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Component One Studio Enterprise Doc Edition is no longer available to purchase as a standalone product, you should purchase ComponentOne Ultimate instead.

If you are looking to renew your subscription then you should purchase the renewal for ComponentOne Ultimate which includes even more ComponentOne products for the same renewal fee as Component One Studio Enterprise Doc Edition.



ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition by ComponentOne

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Create rich user interfaces, thorough help systems and printed documentation. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition includes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the help authoring tool Doc-To-Help Enterprise Edition. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise will allow you to add grid, reporting, charting, data manipulation and user interface capabilities to your .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Device, WPF and ActiveX applications. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from ComponentOne Studio subscriptions offering you over 180 components for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX, Silverlight, WPF and Mobile Devices. With the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Ribbon components, combined with Scheduling and Calendar, you can build fully functional Office 2007-style applications. New ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight and ComponentOne Studio for iPhone now included along with support for .NET framework 4.0 and VS2010. Doc-To-Help Enterprise, the one-click RoboHelp replacement, is designed to give you every feature you need to create fully functional and customized Help files and printed manuals from a single source.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Subscription Benefits

This subscription entitles you to minor and major updates of any of the products included in the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise as well as any new products added to the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise during one year.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise has 3 releases per year and these are scheduled for the middle of the month in March, July and November each year.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition includes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the help authoring tool Doc-To-Help Enterprise Edition:

Doc-To-Help Enterprise Edition Overview

Doc-To-Help Enterprise Edition creates professional Help Systems and Manuals from HTML or Word. Whether you are converting from RoboHelp or creating new projects, Doc-To-Help empowers you to create HTML or Microsoft Word content and convert it to virtually every popular Help file format or printed documentation. Doc-To-Help Enterprise can produce help files in popular formats including HTML Help, Cross-Platform HTML-based Help, JavaHelp, WinHelp, Visual Studio .NET-style Help, and printed documentation. Since Doc-To-Help Enterprise uses a simple style markup to create Help systems, you have the freedom to use any editor. Doc-To-Help Enterprise 2009 supports Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System including seamless integration with Word 2007. Doc-To-Help Enterprise also includes exclusive features such as one-click RoboHelp project conversions. Doc-To-Help for Enterprise includes updates and upgrades for 1 year. Platinum Support including 1 year of unlimited phone support also available.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Overview

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes over 180 components including Grid, Reporting, Charting, Data, User Interface and eCommerce components among many. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is now also part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Please, find below the list of components currently included in the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise:

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Overview

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes over 180 components including Grid, Reporting, Charting, Data, User Interface and eCommerce components among many. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is now also part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Please, find below the list of components currently included in the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise:

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise .NET Products

ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms

ComponentOne Schedule for WinForms

ComponentOne ADO.NET DataExtender

ComponentOne SuperTooltip for WinForms

ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms

ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms

ComponentOne Reports for WinForms

ComponentOne Barcode for WinForms

ComponentOne Chart for WinForms

ComponentOne DataObjects for WinForms

ComponentOne Input for WinForms

ComponentOne List for WinForms

ComponentOne PDF for WinForms

ComponentOne XLS for WinForms

ComponentOne Zip for WinForms

ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms

ComponentOne Spell for WinForms

ComponentOne Sizer for WinForms

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise ASP.NET AJAX Products

ComponentOne Accordion for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne ComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Editor for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Excel for .NET

ComponentOne Expander for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Foxy for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Gauges for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne GridView for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne HeaderContent for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Input for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Menu for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne MultiPage for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne NavPanel for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne PDF for .NET

ComponentOne ProgressBar for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne ReportViewer for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Slider for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Splitter for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne SuperPanel for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne TabControl for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne TabStrip for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Toolbar for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne ToolTip for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne TreeView for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne Upload for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentOne WebChart for ASP.NET

ComponentOne Zip for .NET

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Windows Presentation Foundation Products

ComponentOne Accordion for WPF

ComponentOne Book for WPF

ComponentOne Calendar for WPF

ComponentOne Chart for WPF

ComponentOne ColorPicker for WPF

ComponentOne ComboBox for WPF

ComponentOne Cube for WPF

ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF

ComponentOne DateTime Editors for WPF

ComponentOne DockControl for WPF

ComponentOne DropDown for WPF

ComponentOne Expander for WPF

ComponentOne FlexGrid for WPF

ComponentOne Gauges for WPF

ComponentOne HyperPanel for WPF

ComponentOne Maps for WPF

ComponentOne MaskedTextBox for WPF

ComponentOne MediaPlayer for WPF

ComponentOne NumericBox for WPF

ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF

ComponentOne RangeSlider for WPF

ComponentOne Reports for WPF

ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF

ComponentOne TabControl for WPF

ComponentOne Toolbar for WPF

ComponentOne Windows for WPF

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Mobile Device Products

ComponentOne Mask Edit for Mobile Devices

ComponentOne FlexGrid for Mobile Devices

ComponentOne Chart for Mobile Devices

ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise ActiveX Products

ComponentOne True DBGrid Pro 8.0

ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro 8.0

ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Classic Edition

ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Reporting

ComponentOne Chart 8.0

ComponentOne WebChart 8.0

ComponentOne Query 8.0

ComponentOne True DataControl 8.0

ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0

ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0

ComponentOne SizerOne 8.0

ComponentOne VSSPELL 8.0

ComponentOne Studio Studio for Silverlight Products

ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight

ComponentOne ComboBox for Silverlight

ComponentOne RichTextBox for Silverlight

ComponentOne Numeric Box for Silverlight

ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight

ComponentOne Masked TextBox for Silverlight

ComponentOne Menu for Silverlight

ComponentOne Password Box for Silverlight

ComponentOne TreeView for Silverlight

ComponentOne Color Picker for Silverlight

ComponentOne Windows UI for Silverlight

ComponentOne Gauges for Silverlight

ComponentOne Maps for Silverlight

ComponentOne Accordion for Silverlight

ComponentOne Book for Silverlight

ComponentOne Uploader for Silverlight

ComponentOne Image Rotator for Silverlight

ComponentOne FilePicker for Silverlight

ComponentOne Image Magnifier for Silverlight

ComponentOne Cube for Silverlight

ComponentOne HtmlHost for Silverlight

ComponentOne Drag Drop Manager for Silverlight

ComponentOne Range Slider for Silverlight

ComponentOne Data for Silverlight

ComponentOne Hyper Panel for Silverlight

ComponentOne Zip for Silverlight

ComponentOne Layout Panels for Silverlight

ComponentOne PropertyGrid for Silverlight

ComponentOne TimePicker for Silverlight

ComponentOne DateTimePicker for Silverlight

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone Products

Buttons for iPhone (C1Button)

Calendar for iPhone (C1 Calendar)

CoverFlow for iPhone (C1CoverFlow)

LaunchPad for iPhone (C1LaunchPad)

MultiView for iPhone (C1MultiView)

NavigationList for iPhone (C1NavigationList)

PickView for iPhone (C1PickView)

Slider for iPhone (C1Slider)

TabBarController for iPhone (C1TabBarController)

ViewPort (C1ViewPort)

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Features:

ComponentOne Unique Integrated Framework

ComponentOne offers a complete solution that targets all runtime environments (WinForms, WebForms, mobile devices) and all application layers (data, presentation, reporting, transformation). The cornerstone of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is the data layer, which encapsulates business logic in reusable assemblies called data libraries.

ComponentOne Data Layer

The ComponentOne data layer provides a comprehensive data and business objects framework that serves .NET applications of any range, scalability, and architecture:

Desktop applications

Client-server applications

3-tier distributed applications

Enterprise-wide business object libraries

Based on Microsoft ADO.NET technology, the data layer simplifies and enhances database application development in many significant ways:

It promotes code-free data access through drag-and-drop designers and bindable components representing datasets, tables, and views

It is platform-neutral. Data libraries can be consumed by both WinForms and WebForms applications, without modification

It supports huge databases through a unique virtual mode technology that fetches data in segments while providing performance tuning options and control over background operations

It isolates the physical database structure from the logical structure needed for business objects and user interface design

It supports composite tables representing joins between two or more physical tables. Composite tables are exposed to data consumers as a simple table, and the data layer automatically handles updating and deleting of the physical rows in the underlying tables

It centralizes business logic by providing a repository for data validation rules, calculated fields, constraints, remote methods, and other domain-specific tasks

It automates server-side caching for WebForms applications at the global and session levels, and also supports memory-resident table views for optimized access to read-only data

It provides a rich object model and programmable business logic components for customizing the behavior of fetch, edit, update, insert, and delete operations

It generates type-safe classes that map to the tables and views exposed in a data library assembly

It saves development time and effort by making it possible (and easy) to maintain a single data library and deploy it in any application configuration

ComponentOne Presentation Layer

The ComponentOne presentation layer consists of a suite of best-of-breed user interface controls that interoperate seamlessly with the data layer, combining data manipulation capabilities with unmatched flexibility in GUI design:

Grids with a variety of data viewing and editing options

2D Charts (bar, line, area, pie, radar, polar, candle)

3D Charts (surface, contour, scatter, bar)

Input editors (masked edit, date, numeric, database navigator)

Menus and toolbars

Form layout components

These controls are among the top-selling components in the industry, and have won numerous awards.

ComponentOne Reporting Layer

The ComponentOne Report Designer is a standalone application for creating XML-based report definition files at design time. At run time, reports are rendered in a customizable preview control (WinForms) or as HTML (WebForms). The ComponentOne reporting layer offers a number of advantages:

It imports existing report definitions from both Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access

It integrates natively with the ComponentOne data layer

It is platform-neutral. Report definitions can be consumed by both WinForms and WebForms applications

It makes deployment easier by allowing report definitions to be embedded within applications

It includes a object model (C1PrintDocument) that can be used to programmatically render free-form reports

Source code for the Report Designer is also available

ComponentOne Transformation Layer

The ComponentOne transformation layer extracts, converts, loads, and saves data from a variety of heterogeneous sources, including popular file formats such as XML, PDF, and ZIP. It is used internally by the presentation and reporting layers, and is surfaced in standalone components such as C1Zip and C1Pdf.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Benefits

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is an indispensable set of tools for serious application development. It combines rich object models and unparalleled functionality with easy-to-use visual designers and components. Its data, presentation, and reporting layers are tightly integrated, yet flexible enough to be coupled with Microsoft data access components or third-party controls. What makes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise unique is that it is not just a set of presentation layer components or reporting tools, but a complete package that spans all application layers. Data access is the foundation of any real-world application, and the ComponentOne data layer has no peer. With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, developers can add core functionality, improve performance, and build more extensible applications for any .NET platform.

What's New in Studio Enterprise 2011 v2

The 2011 v2 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes major enhancements to ComponentOne's Web stack as well as additions to Silverlight, WPF, and WinForms.

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo Highlights

The ASP.NET suite has been rewritten based on ComponentOne's new Wijmo client-side framework. You will see outstanding improvements in performance, a new easy-to-use theming infrastructure, and cool new controls like SVG Charts.

Interactive HTML5 charts powered by SVG

High-performance jQuery grid

6 Premium CSS3 themes, 24 jQuery UI themes, and Themeroller - a custom theme builder

Replaces Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

Uses Wijmo as client-side framework

Studio for MVC Wijmo

This new studio is built with the latest standards in Web technology including HTML5 and jQuery. It offers tools to help MVC develops quickly create rich applications.

30 jQuery UI widgets

Wijmo MVC 3 project template

MVC scaffolding automatically enhanced with Wijmo

Wijmo-enhanced EditorTemplates like Date Picker, Numeric Input, Slider, and more

Studio for Silverlight/WPF Highlights

ComponentOne's Silverlight and WPF controls share the same codebase, so the same new features and controls are available for both platforms.

Built-in localized resources for 14 international languages for easy localization

New Excel component for reading and writing to Microsoft Excel files

New TileView control for creating interactive visualizations with expand and collapse tiles, drag-and-drop reordering

New Time Line view in Scheduler for displaying appointments in a horizontal layout similar to the 'Schedule' view in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Studio for WinForms Highlights

New control pack for Windows 7 integration

New component for 2D barcode generation

Conditional filtering added to True DBGrid

What's New in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v1 ?

The 2011 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes major enhancements to cross-platform Charts as well as additions to Grids, Schedulers, RichTextBox, Ribbon, and others.

Studio for WinForms Highlights

Resource grouping added to Scheduler.

Contextual tab support added to Ribbon.

SuperTooltipincludes the new C1SuperErrorProvider component for displaying rich error information.

Reports includes the new C1MultiDocument component for creating, persisting and exporting multiple documents and very large document

Studio for WPF Highlights

Chart enhancements: support for multiple plot areas, positioning interactive elements on the chart, a new fast render mode, plus more.

Excel-like filtering support added to FlexGrid.

New RichTextBoxcontrol which can load, edit, and save formatted text, including tables, images and hyperlinks, as HTML or RTF.

New ReportViewer control which can display any HTML or PDF-based report.

New Carouselcontrol for displaying interactive and animated 3D lists.

Studio for Silverlight Highlights

Chart enhancements; for example, new Chart Layers collection for displaying elements on the chart such as markers, labels, and interactive elements more easily.

Excel-like filtering support added to FlexGrid.

Enhanced support for inserting and editing images added to RichTextBox.

New Carousel control for displaying interactive and animated 3D lists.

Studio for Active X Highlights

64-bit version of C1Query added. Applications targeting 64-bit experience better performance with larger available memory allocation.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2011

New NetHelp Search Engine

Doc-To-Help’s NetHelp output has a new search engine with exact phrase, fuzzy, Boolean, and synonym search. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. It is automatically built into every NetHelp output.

Build Scheduler

Doc-To-Help always allowed you to schedule builds via command line, but now there is a convenient interface to schedule one-off or recurring builds. Run your builds at night or start them and do something else while you wait.

Translation Support

Doc-To-Help integrates with SharePoint’s translation management features to help you manage and track translations.

User Experience Improvements

Every release contains a number of features and enhancements Doc-To-Help users are asking for. More items you will find in this release include:

Mark of the Web in NetHelp. Users will not get Internet Explorer warnings when running NetHelp on a local machine.

Improved picture resizing and a “close all documents” button in the editor. These two built-in editor enhancements help ensure that you will love to use Doc-To-Help.

New PDF Converter. You can now generate outputs using 64-bit operating systems.

What's New in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010 v3?

The 2010 v3 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes major enhancements to cross-platform reporting as well as additions to grids, charts, schedulers, ribbon, and more.

Highlights of the Release

Studio for WinForms

Enhanced support for SQL Server Reporting Services

New Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Styles

20+ new pre-designed Gauges templates

Studio for WPF

New PdfViewer control to view PDF documents

Scheduler grouping added

New Chart3D control to render 3D surface and contour charts

Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

Enhanced support for SQL Server Reporting Services

20+ new pre-designed Gauges templates

Excel for .NET supports subtotals and outline level grouping for rows and columns

Studio for Silverlight

New ReportViewer and PdfViewer controls

Scheduler grouping added

New Chart3D control to render 3D surface and contour charts

ClearStyle support across all controls making design work a simple task

What's New in ComponentOne Studio Enteprise 2010 v2?

ComponentOne Studio for WPF

4 New Controls - C1DataGrid and C1Maps, which are compatible with ComponentOne Silverlight Grid and Maps controls. Plus C1Toolbar, C1Calendar.

Chart enhancements make creating markers, labels and interactive elements easier.

Enhanced Docking now uses the native WPF Windows UI for floating windows.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight now offers full support for Silverlight 4.0

New Calendar control integrates with C1Scheduler.

Many enhancements:

RichTextBox now has Html Table support in the RichTextBoxToolbar. Plus improved Hyperlink insertion tool and support for embedded images in the toolbars and filters.

Toolbar enhancements include a more ribbon-like appearance and toolbar groups can be collapsed.

Chart enhancements make creating markers, labels and interactive elements easier.

DataGrid enhancements include cell merging and multiple column headers.

ComponentOne Studio for Winforms

ComponentOne Studio for Winforms now includes support for .NET 4.0

ComponentOne added Gauges in V1. These Gauges are now wizard-based for quick, easy gauge design.

Editor enhancements include support for nested lists, restart numbering and continue numbering. Plus a new ColorPickerControl button within the toolbar.

Menus and Toolbars now have Office 2010 Themes.

DockingTab enhancements include improvements in docking styles - VS2008 and VS2010 styles as well as Office 2010 Themes.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2010 v2?

Output Visual Studio's newest Help output, Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0: This is a great feature for developers using Visual Studio and creating their own documentation.

Doc-To-Help 2010 V2 works with Team Explorer 2010, which interfaces with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Word Counts will now appear for individual files in the editor

NEW Topic Placeholders feature automatically adds the topic and the subtopic to new projects to reduce the learning curve for new users

Custom Table of Contents (TOC) will now automatically update with any new topics that are added

What's New in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010 v1?

An installer specific to Silverlight 4 added to the ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight now includes 2 installers, one specific to Silverlight 4 development and another specific to Silverlight 3. The ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight 4 installer includes the following enhancements:

Analytics Framework support

Native Printing of C1RichTextBox

Implicit Styling

Enhanced support for Visual Studio 2010 design-time WYSIWYG editor

Enhanced keyboard support in C1RichTextBox

Enhanced mouse right-click (no more windowless = true)

2010 v1 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise utilizes new .NET 4.0 features and improves the design-time experience enabling developers to do more with less code in Visual Studio 2010.

ComponentOne Studio for Winforms

Support for .NET 4.0

NEW Gauge Control

Reports for Winforms now supports RDL (Microsoft Reporting Services)

New Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Styles have been added to Input, Menu and Toolbar controls

Numerous enhancements and new features have been added to our Chart and Grid controls

ComponentOne Studio for WPF

Support for WPF 4.0

6 New Controls such as C1 DateTimePicker, C1DockControl, C1TabControl and C1Window…

Enhanced Performance of Grid with NEW C1CollectionView class so that local sorting is 5 times faster and grouping is up to 10 times faster

Chart now includes built-in axis scroll bars, aggregate charts and accessible axis limits

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

Support for Silverlight 4.0. This release takes full advantage of the new classes and features found in Silverlight 4.

Numerous enhancements to many of popular controls including DataGrid, RichTextBox, TreeView and Book

ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET

Support for ASP.NET 4.0

2 new controls – ReportViewer and Gauge

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone

Support for ASP.NET 4.0

Support for the top smart phones on the market including Android OS, Droid, Nexus One, Palm Pre, Opera Mini

Create rich user interfaces, thorough help systems and printed documentation.

Evals & Downloads: Read the ComponentOne Doc-To-Help Help File, C1 Studio Enterprise 2006v2 Named 'Best of Tech Ed', ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and ComponentOne Report Designer Edition Case Study, ComponentOne Enterprise Framework document - Requires Acrobat Reader, ComponentOne Corporate Information document - Requires Acrobat Reader, Read End-User License Agreement for ComponentOne Software

Operating System for Deployment: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS), .NET WinForms, .NET Class, .NET WPF, Silverlight, 100% Managed Code, Managed/Unmanaged Code - without COM, ActiveX OCX, ActiveX DLL, AJAX

Built Using: MFC V4.2 / V6.0, Visual C# .NET

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 2.0, Silverlight 4

Product Class: Business Components

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Product Suites Suite bundles bundle

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Credit Card Creditcard Authorization authorize authorise authorisation

Verification Verify verified Check Checking

Entry data-entry

Database DB Management

Chart Charting Charts Graph Graphing Graphs

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Print Preview Printing previews prints

Reporting Reports Report

Resizing resize resizes size sizing scaling scale

Spelling spell spel speling check spellcheck

Spreadsheet spread sheet worksheet workbook excel lotus 123 1-2-3 xls xl

SQL query language

Toolbar tool bar tool-bar Toolbars Menu Menus Ribbon Ribbonbar

User Interface UI

User Interface Collections UI

Database DB Reporting Report reports

Calendar calendaring calendars Scheduling Schedule Schedules

validation validate

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