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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms

by Infragistics - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / 100% Managed Code / Managed/Unmanaged Code - without COM

New licenses of Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms are no longer available. However, if you are an existing customer with a valid subscription you will be automatically upgraded to an Infragistics Professional subscription by the publisher.

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Create modern user interfaces for your Windows Forms applications. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms provides developers with UI controls to rapidly build and style high-fidelity line of business application user interfaces with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. With Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms developers receive every control (data grids, trees, toolbars, calendars, editors, charts, gauges, scenic ribbons and more) needed to create superior user experiences with stability, performance and robustness. NetAdvantage for Windows Forms includes an annual subscription to developer support, source code, all updates and upgrades, documentation and samples.

What's new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2013 Volume 1?

  • Touch Experience - Touch, Panning Gesture and Multi-Gesture support in controls like Editor, Grid, Tabs, List View, Tree and Value List.
  • Grid - Full Touch support, DataErrorInfo for Rows, alternate row formatting, hot tracking and the ability to export drop-down lists to Excel.

What's new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2012 Volume 2?

  • Coded UI Support - Verify that your application, including its user interface, is functioning correctly with coded UI tests, or CUITs. CUITs are automated tests that drive your application through its user interface, so you can discover bugs or regression in a simple, documentable way.
  • Syntax Parsing Engine - The Syntax Parsing Engine is a robust technology that processes text and devises, based on the rules of the grammar provided to the engine, tokens that have meaning for syntax analysis processes. It includes find and replace functionality, error reporting, document navigation, and more. The Syntax Parsing Engine fully supports EBNF based language and can parse it into proper tokens, keywords, and constructs. It can be used as a standalone control or in coherence with the Syntax Editor.
  • Syntax Editor - Inspired by Microsoft’s Visual Studio code editor, the new Syntax Editor brings a superlative code editing experience to your Windows Forms applications. Built on top of the Syntax Parsing Engine, the Syntax Editor provides all the features you would expect in a code editor, such as editing support, syntax highlighting, custom language support, split views, custom element styling, and more.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Support - Visual Studio 2012 compatibility within NetAdvantage for Silverlight. Design incredible user experiences with amazing data visualizations for virtually any business scenario.

What's New in Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2012 Volume 1?

  • Gantt View – Printing - Print the GanttView, just like Microsoft Project. With this component, you have full control over positioning and customization of legends, allowing you to easily print your Gantt chart for on-the-go project management.
  • Grid External Filtering UI - Filter data on the grid with custom filtering logic without loading all rows and data.
  • Grid Custom Empty Message - At design-time or run-time, you can configure a custom string that indicates the grid has no data source bound to it, or is bound to a data source that contains no rows.
  • Grid Provide Rows Collection on AfterRowFilterChange Event - The arguments in the BeforeRowFilterChanged and AfterRowFilterChanged events contain a RowsCollection that make it easier to perform external processing and filtering.
  • Hide Default Dropdown Button – You can now programmatically hide or show the default dropdown button.
  • External Summary Calculations - Bypass the Grid control’s internal summary calculation logic and supply the summary value directly, without requesting all of the data to be loaded.
  • Infragistics Excel - Similar to Microsoft Excel, you can now format worksheet regions as tables and reference each table by name, as well as specify RGB color values, tints, and gradients within cells. You can now get the text which will be displayed in cells when a file is opened in Microsoft Excel, and get a cell or region by name if there are named references which refer to them.

What's New in Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2011 Volume 2?
The new version adds Microsoft Excel features to different areas within the product, like implementing additional Excel behaviors in the grid with asynchronous exporting and added APIs to the Infragistics Excel Library to build more capable Microsoft Excel documents. A Math Library is also included to handle your applications’ complex computational needs when dealing with vectors and matrices, as well as the Microsoft Office 2010 Black & Silver themes.

Syntax Parsing Framework
The new Syntax Parsing Framework is a fully functional parser engine that can take a programming language and parse it into its language specific tokens, keywords and constructs. This library, in conjunction with a rich text editor, can provide full-blown language editing capabilities with text highlighting. The following key features are included:

  • EBNF Support - Feed in a language’s EBNF, and the syntax library will be able to parse it through and recognize the keywords, tokens and language construct.
  • Attach a RichTextEditor - Easily attach the syntax library to RichTextEditor, enabling the user to edit the language currently loaded in the Syntax Library. Highlight language keywords, mark for errors and compile the language using the text editor.

Improved performance of the exporters and re-designed conditional formatting dialog. The following key features are included:

  • Repeat Paste - Putting the Grid more in-tune with Excel behaviors, Repeat Paste feature has been added which allows the user to paste cells in a selection greater than the selection from which it was copied.
  • Filter Like Excel - To get the functionality to match one to one with Excel, this release is enhanced with Excel-like filtering to present distinct value choices within the filter drop down from the already filtered collection within the grid.
  • Asynchronous Exports - Export large volumes of data to Excel, PDF, Word or XPS using the async exporting capabilities featured in the grid exporters. It helps the exporting function without blocking the UI thread and the user is free to interact with the application during export.
  • New Conditional Formatting Dialog - The entire conditional formatting experience has been re-designed to be much easier to use, while it also lightens up the applications look and feel if you are using ISL (Infragistics Style Library) to define your themes.

Infragistics Excel
Import and export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high-fidelity XLS/XLSX/ExcelML file formats. With absolutely no Excel dependency, your Windows Forms application can run completely independently of Excel, and Excel does not even have to be installed alongside your application. The following features are included:

  • Shapes Support - Flip simple shape types - such as rectangles, right triangles and line shapes - horizontally or vertically, or change their outline or fill colors.
  • Data Validations - Constraints can now be placed on the values entered by users in Microsoft Excel. All data validations, including drop down lists and custom formula validations, are supported.
  • Print Titles - Groups of rows and columns can now be set to be repeated on each printed page, when a user prints the worksheet in Microsoft Excel.
  • Print Area - Rectangular ranges of cells can now be set to be printed on their own pages, when a user prints the worksheet in Microsoft Excel.
  • Page Breaks - Horizontal and vertical page breaks can now be added to the worksheets.

Gantt View
With popular demand, the GanttView is now able to support Custom Columns with the grid section of the control. This lets you create columns that can display additional information of the tasks which are not part of the built-in column set.

Math Library
If System.Math is not enough for your application computation needs, and you require complex vector or matrix calculations, the Math Library is developed to address those gaps. It also has all the standard .NET math functions built-in and extends the function set with other commonly used mathematical computation methods.

Office 2010 Black & Silver Themes
Theme your applications to look and feel like Office 2010 black or silver theme, using the latest ISL (Infragistics Style Library) files.

Infragistics Windows Forms UI controls feature a hierarchical data grid with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-like functionality, and interoperability with XLS, XLSX and ExcelML files. Microsoft Outlook style resource scheduling and Microsoft Project style Gantt charts make creating line of business applications quick and easy. Office styles including both scenic and fluent ribbon UIs with Application Menu style (that is, “Backstage” view) deliver a task-centric user interface that has great performance and a comprehensive feature set to match on top of our robust Presentation Layer Framework. Infragistics Application Styling Framework enables you to globally style applications with little to no code. NetAdvantage AppStylist for Windows Forms lets you design style sets, or use one of the many professionally-designed style sets included.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms includes the following components:

  • WinGrid
  • WinCalcManager
  • WinChart
  • WinCombo
  • WinDataSource
  • WinDesktopAlert
  • WinDockManager
  • WinExtras
  • WinActivityIndicator
  • WinAnimation
  • WinButton
  • WinCalculator
  • WinDropdownButton
  • WinFormattedLinkLabel
  • WinLabel
  • WinPopupContainer
  • WinProgressBar
  • WinScrollBar
  • WinStatusBar
  • WinTooltipManager
  • WinValidator WinEditors
  • WinCalculatorDropdown
  • WinCheckEditor
  • WinColorPicker
  • WinComboEditor
  • WinControlContainerEditor
  • WinCurrencyEditor
  • WinDateTimeEditor
  • WinFontNameEditor
  • WinFormattedTextEditor
  • WinMaskedEdit
  • WinNumericEditor
  • WinOptionSet
  • WinTextEditor
  • WinTimeSpanEditor
  • WinTimeZoneEditor
  • WinTrackBar
  • WinExplorerBar
  • WinFormManager
  • WinGauge
  • WinGroupBox
  • WinGridBagLayoutPanel WinGanttView
  • WinGridDocumentExporter
  • WinGridExcelExporter
  • WinInkProvider
  • WinLayoutManagers
  • WinListbar
  • WinListView
  • WinMessageBoxManager
  • WinNavigationBar
  • WinPanel
  • WinPrinting
  • WinPrintDocument
  • WinPrintPreviewControl
  • WinPrintPreviewThumbnail
  • WinGridPrintDocument
  • WinSchedulePrintDocument
  • Infragistics.Documents
  • PDF Export
  • XPS Export Infragistics.Excel
  • XLS Export
  • XLS Import
  • WinSchedule
  • WinTimelineView
  • WinDayView
  • WinWeekView
  • WinMonthViewSingle
  • WinMonthViewMulti
  • WinCalendarCombo
  • WinCalendarInfo
  • WinCalendarLook
  • WinSpellChecker
  • WinSplitter
  • WinTabbedMdi
  • WinTab
  • WinTilePanel
  • WinToolbars
  • WinRibbon
  • WinScenicRibbon
  • WinTree

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