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DevExpress VCL Subscription

by DevExpress (Developer Express) - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / VCL

All the Developer Express VCL and ASP.NET products in one package. Developer Express VCL Subscription includes VCL components for: data entry, charting, data analysis, navigation, layout, grids, scheduling, styling, reporting, printing and planning. Developer Express VCL Subscription supports Delphi 7, 2007, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7 and C++Builder 2007, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7. Developer Express VCL Subscription provides you with a 12 month window wherein all new product releases are sent to you automatically. Developer Express VCL Subscription includes current shipping products, new products, product upgrades (major and minor), and access to all betas in active development. In addition, when you subscribe to Developer Express VCL Subscription, all your support inquiries will be given top priority. Developer Express VCL Subscription also includes the Source Code. Developer Express VCL Subscription also includes access to the DevExpress ASP.NET product line.

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DevExpress VCL Subscription (includes ASP.NET product line) 14.2.5

Add to Cart $ 1,469.99 1 Developer Subscription License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-1
Add to Cart $ 1,334.99 2-5 Developer Subscription License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 2 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-25
Add to Cart $ 1,274.99 6-10 Developer Subscription License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 6 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-610
Add to Cart $ 1,259.99 11+ Developer Subscription License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 11 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-11

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DevExpress VCL Subscription (includes ASP.NET product line) Subscription Renewals

Add to Cart $ 587.99 1 Developer Subscription Renewal License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year (for Subscriptions soon to expire or just expired) Delivered via Download + Email
Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-1R
Add to Cart $ 533.99 2-5 Developer Subscription Renewal License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year (for Subscriptions soon to expire or just expired) - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 2 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-25R
Add to Cart $ 509.99 6-10 Developer Subscription Renewal License - includes Source code, updates and upgrades for 1 year (for Subscriptions soon to expire or just expired) - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 6 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-610R
Add to Cart $ 503.99 11+ Developer Subscription Renewal - includes Source code, upgrades for 1 year (for Subscriptions soon to expire or just expired) - price per license Delivered via Download + Email
Min Qty: 11 Mfr. Part No: CS-DXV-142-11R

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What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription 14.2.4?

The following bugs were fixed:

ExpressBars Suite

  • Activating an MDI child form makes its Ribbon flicker when this Ribbon is merged with the main form's one.
  • An AV occurs when dragging several items in the "Choose commands from" list if the "Commands Not in the Ribbon" option is selected in this list.
  • The OnShowCustomizingForm and OnHideCustomizingForm events of BarManager are not raised in response to switching the form visibility.
  • Copying an item in the Ribbon gallery designer causes the "Invalid class typecast" exception.
  • Opening the drop-down window twice causes the "Control has no parent window" exception after closing all MDI child forms.

ExpressDBTree Suite

  • An AV occurs when destroying the TdxDBTreeView component.

ExpressGauge Control

  • The OptionsView.AngleStart and OptionsView.AngleEnd property values are incorrectly restored from a DFM file if the latter value is greater than the former one.
  • In certain cases, a scale anchored to another scale is incorrectly visualized both in the scale hierarchy and gauge control.
  • Pressing the Esc key doesn't close a scale's context menu.
  • The gauge control is available for copying in the design-time Scales editor.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • Data detailed by month is empty in cube with calculated measures.
  • The "Field '[Measures].[MemberName]' not found" exception occurs on expanding a grouping value of a field whose values are filtered if its SortMode property is set to osmNone.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Cell borders are always printed in black.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Hiding columns of the grid residing on an MDI child form causes the "Control has no parent window" exception if the grid View's OptionsBehavior.ImmediateEditor property is set to True.
  • An AV occurs when recreating a form that contains the grid control with this View.
  • View settings copied with the "Copy Settings from View" context menu item erroneously include an in-place Edit Form's layout.
  • An AV occurs when scrolling the grid that contains a number of nested Views by dragging the thumb and then releasing the mouse button.
  • Pressing the Enter key while a button located on an in-place Edit Form or Find Panel is focused results in clicking the first visible default button instead.
  • Pressing the Space key while a button located in an in-place Edit Form or Find Panel is focused does not click this button.
  • Moving focus may cause the "List index out of bounds" exception if data is grouped and the OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True.
  • MSAccess adapter incorrectly filters data using DateTime field values if the date and/or time separator doesn't match the English locale's one.
  • An in-place editor's minimum size is calculated incorrectly if the OptionsBehavior.EditAutoHeight and OptionsView.CellAutoHeight properties are set to eahEditor and False, respectively.
  • The for loop in the TcxGridColumnLayoutItemPropertyFilter.FilterProperties method has an incorrect ending value.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Clicking an expandable column's cell in a highly nested node tree incorrectly scrolls the cell into view and does not repaint scrollbars.
  • The Checked property of a parent node is incorrectly updated if at least one hidden child node has this property set to a value that doesn't match the visible child nodes' one.
  • The focus rectangle is not painted for a cell with an open in-place editor if the OptionsSelection.InvertSelect and OptionsView.GridLines properties are set to False and tlglBoth, respectively.
  • The node height unexpectedly increases for ImageComboBox cells that display long item descriptions if the OptionsView.CellAutoHeight property is set to True.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • An AV occurs when saving a user event with the modal Event dialog if this event is filtered out by a data source linked to the scheduler storage.


  • Hidden rows are visible after loading from an XLS file.
  • Saving a spreadsheet to an XLS file causes the "Unsupported document format" error.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription 14.2.2?

  • VCL Gauge Control - Designed to clearly convey information at a glance, gauges are a significant data visualization part of dashboards. Communicate appropriate intelligence with a variety of circular, linear and digital gauges that help depict data varying with time.
  • Camera Control - Allow users to capture video and images from a built-in or connected camera (such as a webcam).
  • Toggle Switch Editor - Another addition to the ExpressEditors Library is a Windows UI-style check editor, a touch-friendly control designed to replace a traditional check box. Provided are unbound, data-aware, standalone, and in-place versions of the editor.
  • VCL Grid Find Panel - A straightforward way for end-users to locate information within the control. To execute a search, simply enter text within the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values.
  • VCL Map Control - This version adds support for Bing Maps services (Geocode and Routes), Location-based queries to Bing Maps services and Shapefile format files.
  • VCL Spreadsheet Control - Print settings are now stored in and loaded from spreadsheet files.
  • VCL Layout Control - The VCL Layout Control now supports float groups. This feature makes it easy to implement docking capabilities with your layout elements.
  • Icon Library - New Microsoft Office 2013 inspired icons.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription 14.1.4?

  • Full support for Delphi XE7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and C++Builder XE7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription 14.1?

  • New Spreadsheet Control - Designed and written from the ground-up to provide Excel-inspired spreadsheet functionality for everyday data modelling and analytics. Among its features are full Excel file format support and a powerful API so you can define your own custom functions whenever necessary.
  • New Map Control - With Bing and OpenStreetMaps map provider support, this control gives you the ability to simultaneously display an unlimited number of layers rendered with image tiles, vector items and shapes, and/or geographic data stored in KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files.
  • New Gauges -Visualize data using both circular and digital gauge types.
  • Grid Data Editing with Built-in Edit Forms - Incorporate auto-generated layouts within the edit form or a custom layout via the DevExpress Layout Control. In addition, you can enable end-user customization of the form's layout.
  • Runtime Ribbon Customization - Customize your application's Ribbon UI in the same manner as Microsoft Office. The Ribbon Control now provides two customization forms; the Ribbon Customization dialog and the Quick Access Toolbar Customization dialog.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.2.5?

  • Support for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder XE6 - This build adds full support for Delphi XE6 (32-bit and 64-bit) and C++Builder XE6 (32-bit and 64-bit).

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.2.4?

  • ExpressLibrary - Improved TcxCanvas.Rectangle compatibility with the standard VCL TCanvas.Rectangle method.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.2.3?

  • ExpressFlowChart - Ability to publish Anchors property.
  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite - Added the capability to complete the grid configuration wizard on any page.
  • ExpressWizard Control - Added the capability to display the Finish and Next buttons simultaneously.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.2?

Improved Touch experience
Extended touch optimizations to the following controls:

  • Filter Control
  • Page Control
  • Tab Control
  • Date Editor
  • Blob Editor

Pixel Scrolling
This release adds per-pixel scrolling to the ExpressQuantumTreeList, ExpressVerticalGrid, and ExpressQuantumGrid Layout Views. When used in Touch mode, pixel scrolling is enabled by default.

VCL Navigation-Ribbon Controls
Two new Office 2013 inspired styles are now available: Dark Gray and Light Gray.

Application-wide Themes
The DevExpress application-wide theme collection has been extended with 4 new themes inspired by Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013.

  • Metropolis
  • Metropolis Dark
  • Office 2013 Light Gray
  • Office 2013 Dark Gray

DevExpress Icon Library

  • Design-Time Image Picker - load images from the Icon Library and apply them to the desired controls inside your app. The Image Picker has powerful search and filtering mechanisms to help you locate the perfect image.
  • Full Color and Grayscale Image Sets

Design-Time Grid Configuration Wizard
This release includes the new and easy-to-use design-time Grid Configuration Wizard. Available via the grid’s context menu, the step-by-step wizard helps you create new grid Views or customize existing Views and to generate one-level hierarchies or master-detail relationships. The wizard allows you to define grid elements based on your data source, set up the desired layout, specify automatic data summaries, and modify various layout and appearance settings with ease.

Create Windows 8 style Start Menu Tiles with Ease

  • Windows 8.1 Inspired Layout Options - The Tile Control has been updated to support the tile layout options shipping as part of Windows 8.1, including small tiles, group caption editing, and multi-tile rearrangement using drag and drop.
  • Windows Phone Inspired Live Tiles - Turn your tiles to elegant contact lists or photo galleries with mosaic effects similar to that found in the Windows Phone People Hub.

New Color Picker Control
An advanced version of the standard Color selection dialog provides support for app-wide themes and alpha channel information. This new color picker control adds additional capabilities to shipping color editing controls and tools.

VCL Pivot Grid

  • Sorting by Summary Enhancements -Improved the "Sorting by Summary" feature to optionally utilize summary values of cross cells, specify the default sort order for fields, and mark the fields that are currently in use with specially designed glyphs.
  • Locked View Image - During time-consuming operations, such as bulk data updates, the pivot grid can optionally display a "Locked View" image to inform end-users that the pivot grid is awaiting updates. The "Locked View" image can be displayed with dark and light visual effects.

Create visually appealing and fully customizable forms.
New for the 3.2 release includes the following new layout customization options:

  • New visual indicators that intuitively highlight all areas available for a drop operation.
  • Allow end-users to drag and drop items and groups without having to open the Customization form.
  • The ability to limit the size of dynamically calculated layout items.

Personal Information Management at its best.
With VCL Scheduler you can now add the Office Ribbon UI experience to your scheduling applications and create holidays as recurring events.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.1.5?

The following issues were resolved:

ExpressBars Suite

  • Ribbon - Office 2013 Backstage View - AV occurs if no tabs are shown.
  • Ribbon - Submenus and buttons display incorrect caption colors in low color modes.
  • Ribbon Form - Closing a child Office 2013 style Ribbon form does not move focus to the main Ribbon form.
  • TcxBarEditItem - CheckBox - Displaced caption if the ViewLayout property is set to ivlGlyphControlCaption.
  • The TdxBarItemLink.ImageIndex property cannot be assigned via the TdxBarItemLink.Assign method call.

ExpressDBTree Suite

  • In Windows 7, populating TdxDBTreeView with data from a bound dataset freezes an application.

ExpressDocking Library

  • A dock site docked to the right/bottom edge does not accept dock panels if 0 is assigned to the Width/Height property of this dock site and its AutoSize and DockStyle properties are set to True and dsVS2005, respectively.
  • The MousePos event parameter returns an incorrect value in a dock site's OnContextPopup event handler if the event is raised at the position with negative screen coordinates (on systems with multiple monitors).

ExpressLayout Control

  • Activating a tabbed group's tab switches the Checked property value of the first radio button on the activated tab page.


  • In Windows 8, the GoDialog button is too narrow to display its image.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • TcxPivotGridSummaryDataSet - Variation or percentage values calculated in variation modes are not passed to the resulting dataset.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Export to PDF - Header/footer word wrapping in the exported file mismatches the preview if certain fonts are used.
  • Page Setup - Entering an invalid margin value results in an AV.
  • SpreadSheet Report Link - A row containing only merged cells is not printed if the link's RowAutoHeight property is set to True.
  • SpreadSheet Report Link - Rows in a report are 3 pixels higher than those in a spreadsheet control.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Banded Table View - Incorrect order of nested bands after restoring the View using RestoreFrom~ methods.
  • Server Mode - No content is shown in cells located under group rows with Null grouping values.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • AV occurs when the TcxTreeList.LoadfromStream method is called.
  • Scrolling nodes that contain multi-line text using the mouse wheel produces painting artifacts.
  • TcxDBTreeList - Moving focus from a node edited via the data controller reloads all its data if the tree list's OptionsData.SmartRefresh is enabled.
  • TcxTreeList - the OnChange event occurs before the TForm.OnCreate event.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • TcxSchedulerStorage - Posting a new event does not store an event's ParentGroup property value.
  • Documentation - TcxSchedulerEventList Object - The topic references an incorrect item type (TcxSchedulerControlEvent rather than TcxSchedulerEvent).
  • Documentation - The omGroup constant used to compose the Options field's value in an underlying data store is not described.
  • Gantt View - AV occurs when unbinding a dataset linked to TcxSchedulerDBStorage that contains events with assigned ParentGroup.
  • Gantt View - Localization - Localized captions are not applied to Tree Browser columns.
  • Gantt View - Navigating from a Tree Browser cell being edited using the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys focuses an incorrect tree node.
  • Gantt View - The FullCollapse/FullExpand methods do not fully expand/collapse nodes in the Tree Browser.
  • TcxDateNavigator linked to the scheduler does not reflect the days selected with the scheduler's SelectDays method call.

ExpressSkins Library

  • Form - A maximized form whose Contraints.MinHeight and/or Contraints.MinWidth properties are set to a value other than 0 displays clipped borders.
  • Form - Clicking a form's Help button does not enable the context-sensitive help.
  • Skin Form - In Windows XP, desktop icons flicker when creating a skinned form in certain conditions.

ExpressTile Control

  • Frame animation stops when a form that owns a focused tile control is maximized by double-clicking the form's caption.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.1.4?

  • Support for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder XE5 - This build adds full support for Delphi XE5 (32-bit and 64-bit) and C++Builder XE5 (32-bit and 64-bit) to the components.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.1.3?

ExpressBars Suite

  • Provide separate image lists for standard size (16 by 16 pixels) item controls and enlarged standard size buttons located on individual toolbars, Ribbon Mini Toolbars, submenus and popup menus.
  • Adjust the size of color palette items.
  • Support for KeyTips.
  • Collapsible display mode.

ExpressSkins Library

  • Add separate caption colors for selected grid Layout View cards to distinguish them from others.

ExpressEditors Library

  • Automatically center images within the drop-down list of the editor whose items have no descriptions and the Properties.ShowDescriptions property is set to False.
  • Prevent contiguous ticks from displaying if the Properties.Frequency property value is not large enough for a specified range.


  • Improved the CreateUniqueName global function.
  • Use any TcxButtonImageOptions descendant in components derived from TcxCustomButton.

What’s new in DevExpress VCL Subscription V13.1?

  • Performance Enhancements - Multi-threaded, data controller algorithms help you fully exploit modern CPUs when working with large datasets in classic data loading modes.
  • Improved Touch Experience - Enhancements include touch-friendly UI element size and touch regions and modified text alignment settings.
  • New Carousel Mode in Layout View - New display mode arranges Layout View cards in an ellipse. Scrolling, panning, or focusing cards moves them along an ellipse curve with animation, transparency, and scale effects.
  • Enhanced Server Mode Support - Support for Microsoft Access and SQLite databases, and the ability to retrieve data using Embarcadero FireDAC.
  • Grid Pixel Scrolling - The ExpressQuantumGrid now provides per-pixel vertical scrolling in Table and Banded Table Views. In Touch mode, the new scrolling behavior is enabled by default.
  • Office 2013 Ribbon Style and Skin - This release allows you to add Office 2013 UI experience to your application.
  • New Radial Menu - Inspired by Microsoft Office OneNote 2013, the VCL Radial Menu allows you to extend your applications with a new visual metaphor and create easy-to-use contextual and quick access touch-centric interfaces.
  • Ribbon Backstage View Enhancements - Create Backstage View panes similar to those found in Microsoft Office 2010 (or later).

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription 12.2.6?

  • Full support for Delphi XE4 (32-bit and 64-bit) and C++Builder XE4 (32-bit and 64-bit).

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription 12.2.5?

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite

  • Performance regression when creating certain toolbar layouts
  • Re-opening a form with a control aligned to the top of the form moves the control above the top toolbar if the Embedded VCL Forms Designer is enabled within the IDE
  • Ribbon - An AV occurs at application startup if an item linked to the first button in the skinned TdxRibbonBackstageView is hidden
  • Ribbon Form - Activating a maximized MDI child form via the Ctrl+Tab key combination restores down the window size if merging is used
  • The 1 to 9 numpad numeric keys do not work as accelerators
  • The TApplicationEvents component does not receive mouse wheel messages after a user presses the mouse button over a toolbar button, moves the mouse pointer outside a toolbar, and then releases the mouse button

ExpressLayout Control

  • The layout control flickers when a tabbed group tab is switched with the mouse


  •  Explorer Bar Views - Setting the Visible property to False does not hide the NavBar control if its scrollbar is currently displayed


  • TcxPageControl - The "List index out of bounds" exception is thrown when sequentially closing the first and then the second pages using the Close button of the navigator bar

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • OLAP mode - Incorrect total cell values are shown if the pivot grid has more than one measure and at least one total cell displays a null value
  • TcxDBPivotGrid - A dataset action bound to the data source that is linked to the pivot grid is disabled

ExpressPrinting System

  • Composition Report Link - The "Index out of bounds" exception occurs when building the report link whose StartEachItemFromNewPage property is set to False if the composition includes a report link with no pages
  • Grid Report Link - DB Table and DB Banded Table Views in grid mode print only buffered records

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Export - An AV occurs when calling the ExportGridToXLSX method in Delphi XE3 64-bit

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Group nodes produce painting artifacts when a TreeList control is horizontally scrolled by dragging the scrollbar thumb
  • In-place check boxes display incorrect states when tree list contents are scrolled using the mouse wheel
  • TcxDBTreeList - Changing a node's parent field value to a value that does not correspond to any existing node via dataset members posts this node
  • TcxDBTreeList - Clicking the down arrow button of the vertical scrollbar has no effect until tree list bounds are modified
  • TcxDBTreeList - An AV occurs when the fcoCaseInsensitive flag is set in the DataController.Filter.Options property
  • The OnGetDisplayText event incorrectly handles a node object passed as the ANode parameter if this object is allocated in memory beyond 4 GB
  • There is no way to enable a band Styles property to use a TcxTreeListBandStyles descendant

ExpressScheduler Suite

  •  An AV occurs when calling the scheduler SelectEvent method if the scheduler handle is not allocated yet
  • Clicking the "Find available time" button in the Event dialog results in AV if this dialog is invoked to create a new event
  • Scheduler - The bounding rectangle of the selected user event is clipped
  • The scheduler does not always synchronize its date selection with the TcxDateNavigator control linked to this scheduler

ExpressSkins Library

  • A skinned form does not repaint its caption in response to programmatically changing the form icon
  • Ribbon - VS2010 skin - Tab groups overlap the window frame if the Ribbon control's EnableTabAero property is set to True
  • The Office2010Silver skin applies an incorrect color of the shadow to the Ribbon contextual tab labels that are painted on the Windows Aero Glass frame

ExpressWizard Control

  • At design time, modifying a property value that affects bounds of a child control residing on a wizard page moves focus from the Object Inspector to the form designer

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxCheckBox - Fading effects produce painting artifacts in in-place skinned editors
  • cxMaskEdit - The editor does not accept characters of any case if a regular expression of its mask contains [aA] a|A
  • cxTreeList - An MDI child form containing a tree list produces painting artifacts within selected cells of a tree list column whose Properties property is set to TcxLabelProperties
  • dxBreadcrumbEdit - The LookAndFeel.SkinName property is not displayed in the Object Inspector
  • dxCheckGroupBox - Setting the checked state of the editor enables children located in an immediate child dxCheckGroupBox editor whose checked state is switched off
  • TcxDBBlobEdit - The editor prohibits a record value from editing after data editing has been enabled via the Edit method call of a bound data source or dataset if the data source AutoEdit property is set to False
  • TcxMCListBox - The ItemAtPos function returns an incorrect value
  • TcxShellTreeView - Assigning a path that includes a file name to the Path property prohibits the linked shell breadcrumb editor from synchronizing its selection with this ShellTreeView
  • TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit - An AV occurs when switching the Properties.ShellOptions.Root.BrowseFolder property if the shell breadcrumb editor is linked to another shell control

Installation (VCL)

  • GDI+ error occurs when installing the ExpressSkins Library

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription 12.2.4?

  • Support for C++Builder XE3 (64-bit).

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription 12.2.3?

  • Added image list support to Wizard buttons.
  • Added grayed out button images in disabled Wizard buttons.
  • Improved performance when populating TdxDBBreadcrumbEdit editor.

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription 12.2.2?

  • Enhanced touch support.
  • Extended Server Mode for improved data access.
  • New user interface functionality including the ability to build Wizard user interfaces.
  • Integrated data validation across the VCL product line.
  •  Windows 8 Style Active Tiles for VCL.

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription V12.1.6?

The following issues were resolved:

  • TdxBarApplicationMenu - Check marks displayed for TdxBarLargeButton items appear highly pixelated.
  • TdxRibbonBackstageView opened in a new Ribbon Form created in an application remains visible on screen if this Ribbon Form is closed via its Close button.
  • Incorrect text color is applied to a maximized form's caption.
  • TcxBarEditItem - LookupComboBox - An error occurs when moving focus from one lookup bar item to another.
  • TdxDockPanel is not activated by clicking the panel's tab in TdxTabContainerDockSite.
  • A layout group fires the OnTabChanging event twice if the event's handler calls Application.ProcessMessages.
  • A layout group with a label layout item that is set to occupy the entire client area of its group has an incorrect width.
  • Export to PDF - The File Save dialog is not shown if the default file name for a report is too long.
  • In the Page Number Format dialog, the "Start At" field value is incorrectly validated for character-based number formats.
  • TBasedxReportLink descendants - Customized values of the TimeFormat, DateFormat and PageFormat properties are reset to their default values in some cases if default formats have been customized at the TdxComponentPrinter level.
  • TdxComponentPrinter - The Date And Time dialog cannot be re-opened after the last time format has been selected in the Available Time Formats list.
  • The Print Preview window freezes when invoked from a window located in a DLL file.
  • TreeList Report Link - Rich text formatting is missing when printing cxRichEdit columns.
  • An exception is thrown when the selection is modified within the View's OnSelectionChanged event handler.
  • Assigning a Table View column to a Layout View data item or Card View row modifies the assignee's GroupIndex property.
  • Compilation errors occur after the View's Navigator.InfoPanel.OnClick event handler has been created at design time due to the missing cxNavigator unit in the 'uses' clause.
  • Data-aware Views - The "RecordIndex out of range" exception is thrown when removing a record if the View contains unbound columns.
  • Data-aware Views - The "RowIndex out of range" exception is thrown when updating the TClientDataSet bound to the View within a form's OnDestroy event handler using EmptyDataSet, etc.
  • Card captions and currently focused items are incorrectly painted in selected cards.
  • Cell content areas are hot-tracked regardless of the View's OptionsBehavior.ItemHotTrack property value.
  • The text color specified in the View's Styles.OnGetItemStyle event handler is not applied to card layout items.
  • Clicking a Filter Row cell in a column containing Null values throws the "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)" exception.
  • The View does not synchronize edit value changes with the data controller in the OnEditChanged event handler if DataController.Options includes dcoImmediatePost, and a grid item's Properties.ImmediatePost property is set to True.
  • TcxDBTreeList refreshes all data if a bound dataset was edited via the TreeList control when the OptionsData.SmartRefresh property is set to True.
  • TcxTreeList - An AV occurs when adding nodes in RAD Studio XE3 at design time.
  •  cxDateNavigator - The date navigator does not maintain the number of selected weeks always visible on screen when scrolling months backwards.
  • Resizing an event that lasts more than one day past 11:59pm increases the event's duration by one day if the ShowAllDayEventsInContentArea property is set to True.
  •  TdxBevel - Additional colors are not defined for the control in the Blueprint, DevExpressStyle, Seven, SevenClassic, VS2010, and Whiteprint skins.
  • The Skin Editor does not generate skin packages for RAD Studio XE3.
  • The TcxSSViewInfoData record fields in the cxSSViewInfo.hpp file generated by a C++Builder application have an invalid alignment.
  • cxDateEdit controls are not displayed on a detail page when activating this page for the second and subsequent times in Windows XP.
  • Focus does not move to the previous/next row when it passes the first/last tile within the current row if a tile control's OptionsBehavior.FocusItemOnCycle property is set to True.
  • Closing the Customization form does not disable the customization mode in error.
  • TdxDBBreadcrumbEdit does not update its content after a new record is inserted into a database table in XE2 Update 4.
  • Background and text colors are not applied to a read-only editor if its Properties.ReadOnly property is set via RepositoryItem.
  • cxMemo - Scrollbars are not shown if the editor is the last object in a DFM file, the editor has no text, and its Properties.ScrollBars property is set to ssBoth at design time.
  • dxBreadCrumbEdit - A node's DeleteChildren method does not update the node's HasChildren property.
  • dxBreadcrumbEdit - An AV occurs when clicking the Root in a node's drop-down window when the selected node's children are repopulated within an OnPathSelect event handler.
  • ExpressEditors are erroneously painted by VCL styles, as if they are standard VCL editors.
  • Some editors discard changes to the edit value if these changes were made by pasting data from the clipboard, using the Backspace key, etc.
  • TcxImage - Intersections with other transparent DevExpress editors may appear distorted.
  • TcxScrollBox - The Create method does not use the GetViewInfoClass method.
  • TcxShellBrowserDialog - Memory leaks when selecting a file or folder in the dialog and clicking the OK button.
  • TcxSplitter - In Delphi 2010 and later, changes to the AlignSplitter property erroneously cause form resizing.
  • TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit - An AV occurs when selecting a file in a linked shell tree view.
  • TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit - Files selected in a linked shell tree view are added as nodes (folders) to the breadcrumb editor.
  • TdxScreenTip - An AV occurs when displaying hints for ExpressQuantumGrid cells after ScreenTips have been shown by hint controllers located on other forms.

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription V12.1.5?

Support for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder XE3 - This build adds full support for Delphi XE3 (32-bit and 64-bit) and C++Builder XE3 (32-bit).

What’s new in Developer Express VCL Subscription V12.1?

  • Metro-Inspired Tile Control - The new VCL Tile Control allows you to change the way your end-users interact with a Windows application. Unleash the power of touch and target next generation devices and operating systems with a Metro-inspired UI.
  • Optimized for Performance with Large Datasets - ExpressQuantumGrid now supports ServerMode – a fast, efficient data binding mode specially designed to work with large datasets (those with more than 50,000 records). In this mode, the initial page will be displayed immediately regardless of the number of records in the complete data source, and subsequent data will be loaded rapidly when scrolling. Loading records in small sets, and performing data-aware operations on the data server side are the key features of Server Mode that ensure fast access to data, even if the sorting, grouping, filtering and summary features are used.
  • New Office-like Color Galleries - The new galleries provide color selection capabilities similar to those of Microsoft Office. You can choose a palette to display and its theme. Editors display the new color galleries in a drop-down window. Like other ExpressEditors, you can use the new editor as a standalone control or embed it as in-place editor.
  • New Skins - Several new skins have been added to the ExpressSkins Library including Blueprint, Dark and Classic.
  • Support for Embarcadero Delphi & C++Builder XE2 - All DevExpress VCL components have been extended with support for Embarcadero Delphi XE2 (including 64-bit) and C++Builder XE2, making support for the latest Embarcadero IDE complete.

Developer Express VCL Subscription includes:

ExpressTileControl Suite

The new VCL Tile Control allows you to reimagine the way in which your end-users interact with a Windows application. Build and deliver fully engaging customizable business dashboards that will delight your most demanding users. Unleash the power of touch and target next generation devices and operating systems with a Metro-inspired UI.

The Tile control ships with all the features you'd expect in a Tile Layout Control:

  • Touch Support
  • Stunning Animations
  • Drag & Drop Operations on Any Tile Items
  • Windows 8 Inspired Behaviors

With a flexible layout architecture, advanced animation support, integrated touch and drag drop support, the Tile control represents your bridge to the future.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

With the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, you can create visually stunning interfaces and deliver incredible features/flexibility to your end-users - without writing a single line of code. From standard two-dimensional tables to runtime grouping and column customization; from master/detail relationships, to card views; from XP themes to unbound mode... the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite has been engineered to fully address your development requirements without compromise or hassles.


The ExpressPivotGrid Suite was engineered from the ground-up to radically improve the way in which data-centric applications deliver information to end-users. With its data architecture, the ExpressPivotGrid is able to slice and dice information efficiently and provide customers with an extremely intuitive end-user experience. It delivers numerous layout customization options with total end-user control over each individual on-screen report. Regardless of the perspective, data can be rendered to answer business questions - and best of all - it allows you to focus on business rules rather than creating dozens and dozens of reports.


Because the ExpressQuantumTreeList was written from the ground up, you will no longer be at the mercy of Microsoft's commctrl and the inherent performance and usability restrictions therein. In fact, the ExpressQuantumTreeList completely redefines use of tree structures within an application. The ExpressQuantumTreeList is a multi-purpose data visualization system that can operate as a TREE or a LIST. The unique synergy between a traditional grid and traditional tree-views allows you to create cutting-edge and visually appealing application interfaces for your users. The ExpressQuantumTreeList can be used in 3 different data access modes: Data-Aware, Unbound and Virtual. Whichever mode you choose to use, the QuantumTreeList employs a DataController library to obtain and save data at high speeds. In virtual mode, the QuantumTreeList does not persist data and so displaying hundreds of thousands of nodes on screen occurs instantaneously.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite is an "inverted" grid control for Delphi and C++Builder. With the ExpressVerticalGrid Suite, you will no longer have the traditional hassles associated with positioning and alignment of field labels. Once you start using the ExpressVerticalGrid, you only need to drop a single control on your form, add the appropriate rows, and instantly create a consistent, flexible, and uniform UI across your entire application.


Like other Developer Express technologies, the ExpressSpreadSheet offers you power and simplicity of use. With only a few property settings, you can enable a wealth of features and give your end-users an incredible degree of control - the same control they have come to expect from full featured spread sheet products such as MS Excel. From a vast array of built-in functions to runtime customization - from cell merging to multiple display styles - the ExpressSpreadSheet has all the capabilities you've been looking for in a cross-platform spread sheet control.


ExpressMasterView is a 100% native VCL grid component and is specifically designed for Delphi and C++Builder developers who need to represent multiple datasets in a hierarchical manner within a single grid control. With ExpressMasterView, you can finally give your end-users a way to view master/detail and self-referencing data in an intuitive manner in one elegant component.

ExpressBars Suite

The ExpressBars Suite allows you to bring the user interface elements and customization features available in today's most popular applications and platforms, easily and without hassles. Whether you prefer the use of a traditional toolbar/menu system or the Microsoft Office Ribbon UI, the ExpressBars Suite has a solution to fit your needs now and the demands of your end-users.


The ExpressNavBar Suite gives you everything you need to create easy to use applications with sophistication and elegance. Via its advanced design time editor, you can quickly setup and create the look and feel of choice without writing a single line of code. ExpressNavBar even allows you to include shortcuts and other visual controls within it with ease. From the look and feel of MS Office and VS .NET, to Windows XP, the ExpressNavBar Suite offers you a myriad of interface options, so you can write less code and deliver more.

ExpressLayout Control

ExpressLayout represents a way for Delphi and C++ Builder programmers to design and manage the layout of Windows forms. At the heart of the ExpressLayout Control lies a basic concept - You place controls within its 'groups' - the equivalent of container controls such as TPanel or TGroupBox. This in turn automatically gives your applications unique design time and runtime customization capabilities via a docking metaphor similar to the Delphi/C++ Builder IDE.  With the ExpressLayout Control, you are freed from manual, pixel-by-pixel positioning of individual controls and liberated from runtime screen resolution problems so common in Delphi/C++ Builder applications. By linking the controls on your form - such as your grids, page controls, editors, etc - to the Layout Control, you immediately provide your products with highly sophisticated layouts, which end-users can manipulate as desired at runtime.


The ExpressOrgChart is a fully functional VCL component (both data-aware and non data-aware), designed for the display and editing of hierarchical tree data structures such as the contents of a book or file system on a disk. Each node of the chart can have a limitless number of children, displayed horizontally, directly below a given node. The ExpressOrgChart Suite enables an incredibly wide number of possibilities to manage the contents and appearance of both the entire chart structure as well as each individual node.


The ExpressFlowChart is designed to help you present charts, schemes, hierarchies, and graphs of any complexity with minimal coding and programming effort. From complex charts, to equations and even cityscapes. The ExpressFlowChart Suite offers all the necessary tools and elements to create dazzling interfaces limited only by your imagination and the needs of your end-users.


ExpressScheduler will help you build scheduling applications that mimic the UI of Microsoft Outlook. With ExpressScheduler, you will not have to spend any unnecessary time on customization options or inadequate visual elements. Designed to be a cohesive and integrated solution to address the needs of software developers like yourself, ExpressScheduler will help you solve your business requirements without frustration.


The ExpressSpellChecker provides you with a straightforward way to add Microsoft® Office® style spell checking capabilities into your next Windows® application and offers you built in spelling correction forms that replicate corresponding forms found in Microsoft Word® and Outlook®. Because these forms were built using the ExpressEditors Library, they will seamlessly integrate into any application powered by Developer Express components.

ExpressSkins Library

The ExpressSkins Library was inspired by technology found in Windows XP Themes, but it has a significant advantage compared to painting via operating system methods. Your application clients don't need to have Windows XP installed on their machines to experience the same freedom in look and feel customization.

ExpressPrinting System

The ExpressPrinting System is an advanced data rendering and printing system specifically designed to bring your UI to the printed page. Via its Report Link technology, the ExpressPrinting System allows you to output the contents of VCL controls such as the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressVerticalGrid - as well as many others - to paper, while giving you and your users control over print attributes such as Font, Color, Headers, and Footers.

ASP.NET Controls

  • ASPxGridView and Editors Suite - fast Data Grid with over 15 data editors to be used standalone or for cell editing.
  • ASPxScheduler Suite - MS Outlook style Day View, Week View, Month View and Timeline View Controls. Over 15 auxiliary controls including a Date Navigator.
  • ASPxHTMLEditor Suite - Synchronized WYSIWYG and HTML code editors with integrated toolbars and menus for MS Word style user experience.
  • ASPxPivotGrid Suite - MS Excel style Pivot Table Control for multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • ASPxTreeList Suite - TreeView-Grid combination, providing newsreader style UIs. Includes over 15 data editor controls.
  • ASPxGauges Suite - Five Circular, two Linear, three Digital and State Indicator Gauge types. 15 appearance options provide over 150 gauge presets.
  • ASPxSpellChecker - MS Office style Spell Checker component supporting DevExpress and standard controls.
  • ASPxThemes Library - Over 10 predefined visual themes that can be easily applied to all DevExpress ASP.NET Controls in your application.

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