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dBarcode Java Class QR Code

by dLSoft - Product Type: Component / Java Applet / Java Servlet / JavaBean / Java Class

Add QR Codes (Numeric, Alphanumeric and Byte modes) to your Java projects. dBarcode Java Classes are platform-independent Java classes that allow barcode images to be created within a developer's own Java desktop application, applet or servlet. The product includes the class file, a JavaBean archive, and samples with source code illustrating a desktop application, an applet and a servlet. Supports QR Code in Numeric, Alphanumeric and Byte modes.

The class is designed to work with, and the sample source code is provided for the Java 2 SDK J2SE 1.4.2, and the J2EE SDK 1.4 (for the servlet).


  • Barcodes may be rotated through any angle (restricted to 0, 90,180 and 270 for applets and servlets)
  • Margin indicators and bearer bars may be turned on/off for codes which support these features
  • Font properties, text justification, bar color and background color may be user selected
  • Wide/Narrow ratios may be adjusted for barcode type that support this
  • Bar width control for wet-ink printing allows 0 - 50% width reduction
  • Help files provided in both HTML and JavaHelp

Please note the QR products do not support Kanji, Hangul or double-byte characters.

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