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Entity Atoms

by NeuroSpeech - Product Type: Component / .NET Class

Secure data access to Entity Framework from mobile platforms. Entity Atoms lets you easily create and manage entities and control serialization/validation without writing any code. You can also use it to write complex text templates that generate code needed to build CRUD applications. There is less dependency on external libraries because everything is generated in code.

Key Features of Entity Atoms

  • Extend Entity Framework to any platform using RIA Services
  • Simple LINQ expression rules enable security
  • Enable table audits/history including cascade delete
  • Customizable code generator
  • Simple client and server side validations
  • Easy access to related entities (navigation properties)
  • JSON endpoint with date handling
  • Additional UI elements for Flex Mobile
  • Advanced search (search navigation properties)

Simple LINQ Expression Rules to enable Security
Parent relation verification and User access verification can be done by using simple LINQ expression rules. You can define rules in the Custom security container class for object ownership.

JSON Endpoint with Date Handling
By default JSON does not have special date format, but Neurosoft have incorporated Microsoft’s date format

Additional UI Elements for Flex Mobile
Custom controls for flex mobile application.

Enable Table Audits/History including Cascade Delete
In audit framework, a complete history of which fields were added, deleted and modified, by which user and at what time.

Code Snippets
Available in different languages, easy to understand and can be modified easily as per requirement. Supports,, Action Script and Java languages.

Simple Client and Server side validations
Validations can be applied to entities using validation rules like regular expression, range validation, IsRequired etc. in server side which gets reflected in client side.

Tables Views
Make tables active or inactive at any point of time by checking or unchecking a check box. If you make any table inactive then code for that particular entity will not be generated in the generated code.

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