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IBM ILOG Elixir Standard V3.0

by IBM ILOG - Product Type: Component / Flex Component

IBM ILOG Elixir Standard Edition is no longer available, for more information on IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise Edition please visit the IBM Web site.

Data visualization components for Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. IBM® ILOG Elixir® Standard 3.0 is a market leading data visualization component set for Adobe Flex 4 and Adobe AIR rich Internet application (RIA) developers (please note you will also get IBM ILOG Elixir 2.5 for Flex 3 when you buy Elixir 3.0). IBM ILOG Elixir 3.0 provides 10 graphical data-display components and helps turn raw data into clear, actionable information through a highly graphical and interactive user experience. For a productive design-time experience, IBM ILOG Elixir is tightly integrated with Adobe Flash Builder 4 software. Using a component of IBM ILOG Elixir is easy; just drag and drop it into place and set its properties from within your Flash Builder development environment, add Elixir libraries to your projects in one mouse click; use wizards to create custom gauges; access the Elixir ASDoc reference documentation when you hover over a type in the editors or full documentation set from within your Flash Builder IDE.

IBM ILOG Elixir provides Flex user interface developers with a collection of innovative display components.

IBM ILOG Elixir - now referred to as Elixir Standard - is IBM’s entry-level Flex product. It consists of 10 graphical components that present data to users so that they can understand the information more clearly, react faster and make better decisions.

  • Provides 10 ready-to-use user interface controls: 3D charts, gauges, maps, heat maps, calendars, OLAP and pivot charts, organization charts, treemaps, radar charts, and timelines
  • Integrated with the Adobe Flash Builder 4 IDE
  • Elixir Standard’s controls can be used individually or in combination, alongside other Flex components.
  • Professionally documented software development kit (SDK) enables developers to fine tune the look or behaviors of the controls.
  • Platforms supported: Flex SDK 4.0 (or later)

Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR form a powerful platform for creating graphically rich and highly interactive applications for the Internet (and desktop). It provides a wide variety of basic user interface components such as buttons, menus and charts. Many applications require user interfaces that are highly graphical, going beyond what is offered natively in the Adobe platform. IBM ILOG Elixir enhances the Flex and AIR platforms by adding a set of advanced user interface controls for more intuitive, interactive displays.

IBM ILOG Elixir Standard 3.0 includes:

3D Charts
IBM ILOG Elixir comes with a full range of 3D charts that parallel the Adobe 2D charts. Upgrading to the third dimension and creating more appealing dashboards and custom applications has never been so easy.

Gauges and Dials
Gauges and dials are fully interactive and designed to be connected to real-time data sources. Developers can use them "as is", customize them or easily create new ones with the powerful and open APIs.

Vector Maps
IBM ILOG Elixir makes it easy to add intuitive map displays to your developments. Reuse one of the provided maps or create custom ones from standard maps you found or purchased. You easily get maps areas colored to represent you specific data and overlaid with any Flex object, such as charts and labels.

IBM ILOG Elixir heatmap help you display how your data is spread over geographies or a web page for instance. Manipulate either x/y or lat/lon and see you data by density or by value.

Easily create custom and shared planning applications with the powerful IBM ILOG Elixir calendar component. Easily display multiple planning at once together with advance recurrence management.

Easily create easy to read charts displaying sequence of events over a span of time. leverage the built-in overview that allows navigating intuitively.

Organization Charts
Advanced employee organization charts are easy to create with IBM ILOG Elixir. Quickly navigate through peers and management relationships with stunning animations.

OLAP and Pivot Charts
Replace OLAP grids with highly dynamic charts for improved insight and analysis in your custom data.

Radar Charts
Enrich your dashboards with radar charts to display in a compact way and compare a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) with compact and easy reading with multiple data point tool tips.

Treemaps are innovative charts for visually detecting trends and outliers in large data sets. Often referred to as graphical pivot tables, treemap

IBM ILOG Elixir 2.5 for Flex 3
Supports Adobe Flex Builder Pro 3.0.2 and Adobe Flex SDK 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 3.5 but not Flex 4 and FlashBuilder 4
Please note that Gantt task charts and resource charts are in 2.5 but not in 3.0. Version 3.0 adds a timeline component.
If you need Gantt charts for Flex 4, an IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise license is needed, that you can buy from IBM.


IBM ILOG Elixir Standard includes 12-months Subscription and Support (S&S).

S&S includes:

  • 12 months major and minor product updates
  • 12 months support

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