor! is designed to help all developers craft and sculpt their code with the speed and efficiency needed to meet their line of business demands.

CodeRush for .NET Features:

Visualization Tools - Quickly see the essence of the code you're working on

Advance Selection Tools - Select and radically manipulate code with efficiency

Clipboard Tools

Navigation Tools Move through source code faster

Code Templates - Cutting down on the repetition in your day can help reduce the risks of long term damage

CodeRush Extensibility - through custom extensions you can help team members adhere to team standards, implement that features, or simply exploit all the plug-ins submitted by the CodeRush community

What’s new in CodeRush 14.2.3?

IntelliRush - IntelliRush is more intuitive to use than the current Intellisense implementation, requires fewer keystrokes and less time to locate what you need, displays more information, is more helpful, and allows searching and filtering in an incredibly efficient way.

New Code Issue and Refactoring - Highlight namespace declarations if a namespace name does not correspond to the folder structure.

Debug Visualizer Enhancements - Ability to find which "if" or "else" branches, "case" and "catch" statements are excluded from the current execution flow.

Decompiler Enhancements - Multi-selection is now available for the list of loaded assemblies within the Decompiler window, allowing you to unload multiple assemblies at once. You can also navigate to the required resource from the resource dictionary view. Developer Express have also optimized memory usage and assembly load time.

Code Issue Suppression Enhancements - Specify the mask used for files or folders in which Code Issues are to be suppressed.

Optimize Usings Refactoring Enhancements - The Optimize Usings refactoring allows you to specify the target location for reference declarations. The corresponding option is available in the Optimize Namespace References options page.

CodeRush Updater - CodeRush Updater automatically informs you about available CodeRush updates and allows you to quickly update CodeRush directly from the Visual Studio gallery.

Spell Checker Enhancements - CodeRush spell checker allows you to check identifier names for spelling mistakes. It checks all portions of an identifier separated by camel case. If you apply the suggested name, CodeRush renames the current identifier and all its references. Identifiers declared in referenced assemblies are ignored.

What’s new in CodeRush 14.1?

New CodeRush Refactorings - ForEach To Linq - Converts the foreach statement under caret to the appropriate Linq query. Remove Redundant Qualifier (remove all) - Removes all redundant 'this' or 'base' qualifiers.

New CodeRush Code Providers - This release adds an Implement IEquatable, Implement ISerializable and Implement IComparer code providers, allowing you to add the appropriate interface members to the class under caret.

Enhanced CodeRush Refactoring - The 'Optimize namespace references' refactoring is now available in XAML. It removes unused namespace references highlighted with the 'Redundant namespace reference' code issue.

Enhanced CodeRush Code Providers - The Declare XAML Namespace References and Declare All XAML Namespace References code providers are available even if there is no qualifier for the element under caret. When executing these code providers, CodeRush analyzes XmlnPrefix attributes, declares the appropriate namespace reference and adds the required qualifier if it is missing.

CodeRush Comment/Uncomment - The Comment/Uncomment feature is now available in XML like markup.

Debug Visualizer - With this release, the Debug Visualizer is shipped with the toolbar making it easier to access main actions. The new toolbar also includes commands used to step through the code being debugged.

What’s new in CodeRush 13.2.5?

XAML Support - This release extends CodeRush support for XAML. You can now rename identifiers with the CodeRush Rename tool and navigate through references within XAML documents using Tab to Next Reference.

What’s new in CodeRush 13.1?

XAML Support - Declaration navigation provider now available in XAML code. You can use it to navigate to declaration of controls, types, properties, resource keys, named controls and xmlns aliases.

Asynchronous Smart Tag Menu - With this release, CodeRush loads a smart tag menu asynchronously to decrease its loading time. CodeRush displays the menu immediately after you

Enhanced Automatic Initialization - DevExpress have added a “Editor | Code Modification | Type initializers” options page that allows you to specify default values for type initializers.

Variable Declaration Enhancements - CodeRush can now declare local variables implicitly.

Smart Constructor Enhancements - DevExpress have added an option that specifies whether Smart Constructor initializes unselected fields with the default values within the generated constructor, or does not initialize these fields.

Debug Visualizer Enhancements - DevExpress have increased the number of automatically evaluated expressions. The need to “refresh” to obtain an expression value is now much rarer. CodeRush marks expressions causing an exception with a red icon. Place the mouse pointer over the icon to view the tooltip with exception details.

Linked Identifiers Enhancements - This release adds a “Use deferred text propagation if there are 20 or more linked identifiers” option to the “Editor | Painting | Linked Identifiers” options page.

What's new in CodeRush 12.2?

Feature Advisor - The Feature Advisor reveals templates and other CodeRush features you can use in the future to create the same code block you have just entered manually.

Color Themes - Implemented the "Visual Experience" options page that enables you to create and choose color themes for CodeRush tool windows and modify color settings for all CodeRush visual elements.

Decompiler Tool Window - View the source code of compiled .NET assemblies in C# or Visual Basic.

Debug Visualizer and Expression Explorer - See expression values right inside the code, preview the result of the active line before it executes and drill down into a complex expression to see how all the values contribute to the final result.

What's new in CodeRush 12.1?

Settings Schemes - Create different sets of options and switch between them when needed

FrictionFree Mode - This release introduces a FrictionFree mode for users who want CodeRush to leave standard Visual Studio behavior unchanged

Consolidation Enhancements - Modify consolidation options via the Editor|Code Analysis|Code Consolidation options page

Unit Test Runner Enhancements - CodeRush allows you to avoid building a project each time you perform unit tests

CodeRush Keyboard Mapping Window - If you do not remember a shortcut for the CodeRush action you want to execute, press CTRL+ALT+/ to open the CodeRush Keyboard Mapping window

Clear Solution Cache - Clear the current solution cache with a single click

Open Files Hotbar - Shows how long ago a file was edited

Click Identifier Code Preview - When you place the mouse pointer over an identifier with CTRL pressed, CodeRush shows a Code Preview hint with the identifier declaration code

Smart Constructor Changes - Select or deselect all list items suggested for initialization within a new constructor

Code Issues Window Changes - Quickly collapse or expand all nodes of the Code Issues tree

Spell Checker Tool Window - Check the spelling of your entire solution and view the results in a

Message Log Changes - Open previously saved log files in the Messages tool window

Add Default Case Branch - Add a default case branch to the current switch statement

Add Missing Case Statements - Add case statements for all uncovered cases to the current switch statement

New Refactoring - Consolidate two numeric parameters called "width" and "height" into a single size object

What's new in CodeRush v2011 vol 2?

Color Swatches in Code - Change the color using CodeRush's color picker. C#, VB, XAML, HTML and CSS are supported.

Preview Hinting - Show code that's going to change so you can see the refactoring impact before you apply it.

Test Result Icons - View the results of the last test run and quickly run the test again after making changes.

Code Issues - Show errors, warnings, hints and duplicate code while you work.

Duplicate Detection and Consolidation - Easily view duplicate code throughout your solution while you work.

Multi-Select - Select what you need from multiple locations and copy or cut to the clipboard.

Speed - Navigate to a symbol, class or file with fewer keystrokes.

Create better code, more quickly.

Pricing: CodeRush 14.2.6 1 Developer License - Includes one year subscription, CodeRush 14.2.6 Subscription Renewal for one year (for Subscriptions soon to expire or just expired)

Evals & Downloads: Read the Developer Express License Agreement - Requires Acrobat Reader, Download the DevExpress Universal 14.2.6 evaluation on to your computer - Expires After 30 Days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Add-In

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic 2013, Microsoft Visual Basic 2012, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C# 2013, Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, .NET Framework 4.5.1, .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 2.0

Product Class: Component Development Tools

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