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FDMS Integrator ActiveX/COM

by /n software - Product Type: Component / ActiveX OCX

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Add internet credit card processing via FDMS to your applications. FDMS Integrator includes components for direct credit card authorization and transaction processing through FDMS (, a major Internet Payment Processor. Certified support for Retail, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing and Restaurant transactions.

What's new in FDMS Integrator V3? - Enhanced with all new FDMS transaction capabilities including GiftCard, Benefit (EBT), and Debit, as well as support for transaction Reversals.

What’s new in FDMS Integrator V2? - Enhanced with support for the latest FDMS connectivity requirements including the Merchant 3rd Party Processor and Visa Agent identifiers. In addition, a new certified FDMSHealthCare component is also now available for authorizing credit cards and FSA cards for health care transactions.

FDMS Integrator ActiveX/COM Edition - ActiveX Controls and optimized for the Internet and a COM library optimized for server side development. Smaller, faster, and without dependencies on external libraries. The edition of choice for distributed Internet applications.

FDMS Integrator Features

  • No more Internet payment gateway fees, work directly with an Internet payment processor. FDMS Integrator  contains components for direct credit card authorization, processing, and settlement through First Data Merchant Services (FDMS). 
  • Eliminate the middleman and associated expense by processing transactions directly with an Internet payment processor.
  • Certified - Retail, E-Commerce etc.  - FDMS certified support for Retail, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing, Healthcare, Restaurant transactions, and more
  • Cross Platform - Native editions available targeting major platforms & IDE's including: .NET, ActiveX, ASP, Delphi, C++, etc.
  • 3-D Secure MPI Enabled -3-D Secure MPI integration support, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and JCB J-Secure.
  • Other Features - Fast and Lightweight, No External Dependencies, Transaction Logging, Integrated into Major IDE's, and more

FDMS Integrator Highlights

  • Visa validated PABP/CISP compliance
  • Certified support for Retail, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing, Healthcare, and Restaurant transactions.
  • Bypass expensive gateway fees by working directly with an Internet payment processor.
  • Secure data encryption using up to 128-bit SSL encryption and Digital Certificates.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) data support.
  • Card Verification Code (CVC) support.
  • Support for commercial purchasing cards including Level II and Level III transactions.
  • Support for Recurring and Installment payments.
  • Properties for 3-D Secure MPI integration (CAVV, ECI, and XID) for Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and JCB J-Secure support.
  • Logging features including raw transaction details for troubleshooting and storage.
  • Credit Card validity checks decrease expenses that result from attempting to authorize invalid credit cards.
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and component technologies.
  • Unlimited free Email technical support backed by an experienced & professional staff.
  • Extensive documentation, sample applications, fully-integrated help, and much more

FDMS Integrator Components

  • CardValidator - Used to verify that a given credit card number is formatted properly, and could be a valid card number. Reduces fees that may be associated with invalid or declined transactions.
  • FDMSDetailRecord - Can be used to create off-line Credit or Force transactions.
  • FDMSECommerce - Used to authorize credit cards in both Mail Order (Direct Marketing) and eCommerce environments.
  • FDMSHealthCare - Authorize credit cards and FSA cards for Health Care transactions. 
  • FDMSLevel2 - Combined with the FDMSSettle component can be used to qualify for Level 2 corporate card purchasing transaction rates.
  • FDMSLevel3 - Used with FDMSSettle to qualify for Level 3 corporate card purchasing transaction rates.
  • FDMSRegister - Registers client application with FDMS datawire.
  • FDMSRetail - Component for authorizing credit cards in a Retail environment.
  • FDMSSettle - A component for programmatically settling authorized transactions.

The FDMS Integrator supports the First Data Processing Network .  In order to process a transaction with this product you will need an approved merchant account.

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