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DemoShield - Application - V8.0

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Create interactive demos and CD autoruns in minutes. Now with DemoShield 8.0 anyone can easily blend audio, graphics, text, and video into high-quality, interactive demonstrations that deliver excellent results. DemoShield provides all the creativity without the complexity for building persuasive sales and product demonstrations, effective e-learning courses and compelling CD browsers in minutes.

What's New in V8.0:

  • Enhanced - Visual Interface - Developing top-quality demonstrations is easy with DemoShield's enhanced visual authoring environment. With a new Start Page, wizard-like tasks, and over 100 templates, you can quickly jumpstart your product demonstration, sales presentation, or CD browser project. Add video, graphics, audio, and more with drag-and-drop ease
  • Enhanced - Capture Assistant - Previously known as the “Automation Wizard,” the Capture Assistant is now easier to use, allowing you to more accurately capture screenshots for your demonstrations. This enhanced functionality also cuts the time required to create your demo.
    Demo Wizard - The Demo Wizard is the easiest and fastest way to start a demo project. In five minutes or less, you can have a simple demo and begin building your creative messages
  • Enhanced - Distribution Wizard - Package your demo in the format that best fits your needs: Web-based, self-extracting executable, auto-run CD-ROM, DVD, and reusable installation. Enhancements include a Command Line Build option and a Publish To Server option for DemoX and DemoNow projects. You can also preview the contents of the distribution media and change the size and position of objects from the property dialog
  • Enhanced - Audio - DemoShield’s audio functionality has been enhanced. You can now adjust the sound volume and play multiple soundtracks simultaneously to create a richer, more enticing experience for your customers. DemoShield supports Wave files (WAV), MIDI, MP3 Audio files, CD Audio Tracks, and stream audio using Windows Media Player® and Real Player®
  • Enhanced - Objects - The toolbar has been enhanced to include 2 new objects: Image and Cursor. Objects are the aspects of DemoShield that most directly initiate user interaction. The Object toolbox has a limitless possibility of uses in the Scenes of your demo
  • Enhanced - Actions - Anything that occurs automatically, or as the result of viewer interaction, is referred to as an Action. DemoShield provides more than 50 Actions that perform various tasks that range from switching Scenes, to printing files. The Copy-and-Paste buttons on the property dialog allows you to copy or paste Actions from one object or event to another, speeding demo creation time and ensuring consistency between projects
  • NEW - Play Flash Movies - Easily add Flash movies into your demonstration with drag-and-drop ease. Show your product in action, demonstrating complex capabilities and features
  • NEW - Detect Internet Connection - If you include Web links in your CD Browser, DemoShield will detect for an Internet connections. If no connection is detected, the CD Browser will open the document on the CD, avoiding “Page Not Found” error messages
  • NEW - Redirect Customers to Your Web Site - Redirect customers to your Web site for the most up-to-date information when they click on the links in your CD Browser. If an internet connection is not detected, the CD Browser will open the document on the CD. This avoids “Page Not Found” browser messages, giving users immediate access to information
  • Enhanced - DemoShield on the Web - In addition to Netscape and Internet Explorer, DemoShield extends its support to include Mozilla. Web-enable your demos with just a few clicks of your mouse using DemoShield’s DemoX and DemoNow technologies

Quick and Easy to Use
DemoShield is a quick and remarkably easy-to-use tool for creating interactive sales and product demonstrations, e-learning courses, CD browsers, and anything else that you can imagine right out of the box. Plus, DemoShield allows you to deploy your content over the web, on a CD-ROM, or as a standalone executable.

Fast Creation Time
Now anyone, regardless of creative ability, can blend audio, graphics, text, and video into engaging and entertaining demos in just a few clicks. Add buttons, pop-up menus, hyperlinks, and other interactive objects to your demos with a few clicks of your mouse.

Point-and-Click Simplicity
With wizards, templates, style libraries, and "How Do I" visual tutorials, you can jumpstart your project in a few simple steps.

Getting started is easy:

  • Jumpstart your project with the Demo Wizard where you can choose your project type, screen size, design theme, and scene layouts from hundreds of pre-built templates.
  • Import additional rich media images or videos, or capture screenshots from within DemoShield with the powerful Capture Images and Automation Wizards.
  • Make further annotations to each scene by adding text, shapes, graphics and sound.
  • Add objects like buttons, hyperlinks, edit fields and menus, then associate actions with each so your audience can interact with and navigate through your content.
  • Set transitions, effects and their timing individually for each scene and object.
  • As you get more comfortable you can add more advanced functionality like databases, events and variables to provide dynamic content, quizzes, feedback and localized language support.
  • And finally, package your project for deployment in seconds through the Distribution Wizard.

Top 10 Features:

  • Everything You Need - With dozens of pre-configured templates and powerful wizards make quick work of project development. The Demo Wizard is a great place to start building a simple demonstration in minutes. Use the companion Media Library for custom backgrounds, and sound effects or the Quick Button Library for dozens of button graphics
  • Loaded with Rich Content - Pack your projects with the latest graphics, audio, and flash movies. DemoShield handles all major media formats
  • Automation Without Coding - Build interactions and powerful graphic scenes without requiring advanced skills or media scripting. Interact with the user and respond to mouse clicks and keystrokes using actions such as jumping to another scene, simulating cursor moves, playing a video, sending an email --- all without complex scripts
  • Interactivity Made Easy - Power up your projects with point-and-click widgets that are pre-programmed for interactivity. Drop in buttons, edit boxes, popup menus and more --- giving your viewers a rich and interactive experience
  • Help at Your Fingertips - Learn to reuse scenes and content from existing demos with step-by-step instructions. Additional walk-throughs show how to add Web links, mouse-over effects, and many more advanced capabilities. State of the art documentation provides immediate access to the information you need. Hundreds of knowledge base articles available online 24x7
  • Easy Distribution - Package your project in the format that best fits your needs: Web-based (now with Mozilla support in addition to Internet explorer and Netscape), self-extracting executable, auto-run CD-ROM, DVD, traditional installation, and more
  • Global Reach - Localize your project to any of 30 supported languages. The DemoShield Player will automatically display the demonstration in the appropriate language by checking the language settings of the operating system
  • ODBC Support - DemoShield's ODBC support allows you to pull text from a database for use in text fields, buttons, and variables via the new Query Database Action. Also use the UPDATE or INSERT SQL statements with DemoShield tokens to collect values for storing in a database. Store scene data, compile test results, gather user feedback, input survey data, even save the runtime state information so your users can resume later
  • Show it in Action - Provide users with self-guided software tutorials and simulations. DemoShield's advanced simulation capabilities allow you to take screen shots with the enhanced Capture Assistant then edit and annotate them. Describe your product in the most compelling manner. Show it in action!
  • Professional CD Browsers - Launch projects when CDs are inserted for the first time, check for special requirements on a user's machine, run installations, and more. You control every aspect of the experience


Silver Support Plan includes:

  • 24 x 7 access to Knowledge Base
  • 24 x 7 access to InstallShield Communities
  • Sample Code, Sample Projects, and White Papers
  • Technical Webinars / Online Product Demonstrations
  • Unlimited Web-based requests using mySupport
  • Unlimited telephone support requests

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