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A suite of advanced user interface components. DotNetBar is a suite of 44 components including: Office 2007 style Ribbon Control, Office 2007 Style Super Tooltips, auto-hide dockable windows with diamond guides, dockable and floating menus and toolbars, document docking, tab control, tab strip control, Office 2007 style Navigation Pane control, Explorer Bar control, Side Bar control, Balloon/Alert control, Advanced Panel Control, Expandable Panel control, Expandable Splitter control and more. Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP and Windows XP Themed styles are part of DotNetBar Appearance package. DotNetBar is a 100% native .NET component that fully supports all .NET languages like C#, VB.NET and all .NET Framework versions. DotNetBar Developer License includes 12 months of updates, both minor and major and 12 months rapid email based support. Source code available.

What's New in DotNetbar V7.7?

  • New: RatingStar stand-alone 5-star rating control added
  • New: RatingItem added so 5 star rating can be added to menus, toolbars and ribbon
  • New: Explicit enforcement of Min and Max bounds at paste time on values for DoubleInput and IntegerInput controls
  • New: ItemPanel now checks Selectable control style for the control before focusing it in response to mouse down event on the control
  • New: AdvTree NodeCollection.Find method added
  • New: Command.Visible property added for setting Visible property on items that have Command attached
  • New: ColorPickerDropDown.ColorsInitialized property added
  • New: ComboTree will show drop-down if Alt+Down key is pressed
  • New: AdvTree.CollapseAll method added

What's New in DotNetbar V7.6?

2 New Components:

  • ComboTree control a ComboBox style control with drop-down Tree in Office 2007 style
  • TextBoxDropDown control a single line TextBox with drop-down support and custom buttons

What's New in DotNetbar V7.5?

  • New Vista Glass inspired theme added for all controls including the Ribbon

What's New in DotNetbar V7.4?

  • CrumbBar control added a horizontal bread-crumb style tree control with Vista and Office 2007 styles
  • AdvTree ColumnHeader.MouseUp event added
  • AdvTree ColumnHeader.MouseDown event added
  • Improved popup calendar MinDate handling when DateTimeInput.MinDate property is set so partial months on calendar can be selected

What's New in DotNetbar V7.3?

  • Advanced Tree Control with multi-column support and Office 2007 style added
  • SliderItem.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • LabelItem.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • Slider.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • LabelX.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • CheckBoxX.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • CheckBoxItem.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • ButtonX.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • ButtonItem.EnableMarkup property added to indicate whether text-markup support for Text property is enabled
  • ToolTip.MarkupEnabled static property added to enable/disable markup support on tooltips
  • NavigationPane popup does not close now when ComboBox popup is clicked

What's New in DotNetbar V7.2?

  • BarUtilities.UseTextRenderer property added to switch text rendering to TextRenderer class
  • RibbonBar.DialogLauncherKeyTip property added
  • ColorPickerDropDown GetStandardColors and GetThemeColors method made virtual
  • Balloon Style Offic2007Alert added for Office 2007 color scheme and appearance for Balloon. Balloon sample updated to show how to create custom Office 2007 style alert.
  • Office2007Form.Office2007ColorTable property added to change global Office 2007 Color Table
  • Multi-line TextBoxX watermark text line alignment set according to TextAlign property setting
  • ButtonX.FocusCuesEnabled property added to control the visibility of focus cues
  • ItemPanel.AlwaysDisplayKeyAccelerators property added to allow control over visibility of key accelerators
  • DateTimeInput.AutoSelectDate property added to control whether first day in month is automatically selected while changing month or year on popup date selector

What's New in DotNetbar V7.1.0.0?

  • Horizontal and Vertical Advanced Scroll-bar Control in Office 2007 style
  • Installer now integrates DotNetBar with Visual Studio.NET 2008
  • Vertical layout style for Slider control
  • Text-markup support for Office 2007 form caption

What's New in DotNetbar V7.0?

6 brand New controls added to DotNetbar:

  • Advanced Date/Time Picker control in Office 2007 style, NULL value support, international support, custom buttons and extensive appearance customization
  • Advanced Month Calendar control in Office 2007 style, international support, extensive customization and rendering options.
  • Double value input control with custom value formatting, NULL value support, Office 2007 style and more... Use it for currency entry, percentages or any out decimal values.
  • Integer value input control with NULL value support, custom buttons, Office 2007 style and more...
  • Reflection Image Control provides great looking reflections for your images, supports disabled state and extensive background and border styling options.
  • Reflection Label Control with text-markup, disabled state and extensive background and border styling options.

What's New in DotNetbar V6.9?

  • Office 2007 style for Side-Bar control
  • SuperTooltip native support for TabItem controls
  • Signed version of control now included in Signed sub-folder

What's New in DotNetbar V6.8?

  • Office 2007 Style for Wizard Control Added. Use Wizard.WizardStyle property to change style of wizard at design-time.
  • New: ButtonItem.ImageSmall property added to specify small image to be used by Ribbon control when needed by layout manager or on QAT
  • New: DataGridViewX.SelectAllSignVisible property added to hide/show top-left corner select all sign
  • CheckBoxX and CheckBoxItem support 3-state check box CheckState, ThreeState properties added to enable that functionality


What's New in DotNetBar V6.7?

  • Help button support for Office 2007 Form
  • Visual enhancements for tabs in Office 2007 Style
  • On-focus highlighting ability for TextBoxX control
  • Automatic multi-line support for ButtonItem controls on RibbonBar control
  • Control over the level of details displayed by Super Tooltip control
  • Much, much more... Complete release notes as usual are in the help file

What's New in DotNetBar V6.6?

  • NEW Office 2007 style Label control 
  • NEW Stand-alone Color Picker Button 
  • NEW Button Color table in Office 2007 Installer style
  • NEW Super Tooltip maximum sizing constraints
  • NEW Improved visual style for Group Panel control

What's New in DotNetBar V6.5.0.3?

  • New: ListViewEx control added with Office 2007 style, scroll bars and header
  • New: DotNetBar Assembly now signed with certificate
  • New: RibbonTabItem.PaddingHorizontal property added to specify additional horizontal padding for the tab
  • New: GalleryContainer.PopupUsesStandardScrollbars property added to enable alternate scroll bars style for the gallery content when gallery is on popup. Can be used for example to scroll items on applications menu most recently used list of files
  • New: Scroll button support implemented for ribbon panels that contain ribbons that overflow the panel
  • New: RibbonControl.QatFrequentCommands property added to enable listing of Frequently Used QAT commands on QAT customize menu
  • New: Non-client rendering for GrouPanel control performance enhanced
  • New: Ribbon control form caption text positioning improvements in complex scenarios
  • New: SuperTooltip.IgnoreFormActiveState property added

What's New in DotNetBar V6.4?

  • New: SliderItem and Slider controls in Office 2007 style added
  • New: TextBoxItem and ComboBoxItem label text color ehanced when used on Ribbon control
  • New: Selected color displayed on More Colors dialog of Color Picker Drop-down
  • New: TabControl.AutoSelectAttachedControl property added
  • New: RibbonBar.BackgroundHoverEnabled property added to control whether RibbonBar changes background when mouse is over the control
  • New: NavigationPane.AntiAlias property added
  • New: ExpandablePanel.AntiAlias property now applied to the title panel as well
  • New: Improved scrolling performance for the ItemPanel control
  • New: TabStrip.MeasureTabItem property added to allow customization on tab size during internal tab measuring
  • New: TabStrip.PreRenderTabItem event added to allow custom rendering of tab item
  • New: TabStrip.PostRenderTabItem event added to allow rendering on top of default rendering provided by the tab


What's New in DotNetBar V6.3?

  • New: ComboBoxEx control with Office 2007 style and Watermark text as drop-in replacement for ComboBox added
  • New: TextBoxX control with Office 2007 style, Scroll-bars and Watermark text as drop-in replacement for TextBox added
  • New: GroupPanel control added for Office 2007 style group box control. Text-markup supported
  • New: BubbleBar.TooltipTextColor property added to specify the text color for tooltips
  • New: BubbleBar.TooltipOutlineColor property added to specify the text outline color for tooltips
  • New: MdiWindowListItem.Initialize method added to provide way to custom initialize the item
  • New: MdiWindowListItem.IsInitialized property added which returns whether item has been initialized
  • New: Office2007RibbonForm Windows Vista Glass text appearance brought inline with Office 2007
  • New: TabControl.ValidateChildren method added to validate all child controls inside of tab control
  • New: ExpandablePanel.CollapseDirection property added to specify the collapsing direction for the control. Now it is possible to create Office 2007 Access style Navigation Panes. See NavigationPane sample for an example.
  • New: ExpandablePanel.ExpandOnTitleClick property added to enable expand/collapse action when title is clicked
  • New: ExpandablePanel system images for Office 2007 style improved

What's New in DotNetBar V6.2?

  • New control ProgressBarX stand-alone control added to provide Office 2007, 2003 and VS.NET style progress bar
  • New control CheckBoxX stand-alone control for Office 2007 style check-box and option box
  • MessageBoxEx.Show drop-in replacement for MessageBox.Show with Office 2007 style and text-markup support
  • Automatic generation of Office 2007 style color schemes based on single color, see RibbonPad sample
  • Windows Vista Glass support for Ribbon Control and Office2007RibbonForm
  • SuperTooltip.ShowTooltip new overload added to allow showing of SuperTooltip at specific screen location
  • ProgressBarItem.BackgroundStyle property replaced by ProgressBarItem.BackStyle property
  • PanelEx support for markup AutoScroll and style margins
  • Improved scroll wheel scrolling appearance on item panel with large number of controls
  • ButtonItem.SplitButton property added for Office 2007 style split buttons appearance and functionality
  • Span tag added to text markup with support for Width and Align attributed. Span tag allows you to create tabular layouts.
  • Office2007StartButton when used in Office 2007 style Ribbon start menu functionality will pull the menu up and draw over it
  • Bar.CloseDockTab method marked as public
  • ExplorerBar design-time support for the ItemContainer interaction
  • Support for the no tabs on Ribbon Control with caption and start button visible
  • KeyTips behavior improvements to bring them in-line with the latest Office 2007 release

What’s New in DotNetBar V6.0?

  • DotNetBarManager designer removed and replaced with on-form designer for dockable windows and toolbars
  • New algorithm for resizing of the RibbonBar objects and buttons inside
  • Text-markup tag expand added to insert the drop-down button sign with the text and that way reduce the size of the button. For example <expand/> markup inside of the Text will include the drop-down triangle within the text
  • BaseItem.KeyTips property added for multi-level key tips assignment
  • CheckBoxItem added to represent check box and radio button in Office 2007 style
  • RibbonControl.Office2007ColorTable property added for easy switching of the global Office 2007 Color Table
  • Mouse over support for the RibbonBar with hosted Windows Forms control
  • RibbonControl.EnableQatPlacement property setting not respected on QAT Customize Dialog
  • Accessibility support for RibbonBar dialog launcher implemented
  • RibbonBar.CanCustomize property added which controls whether ribbon bar can be added to Quick Access Toolbar
  • Added Disabled color table settings for the buttons in Office 2007 style
  • SuperTooltip.SuperTooltipInfoTable property added to enable enumeration of all super tooltips managed by the component
  • SuperTooltips layout and appearance improved to bring it inline with Office 2007
  • RibbonBar MinimumSize and MaximumSize support in .NET Framework 2.0 and VS.NET 2005 only
  • Enabled localization support for SuperTooltip control
  • Office2007Form performance improvements when running under terminal services
  • RibbonControl.UseExternalCustomization property added to enable external implementation for ribbon bar customization
  • Bar.ItemClick event added and made default event for Bar control
  • Balloon.CaptioText property marked as localizable
  • Accessibility support for ButtonX control
  • Office2007StartButton added to represent the Ribbon Office 2007 Start button


What's New in DotNetBar V5.9?

  • RibbonControl.AutoSize property added to enable auto-sizing of the ribbon control based on content
  • Improved keyboard navigation for nested ItemContainer objects on menus
  • ItemContainer.VerticalItemAlignment property added to control the alignment of the items
  • RibbonBar.VerticalItemAlignment property added to control the alignment of the items
  • RibbonBar.HorizontalItemAlignment property added to control horizontal alignment of the items
  • Standard menu and toolbars appearance brought inline with Office 2007 Blue and Black color schemes
  • Dockable and auto-hide windows appearance in Office 2007 style
  • Office2007Document new tab strip style added with Blue and Black Office 2007 color scheme compatibility
  • Office2007Dock new tab strip style added with Blue and Black Office 2007 color scheme compatibility
  • Office 2007 style added to ExpandableSplitter control with automatic Blue and Black color scheme support
  • RibbonControl.AutoSize property added to automatically set the height of ribbon control
  • Static method RibbonPredefinedColorSchemes.ChangeOffice2007ColorTable for one line changing of the Office 2007 color table
  • Navigation pane support for Office 2007 Blue and Black color schemes added
  • Command Links feature added to DotNetBarManager to enable type safe access to items. See Notepad sample for an example of Command links in action.
  • Added support for ShowIcon form property on Office2007Form
  • Better resizing handling added for ribbon caption, tab groups and ribbon tabs
  • Improved non-client area handling for Office2007Form and Office2007RibbonForm
  • Office2007ColorTable.InitialColorScheme property added to provide information on initial color scheme used for color table
  • RibbonBar collapsed appearance brought in-line with current Office 2007 release
  • Bar.RoundCorners property added to control whether bar corners are rounded when styles with round corners are used
  • ItemPanel.AllowExternalDrop property added to enable acceptance of external BaseItem objects automatically through drag & drop
  • ItemPanel.UseNativeDragDrop property added to control whether built-in drag & drop support is used or native .NET
  • ItemPanel.EnableDragDrop property added to control whether automatic drag & drop is enabled
  • Automatic drag & drop support added to the ItemPanel control see EnableDragDrop property
  • Quick Access Toolbar customization added
  • Quick Access Toolbar positioning added
  • Quick Access Toolbar layout serialization through RibbonControl.QatLayout property
  • Performance improvements across the board
  • Ribbon tab appearance when ribbon is collapsed now match the latest release of Office 2007
  • Double-click on Office2007Form caption icon will close the form
  • RibbonControl.AutoSize setting will resize the ribbon panels automatically as tabs are changed
  • Right-to-left support improvements in ribbon control
  • Office2007RibbonForm maximized sizing improvements on Windows Vista
  • SuperTooltip support for ComboBoxEx item
  • ColorPickerDropDown improvements in color selection behaviour. Color picker will drop down when button is clicked anywhere when there is no selected color set. Otherwise it will drop down only when expand part is clicked. Click event is raised even when selected color has changed.
  • SuperTooltip.Enabled property added to enable/disable display of tooltips for all controls managed by the SuperTooltip component


What's new in DotNetBar V5.x?

  • ButtonX control
  • Color Picker Drop-Down control
  • Office 2007 Ribbon Control with blue and black color scheme
  • Office 2007 Super Tooltips Control added
  • ExpandablePanel control added
  • Expandable features added to Navigation Pane control like in Office 2007
  • DotNetBarManager.HideMdiSystemMenu property added to hide maximized MDI Child menu without creating menu bar in DotNetBarManager
  • Bar.CanDockTab property added to control whether bar can be docked as tab to another bar
  • TabStrip SelectedTabChanging and SelectedTabChanged is firing when first and last tab is opened and closed
  • DotNetBarManager.IncludeDockDocumentsInDefinition property added
  • Improved active dock document appearance
  • Visual Studio 2005 compatible.


DotNetBar includes :

  • Office 2007 style Ribbon WinForms Control
    Fully featured Office 12 like Ribbon Control with KeyTips support, fade animation effects etc.
  • Office 2007 style SuperTooltips Control
    Fully featured Office 12 like Super Tooltips control with 18 color schemes.
  • Office 2007 style Galleries Control
    With built-in scrolling support, popup abilities and automatic resizing.
  • Office 2007 style Forms
    Include two types of Office 2007 style forms: Ribbon Style and Standard.
  • Office 2007, VS.2005, Office 2003, Office XP and Office 2000 styles
    DotNetBar provides multiple styles for menus and toolbars that can be changed on the fly.
  • Outlook 2003 style Navigation Pane control
    Create Navigation Pane user interface with ease.
  • Dockable Tabbed Windows
    DotNetBar also provides the dockable windows for your applications.
  • Document Docking with split-view technology
    Dock windows inside of the client area of the form any way you want.
  • Auto-Hide Dockable Windows
    Use this feature to provide your users with ultimate flexibility and usability when using Dockable Windows.
  • Tear-Off tabs from Dockable Windows
    Your end-users can tear-off tabs from dockable windows or they can dock other dockable windows as a tabs.
  • Independent Tab Positioning for Dockable Windows
    Position Tabs on Dockable Windows on any side of the Bar.
  • True WYSIWYG docking
    DotNetBar Dockable Windows and Bars provide you with true What You See Is What You Get docking functionality. Do not guess where your window will be docked based on hard to see outline, DotNetBar shows in real-time position of your window.
  • Dockable toolbars
    DotNetBar toolbars are dockable and you have full control where they can be docked or whether they can be undocked.
  • Windows XP Themes Support
    DotNetBar fully support Windows XP Themes. This means that your user interface will always have the latest visual styles provided by Windows XP.
  • Popup menu and popup toolbars
    Create popup menus or toolbars simply by setting the PopupType property on your items.
  • Windows XP style Explorer-bar control
    Since release 2.0 of DotNetBar suite Windows XP Explorer-bar control with full Windows XP Theme support and newStyleinterface is available.
  • Flat style Side-bar control
    Includes 18 predefined color schemes.
  • Outlook style Side-bar control
    Included with DotNetBar is Outlook style side-bar control with same easy-to-use interface and complete Windows XP Theme support.
  • Windows XP style Balloon control
    Convey important bits of information to your users easily with Balloon control.
  • Popup container that lets you popup any Windows Forms Control
    You can popup any control from toolbar or menu item. See Notepad sample color selector for great example of this feature.
  • Host any Windows Forms Control on menu or toolbar
    ControlContainerItem will let you host any Windows Forms Control on menu or toolbar.
  • Context menus for all your controls
    DotNetBar provides the extender property to all your controls that allows you to set the context menus with one mouse-click.
  • Create Office XP like Task Panes
    Use TaskList layout type to create Office XP like task panes.
  • Support for up to three different image sizes on toolbars using ImageList
    With release of Windows XP the user interface guidelines have been changed and up to three different image sizes are recommended for toolbars.
  • Color Scheme Support
    DotNetBar Color Scheme model lets you change and customize the color of almost every visible part of DotNetBar menus and toolbars.
  • Image container
    You can store item images directly in DotNetBar which eliminate the need to use ImageList control and simplifies the management of your menus and toolbars since everything is in one place.
  • Animated menus
    Create menus that can slide, open, unfold or fade. DotNetBar provides great flexibility on how these effects are used: use system default settings, set control wide effects or set them for each item.
  • Personalized Menus
    Reduces the menu complexity by hiding unused menu items.
  • Save and Restore Layout and usage data
    Save and restore complete DotNetBar configuration and usage data in XML based format at run-time or design time.
  • Automatic Image Processing
    DotNetBar automatically creates disabled or grayed images from the basic image you provide.
  • End-Users Customization of Menus and Toolbars
    DotNetBar lets your end-users customize both menus and toolbars at run-time. You are in full control so you can disable this feature or disabled it only for particular items.
  • Extensible framework
    You can create your own items and that way extended DotNetBar functionality.
  • Multi-functional Panel control
    Included with DotNetBar is multi-functional panel control with color scheme support, gradient background colors, background images and mouse state support.
  • TabStrip control with 9 different styles
    TabStrip control including automatic MDI child form management feature.
  • Real Tab Control with 9 different styles
    Container tab control with multi-line tab support and much more.
  • BubbleBar control you can find only in DotNetBar
    Distinguish your applications with this unique toolbar control.
  • Expandable Splitter control
    Manage sparse screen real estate with a simple to use expandable splitter control.
  • Date/Time Picker control
    Date/Time Picker control in Office 2007 style with extensive customization options, null value support, custom formatting and much more.
  • Month-Calendar control
    Month-Calendar control in Office 2007 style with easy custom rendering support, multi-selection, per-day image settings and more
  • Double value input control
    Double value input control with custom value formatting, NULL value support, Office 2007 style and more... Use it for currency entry, percentages or any out decimal values.
  • Integer value input control
    Integer value input control with NULL value support, custom buttons, Office 2007 style and more.
  • Reflection Image Control
    Reflection Image Control provides great looking reflections for your images, supports disabled state and extensive background and border styling options.
  • Reflection Label Control
    Reflection Label Control with text-markup, disabled state and extensive background and border styling options.
  • Advanced Tree Control
    Advanced TreeView control included with DotNetBar for Windows Forms is designed from ground up to replace standard TreeView control and provide additional advanced functionality like multi-selection, multi-column and styling support. Out of box it provides great looking Office 2007 style and per-node customization for background color, text-color etc
  • CrumbBar Horizontal Tree Control
    Bread-crumb style horizontal tree control CrumbBar in native Windows Vista style as well as Office 2007 style with Blue, Black and Silver color schemes.
  • ComboTree control a ComboBox style control with drop-down Tree in Office 2007 style. You can use it whenever multi-column or hierarchical ComboBox is needed. You can create tree-nodes at design-time, but where this control really shines is data-binding
  • TextBoxDropDown control a single line TextBox with drop-down support and custom buttons.
  • Rating Control: 5 Star rating control with average rating display support and text-markup.



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