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Atalasoft DotImage PDF Reader Add-On

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Integrate PDF viewing, printing, format conversion, and text extraction into DotImage.  Atalasoft DotImage PDF Reader Add-On quickly decodes PDF documents into color or grayscale raster images, seamlessly plugging into DotImage and associated image viewing components as an image decoder. Supports simple image only PDF's as well as complicated PDF's with vectors, text, patterns, and transparency. Extract the images out of the PDF, rasterize the vector objects to a new image, or render directly onto a printer with zero Adobe Acrobat dependencies. Requires any edition of DotImage SDK.


What's New in Atalasoft 10.5
(Not all features are available in all product options)

New Features:

  • Added PDF Forms support to Web Document Viewer
  • Added drag and drop support to WDV Thumbnailer to reorder document pages
  • Updated CAD OpenDWG library to version 3.09.01.
  • Added support to read Exif metadata from previously unsupported RAW file formats.
  • Updated BarCodeReader for lsSymbologvSupported output.

Resolved Issues in 10.5.0:

  • Fixed issue with saving certain .tiff files that created empty streams.
  • Fixed issue with saving .tiff files that were altering the first page.
  • Fixed issue with reading tag values in certain .tiff files.
  • Fixed issue causing some jpeg files to he opened by Raw decoder in AtalaImage.
  • Fixed issue with WPF annotations not firing events.
  • Fixed issue with WPF annotations throwing ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions when right-clicked.

PDF updates:

  • PdfBounds properties were incorrectly documented as writeable.
  • Fixed issue with PDF bookmarks created with PdfBox that were causing errors.
  • Fixed issue with font resources being dropped when image resource are swapped out in a page.
  • Fixed issue with PdfDocument throwing PdfException when the header is not at beginning of the file.

WDV Updates:

  • Fixed issue when opening small images caused BestFit to work incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug with annotation scaling.
  • Fixed bug when OpenUrl is not on the first page.
  • Fixed bug that allowed scrolling past the document.
  • Fixed zooming issues that caused thumbnail flashing.
  • Fixed bug requiring trailing '/' for scripturl property.
  • Fixed pinch zoom performance issue.
  • Fixed issue that did not allow fitting mode to be Best.
  • Fixed bug that caused extra shapes to be added for annotations.

IE11 WDV issues:

  • Fixed problems with small thumbnails.
  • Fixed WDV not respecting right-to-left languages.
  • Fixed JavaScript error when drawing text annotations.

Scanning updates:

  • Fixed issue with incorrect property type definition that caused a Device.FileSystem call to fail.
  • Fixed issue that caused scanning to hang with Canon LIDE 110.
  • Fixed issue with using Acquisition CreateDeviceSession and calling Acquire with ThreadingEnabled that caused a NullReferenceException.
  • Fixed problem with WebCapture using a variable that was removed in jQuery 1.9.1.
  • Fixed issue that cause scanning with HP LJ M1530 to fail.

What's new in Atalasoft DotImage 10.4 ?

Word Reader Add-on (for DotImage, any edition)
Customers have been asking to be able to open Microsoft Word files in Atalasoft's viewers. With this new product users will be able to rasterize basic word documents to save in other formats or display in the viewers.

Simply add the WordDecoder to the list of RegisteredDecoders. Any Word document opened with our controls would then become rasterized automatically and displayed in the viewer. The doc is turned into an AtalaImage that can be treated like many other formats that are supported.

  • Rasterizes (opens as an image) .doc and .docx files.
  • Allows Word files to be displayed in our viewers
  • Allows Word files to be converted to image formats that we support saving to.

PdfForm Support (for Atalasoft DotPdf SDK)
Interactive PDF forms can now be created, opened, and parsed for data. This is useful for creating digital interactions between your constituents and their clients. For example, a developer builds an app that created a PDF with form annotations, then sends that PDF to a user to be filled out. The user fills out the form and returns it. Lastly a service running DotPdf would open and parse the data and create any appropriate workflow objects.

  • Programmatically create new PDFs with fillable form data objects
  • Programmatically pre fill or customize forms on a per user basis
  • Programmatically read the data from a DotPdf form that has been filled in
  • Programmatically read the data from a preexisting PDF form that uses widget annotations for its form objects
  • Programmatically inject data into a form

PdfRepair (for Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging or DotPdf)
Out of specification PDF files are fairly common. In this release Atalasoft have added the automatic faculty to correct some of the more common specification breaking issues. Now when opening a file with PdfDocument (Not PdfReader or PdfDecoder), if an issue exists in the PDF, the software will attempt to repair the issue before opening the file in PdfDocument.

More PDFs will open in PdfDocument without any code changes. In a situation where a user needs to care about how their malformed PDF is fixed they can subscribe to an event and make decisions as to whether or not the new fixed PDF has been fixed in a way that is satisfactory.

  • Automatically detect and repair common issues with out-of-specification PDF
  • Triggers an event if an issue is detected, so that it may be handled in a custom programmatic way
  • Improves general PDF consumption without any additional changes for a user.

Web Document Viewer Thumbnail Controls (for Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging edition or Atalasoft JoltImage)
Atalasoft's legacy web controls had an image viewer and a thumbnail viewer to navigate multipage documents. With the 10.4 release, the newer Web Document Viewer controls now have a thumbnail control that can be used alongside the image viewer.

Navigate through multipage PDF or TIFF documents in the browser with this linked thumbnail control.

  • Connects to the Web Document Viewer for quick page-viewing control
  • Server backends for both Java and .NET environments
  • Displays annotations made in the main viewer

SharePoint WebParts (for Atalasoft WingScan or DotImage Document Imaging)
Hosting the WebDocumentViewer or WingScan WebCapture control in SharePoint was difficult for customers. In this release, there is a simple SharePoint WebPart that allows users to easily add the WebPart to their SharePoint deployment and have it display on their SharePoint pages.

Add the WebPart controls to the list of WebParts that users can add to their pages. The users can then create pages in SharePoint with the WebDocumentViewer or WingScan WebCapture web controls and they will interact with SharePoint document lists.

  • Simplifies full trust deployments of WebDocumentViewer and WingScan WebCapture controls (supports all of our supported image formats)

What's New in DotImage 10.3.1
Feature Enhancements

  • Upgraded GlyphReader OCR engine, includes support for 64 bit applications.
  • Improved read rates and accuracy for QR and PDF417 barcodes.
  • Added the ability to select annotations programmatically in the WebDocumentViewer.
  • Improved TextAnnotation rendering in the WebDocumentViewer for all browsers.
  • Added support to read Exif rotation tag from raw files.
  • Added support to drag/drop thumbnails from one DocumentViewer to another.
  • Added support for exporting and importing annotations with password protected PDF files.
  • Updated RawDecoder to add support for more cameras.
  • Added the ability to get an array of selected annotations from the WebDocumentViewer.
  • Annotations saved with the WebDocumentViewer now include tooltip and name properties, added a configuration parameter which allows for saving of username.

What's New in DotImage 10.3

  • Build Mobile Document Viewers w/Annotations - This is two-fold: The DotImage Web Document Viewer controls are now supported on iOS Mobile Safari and Android's Chrome mobile browsers. This also includes annotation support with touch interfaces, zooming, pagination, and more. Your users can interact with multipage docs on the run.
  • PDF Generation updates - In DotPdf, you can now import SVG drawings as well as make use of the new TableShape so you can add tabular data to any PDF. Generate invoices with full control over the template.
  • Scan from the web and manually index to SharePoint - DotImage can now read in the index fields associated with a repository and content type from SharePoint or Kofax Capture. You can then edit them, and include their values on the import.

What's New in DotImage 10

New WebDocumentViewer for ASP.NET websites. Built on jQuery and modern browser technologies.
Developers can create a full-page document viewer with smooth, flick-style momentum scrolling.  Just a few lines of code are needed and the viewer can be easily embedded into any ASP .NET or ASP .NET MVC website and can be themed.

  • Can be easily deployed to websites using ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC
  • Can be themed with jQuery UI ThemeRoller
  • Shows multiple pages in a scroll viewer
  • Uses web handlers for server interaction 

New DotImage OCR Engine: IRIS IDRS
DotImage 10.0 OCR now supports the IRIS IDRS engine.  It currently supports 137 Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. languages and add-ons offer recognition of Asian, Hebrew, and Farsi languages. It also offers zonal and page analysis support. Another feature, the I.R.I.S. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engine for all Latin based languages, supports spaced and even touching handprint.

  • Supports Asian character sets
  • Supports ICR 

New Silverlight Imaging SDK that is a subset of DotImage and usable in the client-side of Silverlight applications without elevation.
A large subset of DotImage has been ported to run inside the Silverlight client and other managed environments such as Windows Phone 7, Office 365, and Partial-Trust environments, plug-in and other managed environments such as WinPhone 7, BPOS, and Partial-Trust environments.

  • Includes TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP codecs
  • Many image processing commands including 1-bit 

Silverlight viewer performance enhancements

  • Can use local isolated storage for client-side caching.
  • Can get pages on demand when in single-page view mode
  • Silverlight viewers can use TIFF directly without converting to PNG or JPEG. 

New fully-managed AnyCpu subset of DotImage that can be used in partial-trust environments.

  • Includes TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP codecs
  • Many image processing commands including 1-bit 

New Barcode Reader Symbologies
In addition to Code 39, UPC, PDF417, QR Code, DataMatrix, and the rest of DotImage’s 1D and 2D barcode symbologies, DotImage now supports

  • AustraliaPost
  • OneCode/Intelligent Mail
  • Planet
  • RM4SCC 

EZTwainX is included in DotImage Document Imaging and DotTwain
Browser-based scanning has been significantly improved with the addition of ActiveX TWAIN capabilities from the Dosadi acquisition, and included in DotTwain and DotImage Document Imaging.

What's new in DotImage 9.0d

  • Added ReferencedImageAnnotationRootPath property to the WebAnnotationViewer to allow caching of ReferencedImageAnnotation images in the browser.
  • Added additional Type6 metadata parsing for unknown WANG Type6 data. It is now stored in the ExtraProperties of an annotation.
  • .NET 4.0 WPF defaults to low quality instead of high quality for image resizes. We set to high quality by default for our WPF viewers now.
  • Added support for reading Wang Link Annotations, whose information is put in Extra Properties
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause annotations to render improperly if annotations were loaded in a RemoteInvoke when there were no layers.
  • Fixed bug in TileSize for the WebImageViewer.
  • We now skip over this tag for Olympus models that have this not to spec MakerNote length, and correctly read all the other tags.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause TextAnnotations to render thier text farther down the next line even when there was space left.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebImageViewer that stopped Chrome from working while using ASP.NET MVC.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would duplicate annotations on PostBack
  • Added Silverlight method for opening multiple files at once.
  • A bug was fixed in the GifDecoder so that it will partially read some broken GIF files instead of throwing an exception
  • PDF Rasterizer bug fixed to rasterize PDF with 4bpp images in them
  • Fixed PDF/A compliance issue. endobj needs a newline before it.
  • Fixed a rare bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause text fields containing annotation data to be added to the page.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that did not render annotation edges smoothly.
  • Fixed a bug in PDF Annotation exporting when exporting no annotations over a page with annotations, it didn't remove the annotations that were there as expected.
  • LevelsCommand support 16bpp Gray images now
  • Fixed a bug in the WebImageViewer when contained in an UpdatePanel in a TabControl
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause annotations to disappear while RemoteInvoking
  • TiffDecoder can now deal with more corrupt TIFF files that have their directory offsets set to impossibly large numbers
  • Fixed client side support of Annotation.CanSelect
  • Improved multiline text rendering on Canvas object
  • Fixed a bug saving PDF after removing pages
  • Wang saved EmbeddedImageAnnotation functionality improved.
  • Fixed a bug in ResampleDocumentCommand with images set to minisblack (using 0 for black, 1 for white)
  • Fixed a problem with rendering WebControls inside ASP.NET MVC ViewUserControls.
  • Fixed a bug in WebAnnotationViwer -- the annotation was still loading after its AnnotationLoaded event is raised
  • Fixed a bug in the PDFEncoder for 1bpp images in the same document as 24bpp images
  • PDFAnnotationExporter and Loading Annotations did not take Rotation into consideration
  • Handle null destinations in PDF
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would fire AnnotationChanged at the wrong time in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would not allow the ToolTip to be set from the client side when creating the annotation programmatically.
  • fixed bug in SilverlightImageViewer when 1bpp images are rotated and antialiased. It didn't show it rotated
  • Fixed a bug in PDF generation with black outlines not showing up in Acrobat
  • Added a GetObjectType() to WebControls, so that customers can inherit from them, but we still know the original type.
  • Fixed a bug in the TWAIN ActiveX control to check availability of changing sizes before allowing it.

What's New in DotImage 9.0c

  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would allow annotations to move while the image was centered and the control was being resized
  • Added a new OCR Engine, RecoStar, to DotImage OCR
  • Added a way to set PixelType in the ActiveX TWAIN control
  • Added a way to set FrameSize in the ActiveX TWAIN control
  • Fixed a licensing bug with the ActiveX TWAIN control
  • Fixed a memory leak in the hole punch removal command
  • Added FILEVERSION information to one of the Forms Processing assemblies
  • Fixed a case where IE warns of mixed content when using our web control on HTTPS pages
  • When 8bpp indexed files are sent to glyphreader, they will be auto-converted to 8bpp gray. If you want different behavior, you can handle the ImageSendOff event. The new image won't appear in translated documents -- it's used for OCR purposes only
  • Fixed issue in DocumentAnnotationViewer where annotations could be lost by deselecting the ThumbnailView
  • A memory leak was fixed in LineRemovalCommand
  • A bug was fixed in the The Toolkit Activation program so that DotImage Photo Free could be activated offline
  • Clarified instructions on the Toolkit Activation wizard
  • A memory leak was fixed in AutoBorderCropCommand
  • RAW was updated to add more cameras
  • Fixed a leak in the invert text command
  • Fixed a bug in Silverlight not cleaning all cached files
  • A bug was fixed in WinForms Annotations -- when an annotation was deselected, it sent a click event with the wrong annotation in it
  • Corrected EndEdgePoints of detected barcodes
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would allow annotations to move while the image was centered and the control was being resized

What's New in DotImage 9.0b

  • DotImage Photo is now free
  • Added a MouseUp and MouseDown event to WPF Controls
  • Added support to run the Silverlight viewer out-of-browser.
  • Made OMR detect lines and crosses better.
  • Added a Save method to the SilverlightImageViewer.
  • Added a Print method to the SilverlightImageViewer to simplify printing.
  • Updated the RAW codec to support more cameras
  • Detect licensing errors better in Silverlight and give better error messages.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow the creation of named DefaultAnnotations from JavaScript code.
  • Fixed a bug with serializing SilverlightInkAnnotation.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause all properties of a LayerAnnotation to revert back to defaults.
  • Fixed a bug where WebViewerControl.RegisterScriptInclude throws FileNotFound when an optional assembly wasn't found.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would show all layers on the last page, when annotations were added inside a RemoteInvoke.
  • Fixed a bug with saving a Silverlight PdfMarkupAnnotation highlighter.
  • Fixed an issue with DotTwain locking up some TWAIN 2.x drivers that issue callbacks from a separate thread.
  • Support the Web Viewing Suite license in Silverlight.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error in IE when zooming in on multiple text annotations.
  • Fixed the XMPFormatter to deserialize arrays in annotations.
  • Added support for printing Silverlight annotations.
  • Fixed a bug with deserializing a Silverlight PdfMarkupAnnotation highlighter.
  • Twain ActiveX Control updated to resolve installation issues on some machines.  However, users currently experiencing the "repeating install" bug need to manually uninstall.
  • Fixed a bug with the Silverlight image processing requests creating an invalid query if a query is already used to access the hosting web page.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow AnnotationChanging to fire while an annotation was changing in the WebThumbnailViewer.
  • Fixed a bug with SilverlightInkAnnotation not serializing correctly if it had not been visible.
  • Added AnnotationRequested event for the WebAnnotationViewer.
  • Fixed a bug with the Silverlight CompositePrintPageLayout calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with the AtalasoftSilverlightExceptionEventArgs.ToString method returning duplicate information.
  • Reduced the number of server requests when opening an image in the SilverlightImageViewer.
  • Added support for multi-clicking of the Silverlight selection mouse tool.
  • Fixed a bug with the ThumbnailView preventing small change Scroll events.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing custom annotations from using protected serialization constructors.

DotImage 9.0a Release Notes

  • Added support for ASP.NET MVC
  • Added a CreatePdfAnnotationDataExporter event to the DocumentAnnotationViewer so that you can create custom export policies for annotations when they are stored in a PDF.
  • Added a LoadAnnotationData method to DocumentAnnotationViewer to allow loading annotations separate from the images.
  • Fixed a bug with TwainManager.TwainLibraryLocation returning the wrong location when TWAIN 2.x is on the system.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when licensing the FormsProcessing assembly.
  • Added the Code39Options property to ReadOpts to enable/disable code 39 semantic analysis.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebThumbnailViewer that inhibited it from loading images from an ImageSource.
  • Fixed bug in PDF resource handling when fonts have no encoding specified.
  • A bug was fixed in Barcode Writer licenses to make them work without DotImage licenses.
  • The TGA Decoder's validator was changed to make it faster and less likely to mistake TIFF as TGA.
  • Fixed a bug in DocumentAnnotationViewer which was not providing a default layer when loading images with no annotations.
  • AtalaImage.ToBitmap() was fixed to work with 48bpp images.
  • Fixed a positioning bug with clicking on an annotation to create a new annotation when Zoom is not 1.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException caused when calling ExitCreateMode before the CurrentLayer has been set.
  • Fixed a bug in DocumentAnnotationViewer which was throwing an exception when loading an image format other than JPEG, TIFF or PDF.
  • InkData was made serializable
  • The renderer for Ink annotations was fixed to use a transformation matrix if one is provided.
  • Fixed a bug with TwainManager.TwainLibraryLocation returning the wrong location when TWAIN 2.x is on the system.
  • PDF parsers were updated to handle files with blank owner passwords
  • Added Code39Options to the ReadOpts class. This allows setting DisableFullASCII to turn off escape code processing.

What's new in DotImage 9.0

  • Forms Processing add-on
  • PDF Bookmarking
  • PDF Encryption/Decryption
  • PDF Page Manipulation (insert, remove, and rearrange pages)
  • WinForms Annotation Document Viewer
  • Web Thumbnail control supports AJAX zoom and mouse tools
  • Silverlight 4.0 and printing
  • Visual Studio 2010 integration

What’s New in DotImage 8.0c

New Features

  • WebImageViewer and WebAnnotationViewer have events that let you cache and stream out your own tiles
  • Atalasoft now install Silverlight components into Microsoft Expression Studio
  • Added a LinkViewer method to the Silverlight control which allows two controls, one in thumbnail and one in single page layout, will share server-side files and update each other
  • Added additional value testing when Silverlight annotation properties are set to prevent possible exceptions

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a check to AnnotateViewer.Save to make sure any Text or Callout annotations have exited EditMode before saving
  • A bug was fixed in the VB source to the barcode demo that caused it not to find any barcodes
  • Fixed a bug where setting the SilverlightImageViewer to a small size would throw an exception when an image is loaded
  • Fixed a bug in the Twain Control demo that would cause a "No devices found" message
  • Worked around an Internet Explorer bug that incorrectly reported insecure connections for relative paths used in background images
  • Fixed a bug with Canvas.DrawText alignment
  • AsynchronousException was not always being raised for errors
  • Fixed a bug in the VB Twain Control demo
  • Fixed an exception thrown with AnnotationController.Paste
  • Fixed an issue with FolderThumbnailView where duplicate thumbnails were being created when the total count was greater than 2000
  • Fixed a bug that didn't render the script tags from a callback in the header tag.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that caused problems with IE, when the outline of a TextAnnotation was set to none.
  • Fixed a bug with quotation marks in Web Text annotations
  • Fixed the Twain Control's configuration file to point to the correct URL
  • Updated ISIS documentation for IsisSettings.Brightness to reflect the ISIS specification description
  • Fixed an issue where SelectionChanged was not being raised after a call to AnnotationController.Paste
  • Fixed a bug in RubberStampAnnotation where some characters would cause artifacts to be left being when resizing
  • Fixed a bug with a masked selection in AtalaImageViewer when the Bounds of the selection is set
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that did not allow double quote marks in a TextAnnotation
  • Fixed an issue where .NET would cause an exception for Grayscale scans
  • Fixed an issue where TextFormat.Alignment was being modified by Canvas.CalculateTextSize
  • ClearSelectedAnnotations was not setting ActiveAnnotation to null (Nothing in VB)
  • Fixed a center of rotation bug when deserializing rotated annotations
  • Fixed a bug in AnnotationsController.Paste() that caused it not to work

What’s New in DotImage 8.0b

  • Added an option to skip validation of barcodes (SkipAllValidation property on ReadOpts). Makes the reader find barcodes that might be damaged - the data returned should be validated by calling code
  • Added support for PixelFormat selection support to the DotTwain ActiveX Control
  • ActiveX DotTwain now supports public key licensing
  • Silverlight error message was changed to reference a KB article
  • Added links inside of the Toolkit Activation to help in choosing an evaluation
  • Added a feature to ActiveX Twain to allow saving to a file locally instead of immediately uploading
  • Updated Tesseract OCR to v2.04


Product Features

  • Add High speed viewing of PDF documents to your applications
  • Convert PDF's to raster images in the DotImage Image Viewers without the Adobe Acrobat SDK
  • Print PDF Documents using the DotImage Printing components or by rendering onto a printer graphics object.
  • Convert PDF Documents into any supported DotImage image format (multipage TIFF, JPEG, etc).
  • Integrates with our AJAX enabled Web Image viewer for server-side viewing, panning, and zooming of PDF documents
  • Search and extract text within a PDF document (Requires purchase of with Text Extraction option)
  • Obtain the position of text on a page so that the text can be highlighted
  • Extract all images from a specified PDF page to their native bit depth
  • Specify a resolution to use when rasterizing the PDF for instant PDF thumbnails
  • Supports CCIT G3, G4, Flate, and JPEG embedded images
  • Support for JBIG2 and JPEG2000 compressed images
  • Supports PDF Specification versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 
  • Supports all font types: Type1, TrueType, Type0, Type3
  • Supports all text rendering modes (full, stroke, clipping)
  • Supports tiling patterns and shadings
  • Supports all colorspaces: RGB, Gray, CMYK, ICCBased, Lab, Indexed, and Separation.
  • Runtime Royalty Free Desktop Licensing



Maintenance Subscription
12 months of maintenance is included with the purchase, providing upgrade protection and priority phone and web based support.
An active maintenance is required for each SDK and Server in order to deploy the software royalty free (some Add Ons may require a runtime license). Please see the Pricing and Licensing section for more information.


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