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by GemBox Software - Product Type: Component / .NET Class / 100% Managed Code

Easily read/write Word files and create PDF files. GemBox.Document is a .NET component that enables developers to read, write, convert and print document files (DOCX, PDF, XPS) from .NET applications in a simple and efficient way.GemBox.Document requires only .NET Framework and is many times faster than Microsoft Word automation. GemBox.Document is licensed per developer, server deployment is royalty free.

New in GemBox.Document v2.1:

  • Write support for the:
    • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
    • Microsoft XMP Paper Specification (XPS).
    • Image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMP).
  • Support for printing.
  • Convert a document to the XpsDocument and ImageSource (providing a means to embed a document in WPF application with DocumentViewer and Image controls).
  • Methods for replacing and setting bookmark content.
  • Versions for .NET Framework 3.0/3.5 and for .NET Framework 4.0 are united as one version for .NET Framework 3.0/3.5/4.0.

GemBox.Document Features:

  • Read, write and modify Microsoft Word documents.
  • Get, create or edit paragraphs, text, pictures, tables, hyperlinks, bookmarks, fields, sections, headers and footers.
  • Get, create or edit paragraph, character, list, table, table row and table cell formattings.
  • Get, create or edit paragraph, character and list styles.
  • Access or modify section properties, picture properties, default paragraph and character formattings and more.
  • Clone or import document elements between documents.
  • Get and set built-in and custom document properties.
  • Import data to your document from various data sources and control the document import region and import process.
  • Preserve unsupported document content elements and properties when reading a document.

Implementation details:

  • 100% managed code
  • Fully compliant with the Common Language Specification (CLS), so you can use it from any .NET language
  • Programming interface which is fully object-oriented but still similar to Microsoft Word automation, so you can learn it easily.

Most common uses of GemBox.Document:

  • Generate Word / PDF documents.
  • Print documents.
  • Generate reports using mail merge.
  • Insert formatted text, images, tables and other content.
  • Extract data from documents.
  • Merge/combine documents.
  • View documents in WPF applications.

GemBox.Document comes in two editions:

  • GemBox.Document Free – free version – the same set of features as GemBox.Document Professional except it is limited to 20 paragraphs per document. FreeLimitReached events allow you to control what happens when your application reaches free version limit.
  • GemBox.Document Professional – commercial version – not limited by number of paragraphs. Comes with full technical support and 30-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase.

You can use GemBox.Document for both your desktop and Web applications. GemBox.Document is very fast (about 85 times faster than Microsoft Word automation) and with the small memory footprint. The on-line SampleExplorer contains samples for both C# and Visual Basic .NET. GemBox.Document can be used from Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010, and it works on .NET Framework 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. GemBox.Document is licensed per developer, meaning a developer can also install GemBox.Document on their notebook or home computer. Bug fixes and technical support are included as long as your product version belongs to one of last two (2) major releases or up to maximum period of one (1) year.

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