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FinerEdge Publisher

by FinerEdge Software - Product Type: Component / Application / ASP.NET WebForms / .NET WinForms / .NET Compact Framework / ActiveX OCX / DLL / VC++ Class Library / JavaBean / Java Class / JavaServer Faces (JSF) / Developer Application

Add dynamic publishing to your applications and drive costs out of manual document creation. FinerEdge Publisher allows you to drop dynamic publishing functionality into your applications for the automatic creation of customized and personalized product catalogs, reports, manuals, sales proposals, legal documents, and more by leveraging existing data resources and CSS/XHTML knowledge. Web-to-Print and Web based Report Writing functionality enables end-users to automatically create perfectly formatted print documents directly from their Web browsers. You can output to PDF, XPS, PostScript, RTF, HTML, XML, or application direct view and print. W3C and print industry compliant.

What's new in FinerEdge Publisher V2.7.1.1?

  • Upgraded IDE (and applicable components) to new look and feel with adjustable themes.

What's new in FinerEdge Publisher V2.6.1.1?

  • Created a seamless interface to the standard gnuplot engine for scientific plotting and business charting.
  • Implemented the new PLOT and PLOTDATA tags and associated IDE editors for the gnuplot interface. The PLOTDATA tag allows plotting datasets to be easily created from recordset data in a single tag.
  • Implemented the new FOREACH tag, which makes it much easier to quickly iterate recordsets.
  • Enhanced the FILE tag for the "New" action. Added a "temp" attribute to the FILE tag to automatically discard any temporary files created during document processing.
  • Enhanced the "format" function to easily allow a string to be constructed given positional parameters and literal text from a single invocation.
  • Added a "temp" function that returns a temporary file path name, a temporary simple file name, or the temporary directory of the machine.
  • Added a "mode" function that returns the document creation operation currently being performed.
  • Deprecated the HTML and HTMLELSE tags, which were replaced by the more flexible "mode" function.

What's new in FinerEdge Publisher V2.3.3.1?

  • Table or Div BlockHeaders can be embedded to any level desired.
  • Additional BlockHeaders can be specified for subsequent page display within the initial BlockHeader definition.
  • BlockHeader options to include/exclude block header text along with adjustable column measurements and to format the block header according to the column's format or using normal formatting.
  • The style property page-break-inside: avoid supports an optional ceiling measurement (when no page-break-inside action is performed).
  • PAGEBR can be utilized within Table and Div elements that also use the style property page-break-inside: avoid.
  • Number and float constants and variables are implicitly formatted when used within string expressions.
  • The FinerEdge Publisher IDE views are depicted as a set of tabs under the main menu and toolbar.
  • The FinerEdge Publisher IDE's built-in database Query Designer supports an alternative image type field, which specifies another field that contains the type of the image.

FinerEdge Publisher solves the problem of accessing, manipulating, formatting and outputting the data held in your ERP, CRM, inventory, and other data sources by automating the dynamic creation, localization, and publishing of precisely rendered web compatible documents. You can easily publish high-quality documents in formats such as PDF (all versions), PostScript (all versions), XPS, direct print and view, and more with perfect composition.

FinerEdge Publisher can easily create, insert, and modify entire sections of a documents output based upon incoming data, business rules, or external instructions, all without relying upon specialized assistance from a programming environment.

FinerEdge Publisher additionally enables and encourages the encapsulation and reuse of portions of documents and conditional business rules to insure common a look and feel for companies, departments, business sections, etc. to any level of granularity desired. This industrial strength solution also provides Web-to-Print and Web-based Reporting with the automatic generation and deployment of both Active Server Pages (ASP), Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.NET), and Java Server Pages (JSP) to drive the generation of documents.

All document structures are stored in an open XML-compliant format that adheres to XHTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) standards. In addition, FinerEdge Publisher comes with fully integrated and synchronized WYSIWYG and Markup visual editors so that your document authors can be comfortable in either authoring environment they choose. Use FinerEdge Publisher standalone or take advantage of its completely thread-safe, lean-and-mean small footprint and embed automated publishing into your applications. Microsoft .NET or Java applications can choose to utilize the .NET FPWriterNET and FPFormNET Windows Form Controls, the FPWriter and FPForm ActiveX Controls, the FPJNI Java Native Interface (JNI), the FPServer Dual Interface Automation Server, or the FPEngine DLL.

Data sources supported include SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Access or other ODBC data, content databases, Excel data, XML data, ERP, CRM, and other enterprise application databases. An Integrated Development Environment simultaneously supports a WYSIWYG view, mark-up view, document generation view, form WYSIWYG view, and form generation view. By utilizing the FinerEdge Publisher IDE WYSIWYG Visual Designer or accompanying synchronized markup editor to create and modify elements and styles, document authors need not be concerned with any tedious syntactical issues. Conditional logic may be applied to both elements (or embedded elements) and styles thus enabling the creation of dynamic documents that vary both in layout and formatting depending upon the information provided. A built-in interactive tracing and inspection facility allows document designers to step through a document’s creation to insure that they meet all of the business requirements.

The FinerEdge Publisher Query Editor is a built-in database query facility that drives the automatic publishing of documents directly from data sources. Data sources can be utilized along with XML data files and data supplied directly from applications in a concurrent manner. Document authors are guided through establishing an initial connection and query, while simply pointing and clicking, as FinerEdge Publisher explores the data source, presenting the user with appropriate lists of choices at increasingly finer levels of detail, providing for the ability to manipulate, calculate, and clean-up the data to any level desired prior to generating the document. Formatting themes may also be custom designated for each query, which enables rapid document production and provides a reusable repository of customizable document formats.

FinerEdge Publisher can produce both very large document outputs, such as 1000+ page catalogs from multiple data sources, and high-volume customized and personalized business documents, or any type of intermediate sized/volume documents with ease. In addition, the dynamic rendering model employed by FinerEdge Publisher opens the door to also creating smaller document cross-sections and sub-catalogs on-the-fly, all from the same or different document structure.

FinerEdge Publisher Features:

  • Supported industry standard output formats include PDF (all versions), PostScript (all versions), XPS, RTF, XHTML, XML, and direct viewing and printing for embedding within applications.
  • Reusable methods that can be pulled together to streamline document creation processes
  • Conditional formatting style reuse for a complete range of document objects, including table, paragraph, and character styles Automated table formatting with complex structure and detailed formatting spanning a variable numbers of pages with precise positioning of elements within elements
  • Tables can enlarge themselves or dynamically add more columns based upon external data Table text, border color and fill can change based upon data values.
  • Dynamic control of tables with controllable table paging - The columns of a table may be arbitrarily long without regard to physical page breaks.
  • Built-in pagination such that page breaks are perfectly and automatically performed regardless of the nesting level of table elements and styles being processed.
  • Multi-threaded, server-based design
  • Unicode compliant
  • High-end, Complex publishing support
  • Provides Standard and customizable paper sizes with header, footer, left and right page areas, gutters, and page offsets
  • Separate page areas for odd/even pages, title pages, and even down to a per page basis or groups of pages
  • Highly flexible forward and backward document references facilitate the automatic creation of commonly known elements such as table of contents, indexes, dictionary-style appearances, and any type of cross-referencing (forwards and backwards) imaginable
  • Define reference entities that allow for the easy sorting and searching of internal document information
  • Hyperlinks are automatically generated when publishing to PDF, XPS, RTF, and XHTML as well as direct viewing Both CMYK and RGB support for element colors as well as applicable image formats (including transparency and alpha channel)
  • Built-in support for TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image formats as well as both prescaling and scaling of images
  • Sophisticated fine typography granularity Suitable for high-speed, rapid production of large to small documents from web-application servers (thread-safe) or embedded within business applications.

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