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by Atalasoft - Product Type: Component / ActiveX DLL

Add advanced imaging to your web server applications. Atalasoft’s ImgX ASP is an apartment-threaded, ActiveX in-process dll server for use with ASP client/server applications that can be used to create sophisticated web imaging applications. Possible uses include: Dynamic creation of images, buttons, and text with the ability to apply drop shadows and gradient texture. Generate a web image gallery allowing clients to upload their own images plus store and retrieve images from a database.

What's New in V6.4

  • We have consolidated _ISource22.dll and _ISEffects10.dll into AtalaImaging.dll in order to simplify distribution. This new library also improves the speed and stability of ImgX.
  • IPTC and EXIF Metadata now work with TIFF images as well as JPEG's.
  • Added AutoDeskew to the Effects object
  • Added GetOneBitHistogram to the Support object
  • Added EXIF Maker Notes
  • MedianCut Filter will now work with 1-bit images using a specialized binary median filter. Great for reducing noise on 1-bit images.
  • Performance improvements with 1-bit rotate and scale to gray display.
  • FromURL was not working for HTTPS sites for which a certificate was not "trusted" or the certificate had expired.
  • Fixed 1-bit background color bug when Import.FromNew was used.
  • Effects.HistogramStretch was producing incorrect results.
  • ImgX_Color.Hue, ImgX_Color.Lum and ImgX_Color.Sat were returning incorrect values.
  • Fixed an issue with 1-bit images with a reversed palette.

What's New in V6.3

  • Fully Unicode Compatible. All controls are now fully functional on Double Byte character systems
  • A significant performance enhancement when displaying antialiased images with a scale < 100%. This is most noticeable with 1-bit Document images while scrolling the image in the OCX control
  • Added a method to convert a variant ImgX_Image to a typed version. This method is necessary when using ImgXTwain in Internet Explorer. The method is called Support.GetImageFromVariant
  • Added a new High Pass filter which removes low frequency signals from an image. This method is called Filters.HighPass
  • Added a new function called Support.GetColormatchedMask which returns a mask image from a specified point that matches that color. This is useful for a "magic wand" type effect or for obtaining an area of a uniform color region

New in Version 6.2:

Base DLL Enhancements

  • Export.AppendTIFF Appends the current image to an existing TIFF image. Use this method to compose a TIFF image with many pages without the need to keep each image in memory
  • JPEG Markers can now be written to an existing JPEG image without the need to recompress the image data. See Image.CopyJPEGMetadataToFile
  • IPTC Tags can now be added and modified within an image
  • Font Height can be specified as the closest cell height or character height. Pass in a negative value to Font.HeightInPoints or HeightInPixels to specify the size in terms of the character height as opposed to the cell height
  • A new effect called Emboss Shape that creates a neat 3D emboss effect on your images including non-rectangular images
  • Creating a new 1-bit image with Import.FromNew now sets the palette to Black & White. The BackColor.Index property can be set to either 0 or 1 to specify the value of all the pixels
  • A new function Filters.Saturation to adjust Saturation very quickly (much faster then Channels.AdjustHSL)
  • Improved Import.FromURL with better error handling. It will now work on sites that require authentication or a certificate
  • A new property Draw.PenEndCap that controls the end caps when drawing or rendering lines. Can be round, flat, or square

Major Features

  • Uses a low level C++ imaging library for ultra fast processing (faster then GDI+)
  • Read images from a file, URL, memory, or DIB
  • Supports streaming images to a web page preventing the need to create an image file saved on the server to display
  • Stream images into and out of a database
  • Includes an upload component to read images directly into ImgX from the clients computer
  • Supports multiple page 1-bit documents (ie. FAX's, CAD drawings, etc).
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TIFF G3/G4 Fax, PCX, TGA, BMP, PSD, PCD, GIF*, WMF/EMF file formats. *Requires LZW license from Unisys
  • Process images with the 100+ filters, transforms, and effects
  • Includes 20 resampling methods
  • Overlay images with alpha transparency
  • Draw lines, rectangles, ellipses, and text with a textured background and antialiasing
  • Create linear and radial gradients, use the gradients as texture for text and shapes
  • EXIF, IPTC, GPS, and TIFF tag read support
  • Comprehensive context sensitive help with examples


Free Support
Customer Self Service: Community Forum monitored by staff and Access to Knowledgebase.
Email/Web Support: Email/Web based support (1 - 2 day response time).
Upgrades: Access to hot fixes (i.e. 1.0 to 1.0a).

Gold Support
Customer Self Service: Community Forum monitored by staff and Access to Knowledgebase.
Email/Web Support: Priority Email/Web based support (typical < 2 hr response during business hours, and limited after hour response).
Phone Support: Unlimited Phone Support.
Upgrades: Access to hot fixes (i.e. 1.0 to 1.0a), Free Minor Upgrades (i.e. 1.0 to 1.1), Free Major Upgrades (i.e. 1.0 to 2.0) and Priority HotFix turnaround time for reported bugs.

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