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Visualize the knowledge in your organization. Infowise Expert Search provides a platform for the discovering and locating of knowledge possessors within your organizations. Expert Search components help in finding experts in all fields, creating a useful tag cloud of significant terms and facilitating inter-personal communication, all that as a part of a Microsoft SharePoint-based enterprise portal. Use Expert Search to visualize the knowledge in your organization, find experts in any field within your organization, rate experts and provide textual feedback, quickly familiarize yourself with a new term instantly gaining access to experts and relevant document and advertise your own expertise.


Electronic document management brought about enormous information stores in organizations. Yet many feel that the abundance of data fails to lead to the possession of knowledge. The latter exists in the hands of the employees, each in his or her area, but the difficulties arise creating and distributing knowledge across the whole enterprise.

Maximizing the existing potential requires creation of strong social ties between the employees. Improvement of knowledge flow and emergence of knowledge centers within the organization allows it to learn at a higher rate and thus achieve a competitive advantage in its market. The objective is to turn dry and useless information into vibrant and personal knowledge.

The theoretical model at the base of our solution is simple and intuitive. In any large data store new information can be extracted by using automatic tools. The same approach has a proven success record in the area of data warehousing.

Infowise Expert Search builds upon the correlation between names of experts and keywords in a certain area of expertise. For instance, searching for System Analysis will most probably return documents with names of company experts embedded in them.

Expert Search Components:

  • Data Processing Engine - creates a database of search keywords and ratings of experts in all fields
  • Expert Search Web Part - presents rated list of experts in any field. Automatic rating can be augmented by users with an option of leaving remarks
  • Tag Cloud Web Part - automatically presents the most frequently used and searched terms and facilitates access to experts and documents in the field. The tag cloud is created automatically and does not require manual tagging
  • My Expertise Web Part - presents the areas of expertise of the current user with the ability to advertise the skills with remarks and manual rating
  • Suggested Colleagues Web Part - presents employees ranked high in the same areas of expertise as you

Infowise Expert Search Features:

  • Discover experts in any field in your organization without manual intervention
  • Automatically generate tag cloud of most common terms
  • Enable interaction and social networking with comments and rating feature
  • Find co-workers with common interests


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