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E-Banking Integrator ActiveX/COM Edition

by /n software - 상품타입: Component / ActiveX OCX

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Build fully-integrated solutions for retrieving live financial data from banks, credit card and investment companies. /n software IBiz E-Banking Integrator is a suite of components for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) client integration. It facilitates the process of retrieving financial data from bank, credit card, and investment company accounts. The components fully encapsulate the OFX protocol and security logic, and provide an easy to use interface for accessing financial transaction information.

₩ 657,500

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E-Banking Integrator ActiveX/COM Edition V4   *

주문 ₩ 657,500 One Development Workstation, Royalty-Free Distribution  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: BOA4-A
주문 ₩ 131,500 Annual Support & Maintenance (requires Development Workstation License)  * 이메일로 납품
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주문 ₩ 131,500 Annual Support & Maintenance Renewal  * 이메일로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: M-IBANX

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What's new in E-Banking Integrator V4?

  • Enhanced with an all new communication layer based on the high-performance IP*Works! V9 core.
  • Substantial improvements for unicode support and internationalization.

What’s new in /n software E-Banking Integrator V3? - Includes new electronic banking features such as support for intra-bank and inter-bank transfers, check/closing statement images, MFA challenge questions/answers, image download service (check and/or statement closing information images), and more.

What’s new in /n software E-Banking Integrator V2.0?

  • Now with support for bill payment, intra-bank transfers, and batch message processing. In addition, this release includes new components for granular OFX message manipulation


E-Banking Integrator ActiveX / VB Edition

The E-Banking Integrator (formerly IBiz OFX Integrator) consists of components that can retrieve electronic bank, credit card, and investment transaction information. These components enable application developers to build solutions which incorporate faster and more accurate transaction reconciliation, send instant transaction notifications, and fully 'close the loop' between payments and accounting.


  • Easy-to-use API encapsulates all protocol logic and security for accessing transaction information
  • 128-bit strong SSL encryption keeps sensitive transaction information confidential
  • Retrieve OFX data directly from financial institutions or load OFX data from local files
  • Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and component technologies
  • Includes everything needed to rapidly add OFX capabilities to your web or desktop applications, including: extensive documentation, sample applications, integrated help, and more


  • BankStatement - Supports SignOn and Bank Statement download functions
  • CCStatement - Supports SignOn and Credit Card statement download functions
  • FIProfile - Supports SignOn and FI Profile functions
  • InvStatement - Supports Investment Statement Download functions
  • OFXAggregate - A generic component for parsing and managing XML aggregates produced by other OFX Integrator components


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 E-Banking Integrator - ActiveX/COM Edition - V4의 스크린샷  E-Banking Integrator - ActiveX/COM Edition - V4의 스크린샷  E-Banking Integrator - ActiveX/COM Edition - V4의 스크린샷  E-Banking Integrator - ActiveX/COM Edition - V4의 스크린샷
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