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Create raster image files from within your applications. ImageIt gives your applications the ability to create image files and supports saving those files as TIFF (with multi-page support), PCX, BMP, PNG, JPG, and many more. It automatically handles creating multiple files when using image formats that don't support multiple pages. Ideal for creating fax files, archiving documents, and distributing documents in a universal format.

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ImageIt V1.1   *

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Whats new in V1.1:

  • Added new dialogs for configuring Image export options i.e. compression etc.

ImageIt printer drivers allow Window applications to create industry standard TIFF, PCX, DCX, BMP, FAX, AND PNG raster files by printing. When used with document management applications, the ImageIt drivers eliminates the cost of hard copy scanning and provides superior image quality. These high-resolution drivers can also be used to generate files for other applications such as creating fax documents, distribution via email, document archiving, web distribution and more. Using the ImageIt drivers you can create universal files for distribution eliminating the need for recipients to have specialized file viewers. ImageIt drivers are easy to install and use. Creating a raster file is a simple as selecting the desired file resolution printing from your windows application to the ImageIt driver. The driver automatically creates the file in the directory specified during the simple install process. The driver also automatically handles creating multiple files when using image formats that don't support multiple pages. The driver supports monochrome files in industry standard formats such as TIFF Uncompressed, TIFF Group 3 1-D Fax compression, TIFF Group 4 compression, TIFF Huffman Encoded, TIFF Packbits compressed, PCX, DCX, Windows Bitmap (BMP), and PNG. Supported paper sizes include letter, legal, and A4 in both portrait and landscape orientations. Supported resolutions include 300 x 300 DPI and super fine 600 x 600 DPI for enhanced image quality.

Rich output options include:

  • TIFF Uncompressed
  • TIFF Group 3 1-D FAX compression - 300 or 600 DPI
  • TIFF Group 4 compression - 300 or 600 DPI
  • JPEG
  • BMP (Windows Bitmap)
  • DCX
  • TIFF Huffman Encoded
  • PNG
  • TIFF Packbits compressed
  • PCX








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