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Full Convert Enterprise

by Spectral Core - Product Type: Application

Sophisticated Database Conversion and Data Migration. Full Convert Enterprise is a high speed database converter with support for Access, dBase, FoxPro, Interbase, Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Paradox, SQL Server, CSV, XML. It will migrate your database tables with all the data, create indexes, foreign keys - and more. Full Convert Enterprise provides customization features, conversion scheduler for recurring migrations, built-in database explorer, a powerful command-line interface, character set conversion, global datatype translation rules and support for SQL expressions to transform data on the fly. Full Convert Enterprise supports huge databases (hundreds of GB in size).

Full Convert 5.19 What's New

  • Completely rewritten ODBC support
  • Support for ODBC as source and for target! This means you can convert basically any popular database into any other
  • Bug fixes
  • This will be last release before v6.0

Full Convert 5.18 What's New

  • Added basic usage tracking to trial version to learn where are the problem areas for first-time users
  • Added auto-create of Interbase/Firebird database if it doesn't exist
  • Fixed reading of MySQL multiple column indexes
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird minimum timestamp value
  • Fixed delimited text and XML target filename when source is Excel document with multiple sheets
  • Fixed execution of complex custom SQL script for SQL CE
  • Fixed conversion of identifier to valid identifier when it is numeric and contains dots

Full Convert 5.17 What's New

  • SQL Server UID field is now converted to MySQL binary(16) instead of to VARCHAR(38)
  • Fixed various bugs

Full Convert 5.16 What's New

  • Changed delimited text parsing behavior. When 'quotes enclosing' is set to 'strings values', we preserve character data type instead of casting it to numbers when we can.
  • Fixed various bugs

Full Convert 5.15 What's New

  • Replaced XlsReadWriteII Excel components with more reliable NativeExcel components
  • Auto-detect empty Excel cells and using only used section of the sheet
  • Fixed bug in 'Interpred dates in years 0000-0099 as 1900-1999' option handling

Full Convert 5.14 What's New

  • Fixed bug in table customization where certain settings from last table were remembered and applied to all tables

Full Convert 5.13 What's New

  • Updated native database components
  • Added warning when obsolete table customization is detected
  • Fixed bug in reordering tables causing errors when using Recreate Data mode
  • Fixed bug which cause Oracle Fast Loader not to be used when table was customized

Full Convert 5.12 What's New

  • Optimized internal data structures for significantly faster handling of databases with many tables
  • Added notification if BULK INSERT is disabled for SQL Server target
  • Fixed Postgres 8.0 metadata reading

Full Convert 5.11 What's New

  • Improved handling of invalid date values for NOT NULL target columns. Now uses minimum allowed value for a specific datatype used
  • Full Convert now migrates comments for tables and columns if target database supports that feature
  • Oracle RAW(x) datatype is now converted to BINARY(x) SQL Server datatype when possible
  • Fixed bulk insert handling of SQL Server target binary data

Full Convert 5.10 What's New

  • Added handling of complex default values (function calls and expressions) to MySQL target. As MySQL doesn't support that, Full Convert now creates before insert trigger and set those values there.
  • Paradox reader no longer attempts to place a write lock on the files
  • Changed DBF file NULL value parsing - empty numeric values will now be read as NUL
  • Fixed PostgreSQL target blob data writing
  • Fixed Excel target data truncation when source database is read in chunks
  • Fixed XML target data truncation when source database is read in chunks
  • Fixed CSV target header row multiplication on each target chunk when header row writing is turned on
  • Fixed new file generated on each run - small temporary file was not deleted properly
  • Fixed datatype and defaults mapping reloading - you needed to exit the application for new mappings to be recognized. No more.
  • Fixed trial version bug causing 'can't find field' error for certain table fields
  • Fixed NULL default values for Oracle DATE fields
  • Fixed parsing of Oracle constraints when table is in non-default schema
  • Fixed crash when MySQL target user doesn't have SHOW DATABASES privilege

Full Convert Enterprise provides advanced database conversion from Access, dBase, FoxPro, Excel , Interbase, Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Paradox, SQL Server, CSV, XML to these supported target databases - MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Access, Interbase, Firebird, Excel, CSV.

  • Handles databases of unlimited size
  • Full Unicode support
  • Creates all data, indexes and foreign keys
  • Data throughput of thousands of records/sec
  • Easily handles hundreds of gigabytes of data
  • Advanced command-line support
  • Built-in scheduler for recurring conversions
  • BLOB and MEMO fields are fully supported
  • Runs on all Windows versions

Easy to use wizard
The Project Settings wizard guides you through the process of setting up connections and choosing tables for conversion. This setup can be saved (it is encrypted) and reused later via single-click open or in the scheduler for zero fuss. Session files also contain advanced user customization per session. This feature is available in Enterprise version only.

High Speed
Each database is handled using dedicated native components, without the overhead of ODBC. Bulk copying is used where possible, raising the conversion speed to tens of thousands of records per second. When you take the application and manage to migrate your multi-gigabyte database to SQL Server or Oracle in mere minutes, you will appreciate the speed. Data, indexes and constraints are reliably transferred. Full Convert Enterprise even handles invalid values (such as dates out of range). Conversion can be cancelled anytime and all errors are logged.

Powerful Interface
Browse through your target database and perform advanced actions. Examine data in advanced grid. Memo fields can be examined in multi-line view. Multiselect - perform actions on multiple objects at once. See record counts of tables while you work.

Built-in Scheduler
When you need a regular update of a target database, you can take advantage of Full Convert Enterprie's sophisticated built-in scheduler. You can migrate your database once, daily, weekly, even monthly. Scheduled conversions can be run as local account (task runs only when you are logged on as if you started it manually - and you have full interraction with the application) or as system account (invisible and runs no matter if you are logged on or not). Scheduled conversion can automatically write log files.

Features at a glance

  • Convert instantly - setup connections, choose tables and go!
  • Convert data, indexes and constraints (depends on database)
  • Browse through your target database and perform advanced actions
  • Command-line support
  • Conversion can be cancelled anytime
  • All errors are logged
  • Invalid field values are converted as nulls and logged on which row they occured - you can convert huge tables without stopping because of few invalid fields
  • Examine tables' data in advanced grid, memo fields can be examined in multi-line view
  • Multiselect - perform actions on multiple objects at once
  • View all SQL commands issued to database during conversion process for easy revision
  • Change structure of database with ease
    • extract columns and data to another table with all links preserved
    • merge tables
    • drop, rename, modify columns' properties
    • create indexes
    • drop unused tables
    • drop unused columns
  • Execute freeform SQL
  • See record counts of tables while you work
  • All your actions are recorded and stored in encrypted session file - on next conversion you can choose to simply convert, or to convert and execute all recorded actions - you can automatically convert and change structure to desired with single click

More Features:
While this is not a complete feature list, it will give you a look into the quality and robustness of Full Convert Enterprise. It auto-adapts to your data and database engines used and selects the best possible data transfer algorithm for your conversion scenario. You have full control over the database migration and can override most of the things you can think of.

General Features

  • Supports 16 database engines for conversion source
  • Supports 10 database engines for conversion target
  • Supports databases and individual tables of unlimited size
  • Auto-adapts to user configuration for maximum speed
  • Auto-adapts to target database rules when naming objects
  • Uses bulk insert modes of target databases wherever possible
  • Built-in Scheduler for recurring conversions
  • Easy to use modern interface
  • Database explorer
  • Table data viewer and editor
  • Command-line support with rich project override switches
  • Automatic character set translation
  • Full Unicode support for international character data

Incredible conversion speed

  • Only dedicated native database components used for maximum speed, control, and reliability
  • Auto-select of optimal algorithm to transfer data reliably based on table structure, database engine and database version
  • Speeds of over 30 thousand records per second reached in favorable configurations
  • Speeds of 5 to 15 thousand records per second are common

Data Viewing and Editing

  • In-place editing
  • Editing can be enabled and disabled to avoid accidental modification
  • Full Unicode support for international character data
  • Easy export to Microsoft Excel
  • Load and Save cell value
  • Best fit columns and Auto-height rows
  • In-place image and BLOB viewing
  • Selected rows deletion
  • Jump to specific record
  • Built-in table Print Preview and Print

Table Customization

  • Table customization available for each table separately
  • Renaming of both table and each column
  • Skipping of certain columns in conversion
  • Creation of new columns with specification of SQL data expressions
  • Free-style data type and default value modification per column
  • Source table filtering (SQL where condition specification)

Project Customization

  • Conversion step modification (create table, indexes, constraints)
  • Data creation override (copy data, append, no data)
  • Auto-rename objects (table name prefix, table and column casing)
  • Run SQL scripts before and after conversion, on both source and target database
  • SQL scripts can be written in Full Convert editor, or dynamically loaded from external file, even if it is compressed - and file type mask can be specified to ignore certain files

Global Options

  • SQL logging and conversion error logging
  • Specification of source and target table chunk size read into RAM
  • Automatic character-set translation. Manual override available.
  • Global object renaming rules (prefix, casing)
  • Global user mappings for all data types and all target databases. Specific type lengths rules supported.
  • Global defaults mapping for all target databases
  • Specific options for each database engine


  • Runs on all Windows versions, including Windows 7
  • Runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows (x86 and x64)
  • Can be installed on Linux and Mac under virtualization software
  • Easily connects to databases running on Unix/Linux/Mac
  • Databases containing over 30 thousand tables may need to be converted in several projects due to 32-bit address space

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