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von Stone Bond Technologies - Produkttyp: Komponente / Anwendung / .NET Web Service / 100% Managed Code / Developer Application / End User Application / Server Application / Web Service

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Jack [CA, USA] 02-Nov-2010Rezension: 

 *  What an amazing product!!! We had to complete an integration project in 4 weeks. We did a little search to see if there was anything in the market to meet our demands since we would have many such small projects coming from time to time, that is when we found EE. We evaluated the trial version and found that it was a perfect fit for our needs and we were able to complete the project in just 1 week. I tried to look into other features of the product and the process designer in it also seems to be very powerful.

slfral1111 [TX, USA] 02-Nov-2010Rezension: 

 *  I am extremely pleased with my Enterprise Enabler Software! It has made life at work so much easier for many of my employees. We never realized how much change one piece of software could make in our integration process, but we sure do now! The minimal amount of time the install took and how simple the training was to complete were very beneficial because we had almost no downtime. I would recommend this product to anyone having issues at their company.

SS [TX, USA] 02-Nov-2010Rezension: 

 *  I installed enterprise enabler on my windows 7 - 64bit machine at work. Installer was a breeze. UI looked pretty intuitive. Videos are very helpful. I was able to get Opportunity data from salesforce and show it in wss in no time. Will be looking in to their SAP & CRM interfaces.

gaineswhaley [VA, USA] 27-Oct-2010Rezension: 

 *  A very powerful tool! The free trial download includes all the connection options and lets you actually build and test WSS connections. I needed to get data from Dynamics CRM and combine it with some data we maintain in a straight-forward SQL-based application. I was even able to see and select the custom fields automatically, which saved a ton of time. Once I got CRM done, I tried combining with SQL, and was able to map the data together into ADO entity pretty easily. I plan to do the write-back next, but only need that to the SQL application. I'll be presenting the POC next week. This tool is definitely worth trying out if you want to eliminate the BIG hassles of building the integration to a WSS based application. I think there is a lot of functionality that I haven't discovered yet - debugging and testing is really easy. Be sure to watch the videos to get a smooth start.

sgerhardt [TX, USA] 11-Oct-2010Rezension: 

 *  Enterprise Enabler was a very quick way for us to start integrations and bring relevant data to SharePoint. The IDE will be familiar to most who already use eclipse or visual studio. I'd highly recommend for data integration - even to try for a pilot or quick-win with the business.


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