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Active 2D Barcode Component - MaxiCode

by dLSoft - Product Type: Component / ActiveX OCX

Create MaxiCodes from within your applications. Active 2D Barcode Component - MaxiCode is an ActiveX/Automation Control that allows barcode images to be created within the user's own software or created on the fly from data in a database field in Microsoft Access. A barcode image may be displayed on screen, printed on a printer, saved to a disk file, or passed to the Windows clipboard for incorporation into another Windows application. Although primarily designed for Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Office (VBA), Active-Barcode Components may be employed with other ActiveX-enabled systems, such as the Delphi development environment. Examples provided are based on Visual Basic 6 and MS Access. Active Barcode Component Maxicode Component supports the Maxicode symbols for modes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

What's new in Active 2D Barcode Component Maxicode V6.10?

  • All Active Barcode Components have been converted to Unicode.

What's new in Active 2D Barcode Component - Maxicode V5.50?

  • Windows 7 support

Active 2D Barcode Component - MaxiCode is an ActiveX barcode image creation component for MaxiCode modes 2 - 6. Data binding allows source data from a field in an MS Access table, and size is determined automatically. Includes source code samples for MS Office, VB etc. No dependencies. Component has 30 properties (for properties such as caption, picture, mode, forecolor, backcolor, security_level, x_unit, etc), and provides 13 Methods (for CopyImage, SaveImage, GetModeName, etc.).

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